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2019 Reviews

N/A Note: The "Star Wars Episode IX" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We... star-wars-episode-IX N/A Note: The "How to train your dragon the hidden world" Movie Amazon Content... how-to-train-your-dragon-the-hidden-world N/A This movie is about A 90-year-old horticulturist and Korean War veteran. He... the-mule N/A Superman dies. Several new beigns/people are possible successors. The super... reign-of-the-supermen 7.0 The first installment of Wreck-It Ralph was a great concept for an animated... ralph-breaks-the-internet-wreck-it-ralph-2 N/A Note: The "Polar" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a "Mads... polar 7.5 Arthur Curry / Aquaman (played by the talented Jason Momoa) was a highlight... aqua-man N/A Note: The "The Knight of Shadows: Between Yin and Yang" Movie Amazon Content... the-knight-of-shadows-between-yin-and-yang N/A A sports agent pitches an idea to a rookie basketball client. The agent has... high-flying-bird N/A This movie is set in In rural 1977 Georgia. An outcast girl dreams of life... troop-zero 7.2 It's the year 1987. Bumblebee escapes his current circumstances and hides in... bumblebee 7.8 Cozette "Cozi" and Blaze start a romance. They found themselves through an... my-online-valentine N/A Note: The "Three's Complicated" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We... threes-complicated 7.8 A couple (Pete played by Mark Wahlberg and Ellie played by Rose Byrne)... instant-family N/A A former soldier learns his brother died on a mission in Romania. He then... the-hard-way N/A A group of kids go on an epic quest to stop a dangerous medieval villain... the-kid-who-would-be-king N/A This movie is set in the near future. The plot revolves around the President... crossbreed N/A Outlaws take over a peaceful American frontier town. Although an Irish... never-grow-old 8.0 Mary Stuart (played by the beautiful Saoirse Ronan) attempts to overthrow... mary-queen-of-scots N/A This movie is about a veteran race car driver, Sam Munroe. His son is also a... trading-paint N/A "SET" is a contract killer. When something goes wrong with her latest... split-lip N/A Alex Honnold is an expert solo climber. In this documentary he tries to... free-solo N/A Note: The "Selah and the Spades" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We... selah-and-the-spades N/A A drug addicted teenage boy (Ben played by Lucas Hedges) who finishes his... ben-is-back N/A Note: The "Hellboy 2019" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used the... hellboy N/A Note: The "Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase" Movie Amazon Content was not... nancy-drew-and-the-hidden-staircase N/A In this action comedy a snowplow driver (Nels played by Liam Neeson) is... cold-pursuit N/A A family reunion becomes a hilarious bad time. Madea and her family then... a-madea-family-funeral N/A This movie is based on the true story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She fought for... on-the-basis-of-sex N/A A female sports agent (Ali Davis played by the sumptuous and talented... what-men-want N/A This movie uncovers the truth of how a young cyborg woman (played by Rosa... alita-battle-angel N/A Note: The "Stan and Ollie" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a... stan-and-ollie 7.8 Carol Danvers (played by the beautiful Brie Larson) is Captain Marvel.... captain-marvel N/A This movie is a crime story about a group of retired criminals who undertake... king-of-thieves N/A A wrestling family work as performers at venues in England. The kids... fighting-with-my-family N/A A streetwise foster kid (Billy Batson played by Asher Angel) can become... shazam N/A Two teenagers ( Will played by Cole Sprouse and Stella played by the... five-feet-apart N/A A woman (Regina Hall as Jordan Sanders) undergoes a physical transformation... little N/A Note: "The Hummingbird Project" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We... the-hummingbird-project N/A Note: The "The Chaperone" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used... the-chaperone N/A This comedy is about the unlikely relationship between a quadriplegic... the-upside N/A A man (Overgard as Mads Mikkelsen) is stranded in the Arctic after a plane... arctic N/A This movie is set in harlem. A pregnant woman and her family struggles to... if-beele-street-could-talk N/A Five years have passed since Lego Land was peacefull. The citizens are facing... the-lego-movie-2-the-second-part N/A Note: The "Saint Judy" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a... saint-judy N/A A young Wall Street banker is demoted and goes back to his hometown. He then... crypto N/A Note: The "Fast Color" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a... fast-color N/A Note: The "Gloria Bell" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used an... gloria-bell N/A Note: The "The Kid" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a "Billy... the-kid N/A Note: The "Apollo 11" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used an... apollo-11 N/A A Copenhagen police officer is seeking justice. His partner was murdered by... domino N/A It's been a decade after an occupation by extra-terrestrials. It is set a... captive-state N/A Note: "The Professor" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used an... the-professor N/A Swifty the Arctic fox works in the mail room of the Arctic Blast Delivery... arctic-justice N/A Note: The "Serenity" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a "Anne... serenity N/A This movie is live-action and tells the story of the 1992 Disney Animation... aladdin N/A Stuart (played by the funny Matt Walsh) is in the middle of a mid-life... under-the-eiffel-tower N/A The plot of this movie is unknown. This movie is a Live-action feature based... dora-the-explorer N/A Sam (played by the versatile Andrew Garfield) is a bored man in his... under-the-silver-lake N/A A young woman (Natalie played by Rebel Wilson) is unlucky in love.... isnt-it-romantic N/A Note: The "Batman Vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Movie Amazon Content was... batman-vs-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles N/A Note: The "How High 2" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used the... how-high-2 N/A Note: The "Finding Steve McQueen" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We... finding-steve-mcqueen N/A This movie is the story of a big amusement park with interesting creatures.... wonder-park N/A Note: The "Faith, Hope and Love" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We... faith,-hope-and-love N/A Note: The "Triple Threat" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a... triple-threat N/A This is a remake of the 1988 comedy "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels". Two out of... the-hustle N/A This movie is a fictional account of the life of Buddy Bolden. Buddy was the... bolden N/A Note: The "Little Woods" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a... little-woods N/A This movie is set in a world where people do battle with Pokemon. A young... pokemon-detective-pikachu N/A Note: The "Juanita" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used an... juanita N/A This movie recounts the final days of the life of renowned playwright William... all-is-true N/A Note: The "Ip Man 4" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a "Ip... ip-man-4 N/A David Guerra is an ex-military commander. Corrupt millionaire Anthony Levin... the-glorious-seven N/A Note: The "Stuber" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a "Dave... stuber N/A Note: The "Tolkien" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a... tolkien N/A A teenager finds love. She is also going through a hard time with her family... the-sun-is-also-a-star N/A Note: The "Poms" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a "Diane... poms N/A Moondog (played by the experienced Matthew McConaughey) is an eccentric... the-beach-bum N/A Note: The "Teen Spirit" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a... teen-spirit N/A Note: The "Booksmart" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a... booksmart N/A Note: The "Murder Mystery" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a... murder-mystery N/A Astronaut Roy McBride (played by the reliable Brad Pitt) travels to the... ad-astra N/A Note: The "Breakthrough" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a... breakthrough N/A The super international assassin John Wick is on the run. He killed a member... john-wick-chapter-3-parabellum N/A Monarch is a zoological agency. They faces off against a battery of huge... godzilla-king-of-the-monsters N/A This movie is based on the UglyDolls range of toys. In this movie the... uglydolls N/A Note: The "Avengers Endgame" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used... avengers-end-game N/A This movie is the sequel to the year 2000 "Shaft" movie. Samuel L. Jackson... shaft N/A Note: The "Men in Black: International" Movie Amazon Content was not... men-in-black-international N/A Jean Grey (played by the beautiful Sophie Turner) obtains incredible powers... dark-phoenix N/A Note: The "Underwater" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a... underwater N/A Note: The "Ford v Ferrari" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a... ford-v-ferrari N/A Note: The "Riot Girls" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a... riot-girls N/A Note: The "Yesterday" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used the... yesterday drama A math teacher (played by the reliable Michael B. Jordan) in Atlanta... wrong-answer N/A A new toy called "Forky" joins Woody and the existing group of toys. They go... toy-story-4 N/A Note: The "The Informer" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a... the-informer N/A Plot Unknown. The cast includes: Patton Oswalt as Max (voice), Eric... the-secret-life-pets-2 N/A A new CGI version of the 1994 Disney classic "The Lion King". The impressive... the-lion-king N/A Note: The "Spider-man Far From Home" Movie Amazon Content was not available.... spider-man-far-from-home N/A Note: The "Hobbs and Shaw" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a... hobbs-and-shaw N/A This Quentin Tarantino movie is about an unpopular TV actor and his stunt... once-upon-a-time-in-hollywood N/A Note: The "The Angry Birds Movie 2" Movie Amazon Content was not available.... the-angry-birds-movie-2 N/A Eddie Murphy is back! The Biography is the story of performer Rudy Ray Moore... dolemite-is-my-name N/A Note: The "Flarsky" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used an... flarsky N/A The Mustang is about a violent convict (Matthias Schoenaerts as Roman... the-mustang N/A Note: The "Penguins" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a... penguins N/A Note: The "Echo Boomers" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a... echo-boomers N/A A young woman falls for a man with a secret. The two embark on a turbulent... after N/A The world's best spy is turned into a pigeon. The nerdy tech officer of the... spies-in-disguise N/A Note:The "Black and Blue" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a... black-and-blue N/A Note:"The Kitchen" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a... the-kitchen N/A Goku and Vegeta meet Broly. Broly is a Saiyan warrior with strength and... dragon-ball-super-broly N/A Note: The "Gemini Man" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a... gemini-man N/A Note: "The Adams Family" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a... the-adams-family N/A Note: "The Rhythm Section" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a... the-rhythm-section N/A This is an animated feature film inspired by the Playmobil brand of toys.... playmobil-the-movie N/A Note: The "Escape Plan: The Extractors" Movie Amazon Content was not... escape-plan-the-extractors N/A Note: The "Acceleration" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a... acceleration N/A Note: The "Joker" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a "Joaquin... joker N/A Note: The "Joker" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a "Joaquin... the-aeronauts N/A This movie is the sequel to the Walt Disney Pictures' animated movie Frozen... frozen-2 N/A Note: The "Furia" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a "The... furia N/A Note: The "Superintelligence" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We... superintelligence N/A This movie is in development. It is based on the animated TV show "He Man... masters-of-the-universe N/A Note: The "The Kings Daughter" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We... the-kings-daughter N/A Note: The "Above Suspicion" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used... above-suspicion N/A The plot is unknown. This movie is about a holiday romance set in London.... last-christmas N/A Note: The "6 Underground" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a... 6-underground N/A Note: The "Terminator Dark Fate" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We... terminator-dark-fate N/A Note: The "Rambo V: Last Blood" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We... rambo-v-last-blood N/A This movie is a reboot of the 2000 action comedy which is based on the 1970s... charlies-angels N/A A police man in the rural town of Green Hills helps "Sonic The Hedgehog"... sonic-the-hedgehog

2018 Reviews

8.1 The first shot is the classic text "A long time ago in a galaxy far far away".... star-wars-the-last-jedi 8.5 I haven't seen a movie plot this unique in a while. In Downsizing a scientist... downsizing 7.8 The basement of a Nut Shop is full of nuts after the store goes broke. The... the-nut-job-2-nutty-by-nature 7.3 Beca (played by the beautiful Anna Kendrick ) and the Bellas ( Rebel Wilson... pitch-perfect-3 8.2 This movie is about the interesting life of a Poker Game Organiser. I have... mollys-game 8.1 James Franco continues to pursue interesting projects. In the last 5 years he... the-disaster-artist N/A A logger from the mountains (played by Jason Mamoa) accidentally finds... braven 8.1 People were saying that Den of Thieves borrows from the Michael Mann movie... den-of-thieves 7.2 I haven't seen the first movies in the series but this movie had some... maze-runner-the-death-cure 7.2 Anastasia (played by the quirky and beautiful Dakota Johnson) and Christian... fifty-shades-freed N/A A high school student (Shelly "Elle" Evans played by Joey King) has a secret... the-kissing-booth N/A Note: The "Set it Up" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a "Zoey... set-it-up N/A Troy Holloway (played by Steven Ogg) wakes up and is trapped in a drifting... solis 8.2 The plot revolves around a group of friends who organise Game Nights (like... game-night N/A Gone Are the Days is about the famous outlaw Taylon Flynn (played brilliantly... gone-are-the-days N/A Jake Pentecost (the son of Stacker Pentecost played by John Boyega) works... pacific-rim-uprising 8.0 At a house party a woman catches her husband cheating, he kisses another... finding-your-feet N/A Skyler (played by Teyana Taylor ) is a novice street dancer that is at whose... honey-rise-up-and-dance 7.5 Eddie Redmayne usually does serous drama movies and he definitely puts plenty... early-man N/A Dr. Paul Kersey (played by the reliable and talented action star Bruce... death-wish 8.0 This reboot of Tomb Raider is well worth a viewing. Firstly, we see scenes of... tomb-raider 7.8 Blockers is a simple film that some Parents will relate with. Starts off with... blockers N/A A teenage girl (Erica Vandross played by the gorgeous Zoey Deutch) forms an... flower N/A The rivalry between the calm Bjorn Borg (played by Sverrir Gudnason) and... borg-vs-mcenroe N/A A bounty hunter named Attica Gage (played by the beautiful and talented... scorched-earth N/A A woman (Setsuku played by Shinobu Terajima) in Tokyo has a boring life and... oh-lucy 7.2 Johnny Depp has done animated features before and it shows here. He has... sherlock-gnomes N/A A man (Du Qiu played by Hanyu Zhang) is accused of crimes he didn't commit,... manhunt N/A On the day of a Category 5 hurricane, thieves attempt a huge heist against... the-hurricane-heist 7.6 T'Challa (played excellently by Chadwick Boseman) rises to the throne of... black-panther 7.5 Davis Okoye (played well by Dwayne Johnson) studies primates and looks after... rampage N/A This movie is set in the Wild West, around 1870. Samuel Alabaster (played by... damsel N/A This film is made up of six stories. Each story is a tale about people that... the-ballad-of-buster-scruggs N/A Three friends are nearly going to get their video game financed. The three... game-over-man N/A An inmate (Joan Anderson played by Melissa Leo) is given one weekend out of... furlough 8.1 Set in 2045. A virtual reality world called OASIS exists and its got many... ready-player-one 7.8 Broken Lizard Productions and the Super Troopers Crew are back! A border... super-troopers-2 8.2 A woman (Renee Bennett played by Amy Schumer) who is insecure about the way... i-feel-pretty 8.5 The powerfull being Thanos arrives on earth hell bent on destroying half the... avengers-infinity-war 8.0 Melissa McCarthy is back in a brand new comedy! She plays Deanna, a... life-of-the-party 7.9 Deadpool is back and he's more hilarious than ever! Wade (Deadpool) must... deadpool-2 N/A Two friends have a drunken debate about whose father would win in a fight.... father-of-the-year N/A A teenager (Bobby Marks played by Blake Cooper) who has been previously... measure-of-a-man N/A After the story of "Kickboxer: Vengeance", Kurt Sloan (played by Alain... kickboxer-retaliation 8.2 Han Solo was one of the most iconic characters in the Star Wars franchise!... solo-a-star-wars-story N/A A bank manager (Jacob played by Frank Grillo) experiences a violent bank... reprisal N/A Note: The "Big Brother" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used an... big-brother 7.8 Gringo has an innovative funny plot! Harold (played brilliantly by David... gringo N/A Note: The "Enter the Fat Dragon" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We... enter-the-fat-dragon 8.3 The movie is set in 1959 in a small town in England. The protagonist Florence... the-bookshop 7.8 If you like the Ocean's 11 franchise and Sandra Bullock, your going to love... oceans-8 N/A A young woman (Izzy Klein played by beautiful Madelyn Deutch) has just... the-year-of-spectacular-men 8.5 There was a photo development system known as "Kodachrome". An old... kodachrome N/A This movie is set in 1892. A well known Army Captain Capt. Joseph J. Blocker... hostiles 7.9 A writer visits a town post world war 2 and investigates a book club called... the-guernsey-literary-and-potato-peel-pie-society 7.6 Former classmates who have always been there for each other and that still see... tag 7.5 Dog Days is about a group of people from Los Angeles that are connected... dog-days 7.5 Get ready for a thrill ride! The island from the previous movie contains some... jurrasic-world-fallen-kingdom N/A Dan (played by Randal Edwards) and Lisa (played by Erin Karpluk) are a... a-swingers-weekend N/A Ray Breslin (played by Sylvester Stallone) previously fought his way out of... escape-plan-2-hades N/A Note: The "When we first met" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used... when-we-first-met 7.2 Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible voiced by Craig T. Nelson) has to care for his... incredibles-2 7.9 A elderly couple runaway from their boring life and go on journey in an old... the-leisure-seeker 7.5 Dwayne Johnson continues to impress in action movies! Ex FBI Rescue Team... skyscraper 7.5 This movie is the sequel to "Mamma Mia!". Sophie (played by the beautiful... mama-mia-here-we-go-again N/A Note: The "Speed Kills" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used the... speed-kills N/A A.X.L. is the code name for a top-secret robotic dog. He's on the loose and... A-X-L N/A A young man (played by Aidan Cullen) has parents that are going through a... surviving-the-wild N/A A group of former TV stars and comic book artists earn their living working... supercon 8.1 Anna Farris is back! Her brand of silly comedy has been sorely missed! Anna's... overboard N/A An operative (Wheeler played by the reliable Jean-Claude Van Damme) awakens... black-water N/A Kyle Moore (played by Ross Lynch) is a teenager has parents who are going... status-update N/A Mike Fallon (played by Scott Adkins) is known as "The Accident Man". He is... accident-man 7.9 This movie is based on a true story. Two young people meet by chance. They... adrift N/A Two small-town Sheriff's Deputies (Jim Doyle played by Martin Starr and... the-escape-of-prisoner-614 N/A Harry (played by Milo Gibson) is an experienced loveable house thief. On... breaking-and-exiting N/A A daredevil (played by Johnny Knoxville) creates his own theme park with... action-point 7.8 The life and times of the super star singer Whitney Houston. There are some... whitney N/A Thora Birch (played by Thora Birch) ends relationships after six months in... the-competition N/A Dinner For Two revolves around a complicated love story. Chris (played by... dinner-for-two 8.0 Paul Rudd was the perfect choice for Ant Man in the first movie. Scott... ant-man-and-the-wasp N/A "Juliet, Naked" tells the story of Annie (played by Rose Byrne). She is the... juliet-naked 8.4 Tom Cruise is back with even more impressive stunt work and action scenes!... mission-impossible-fallout 7.2 Three aliens arrive from outer space in a UFO. They crash land in the house... luis-and-the-aliens 7.8 Audrey (played by the beautiful Mila Kunis) gets dumped by her boyfriend.... the-spy-who-dumped-me 8.0 Jason Stratham Vs a Big Shark, I'd pay to see that! Jonas Taylor (played by... the-meg 7.8 A group of life long friends that belong to a book club read the popular book... book-club 7.8 This movie is based on a global bestselling book by the same name. Rachel Chu... crazy-rich-asians 7.5 Five teenage super heroes dream of Hollywood stardom. To get famous they... teen-titans-go-to-the-movies 7.8 The previous Predator movies were very suspenseful with innovative thrilling... the-predator N/A Christopher Robin (voiced by the talented Ewan McGregor) is now a family... christopher-robin 7.8 Johnny English (played by the hilarious Rowan Atkinson) is now teaching at... johnny-english-strikes-again 7.2 Kevin Hart is back in a brand new comedy! A group of trouble makers, including... night-school 6.5 In the reverse of the Big Foot Legend, a Yeti is 100% sure that the creatures... small-foot 8.8 This movie describes the life of the astronaut Neil Armstrong (played... first-man N/A A Star is Born is about an experienced musician (Jack played by Bradley... a-star-is-born N/A Note: The "Charming" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a... charming 7.5 A Crusader (Taron Egerton) who has previously fought in wars and his... robin-hood N/A Rocky Balboa (played by the legendary Sylvester Stallone) continues to... creed-II N/A A box store worker (Maya played by the beautiful and talented Jennifer... second-act N/A Will Ferrell plays Sherlock Holmes and John C. Reilly plays Dr Watson in... holmes-and-watson N/A Based on the true story of teenager called Richard Wershe Jr. He became a... white-boy-rick N/A A basketball movie is a long time coming! A coach (LilRel Howery as Dax)... uncle-drew N/A Two Ex-jailbirds Eddie (played by Sam Rockwell) and Paul (played by... blue-iguana N/A A woman (played by Tiffany Haddish) is released from prison. She visits her... nobodys-fool N/A Mary (played by the charismatic and beautiful Taraji P. Henson ) plays a hit... proud-mary N/A A documentary about the highest mountains around the world and how it's like... mountain N/A There is a Bar on a Highway that has hot waitresses showing a bit of curves.... support-the-girls N/A The night of the 2016 Presidential election, Cass an L.A. club promoter... a-boy-a-girl-a-dream N/A A young warrior (played by Kodi Smit-McPhee) must survive the wild, set... alpha N/A Gilda Radner was a famous comedienne in the late 70s and early 80s. She... love-gilda N/A In a Dystopian Future World a young boy must find a cure for his dying... future-world N/A This movie is based on the true story of Forrest Tucker (played by the... the-old-man-and-the-gun N/A Two unhappy and negative minded wedding guests (Lindsay played by Winona... destination-wedding N/A Scott Adkins plays "French", a trained martial artist. He now works as a mob... the-debt-collector N/A Set in 1850s Oregon. Two assasins, the famous Sisters Brothers, chase a gold... the-sisters-brothers N/A Lee Israel (played by the talented Melissa McCarthy) is a writer that has... can-you-ever-forgive-me N/A A graduate student (hilariously played by Calum Worthy) is completing a... bodied N/A A young New York couple (Oscar Isaac as Will and Olivia Wilde as Abby)... life-itself N/A Note: The "All About Nina" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used an... all-about-nina N/A Two rival record collectors ( Alan Thomas played by Grant Rosenmeyer and... chasing-the-blues N/A This is the second chapter of the "Fantastic Beasts" series. It's about the... fantastic-beasts-the-crimes-of-grindlewald N/A Set in the 14th Century. A Scottish "Outlaw King" called Robert The Bruce... outlaw-king N/A The plot is unknown at this stage. This movie stars: Jake Johnson as Peter... spider-man-into-the-spider-verse N/A This movie is set in the 1960s. An Italian-American bouncer becomes the... green-book N/A A young man travels to hollywood in 1969. The industry is changing and he... zeroville

2017 Reviews

2017 Reviews

7.5 As always for a Star Wars film, the opening shot was captivating. What a... rogue-1-a-star-wars-story 7.0 Great first shot. The space ship design was innovative. I've never seen a... passengers 6.5 Why Him isn't one of those movies that produces constant laughter. "What Why... why-him 8.6 I must say musicals aren't my favourite but I'll make an exception here.... la-la-land 7.2 Moana the movie has a very interesting story line and is based on Polynesian... moana 8.8 I like the pace of Gold. It's slower than most big releases. I also loved the... gold 7.8 Two strangers (Matt Damon as William and Pedro Pascal as Tovar) show up at a... the-great-wall 6.5 The long awaited return of Mr Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) in Fifty Shades... 50-shades-darker 8.0 This is a unique movie. I am not sure what Genre this is but I can tell you... fences 7.8 I laughed at the trailer to The Boss Baby movie... "a baby jumps up from the... the-boss-baby 7.2 The plot in every King Kong film is very different, I like that about these... kong-skull-island 7.2 Charlie Day plays a down to earth nice teacher called Andy Cambell. It is the... fist-fight 7.4 The first scenes are about a street race with a hotted up 1950's car. Two... the-fate-of-the-furious 7.8 This movie is hilarious! I am a Batman movie fan (the real movies!) so the... the-lego-batman-movie 7.9 The movie starts off by showing the following text: "The California Highway... chips 7.9 Maximo, the lead character is played wonderfully by Eugenio Derbez. He tells... how-to-be-a-latin-lover 7.1 Wonder Woman gets given a photograph. We are then taken to the past. Warrior... wonder-woman 7.9 It starts with the Marvel Studios Intro Graphics which is always cool. Kurt... guardians-of-the-galaxy-vol-2 7.9 Starts with nice shots of the beach. There is a surf glider accident. Mitch... baywatch 8.1 "The House" has a very unique story line. "I haven't seen a movie like this in... the-house 7.9 Starts off with a bank heist. There is a young driver with headphones. He... baby-driver 8.0 Diane Lane plays Anne, the wife of a busy Hollywood producer, Michael, played... paris-can-wait 7.9 In the first scenes a Bodyguard (Ryan Reynolds playing Michael) loses a... the-hitmans-bodyguard 7.8 This genre of "Girls gone wild" is getting more and more popular these days.... girls-trip 8.7 Thor (played excellently by Chris Hemsworth) is in a suspended cage... thor-ragnarok 7.5 Bad Moms Christmas is a great addition to the Bad Moms franchise. Mila Kunis... bad-moms-christmas 7.6 Great beginning, Batman (played by the reliable Ben Affleck) fights a thug.... justice-league 7.6 Daddy's Home 2 has an awesome cast. Will Ferrell (Brad) and Mark Wahlberg... daddys-home-2

2016 Reviews

2016 Reviews

7.5 The Star Wars franchise has always been filled with interesting characters.... star-wars-the-force-awakens 7.0 Melissa McCarthy is fastly becoming one of my favourite comedians. In the... the-boss 7.0 You know an action movie is going to be great when there is a great villain... ride-along-2 7.0 The angry birds movie was always going to be created. "The Angry Birds... the-angry-birds-movie 7.5 There was a lot of hype about this movie, I stayed away from most of it. It's... batman-vs-superman-dawn-of-justice 7.0 I can now say I enjoy this franchise. The Independence Day movies are funny.... independence-day-resurgence 7.0 Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson make an odd couple but as seen in this movie... central-intelligence 7.5 This movie is hilarious from the get go. The four leads were perfectly cast.... mike-and-dave-need-wedding-dates 7.5 With Sci Fi movies, the soundtrack is always critical. This is where this... startrek-beyond 8.5 Wow. "A unique cinematic experience. Such a simple plot; shark hunts girl,... the-shallows 7.5 Mila Kunis (Amy) manages to put in a comedic performance with some sentimental... bad-moms 7.0 This movie is a good story about the unique relationship not only between pets... secret-life-of-pets 7.0 I loved the beginning, the graphical intro makes the cinema screen look like a... nerve 8.0 There were outlaws in the wild west. Thieves and bounty hunters running amuck.... the-magnificent-7 7.5 Bridget Jones is back! Renee Zellweger excel's in this role once again.... bridget-joness-baby

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7.5 This Steve Jobs movie is very different to the earlier "Jobs" movie. It has a... steve-jobs 8.0 Will Smith hasn't lost a beat. He may have started out as the Fresh Prince of... focus 7.5 Melissa McCarthy can definitely carry a comedy film but what's surprising... spy 7.0 Jurrasic World borrows from the Jurrasic Park films but it has some very... jurassic-world 7.0 It appears that Cara Delevingne (Margo) will become a big star. That look and... paper-towns 7.5 The Guy Ritchie style is alive and well. Stylised fighting sequences, tongue... the-man-from-uncle 8.0 Tom Cruise always gives his all in every performance he does but in the... mission-impossible-rogue-nation 7.5 This movie shows the sheer bravery and determination needed to conquer... everest 7.0 Ben (Robert De Niro) plays an older business man that gets an internship at an... the-intern 7.5 The plot of The Martian is innovative. A manned mission to Mars results in an... the-martian 7.5 Leonardo DiCaprio has an impressive body of work. We all know that he always... the-revenant 7.0 All Ip Man movies are action packed. But what makes them unique is that the... ip-man-3 7.5 I have seen this movie three times and there's a reason behind this. This... jobs 7.0 What a hilarious movie. "Jennifer Aniston (Jane, the psychologist) has been... shes-funny-that-way 7.0 Set in the 1960's, Paul Kemp (Johnny Depp) takes on a freelance writing job in... the-rum-diary 7.5 When The Social Network came out a lot of us knew that Mark Zuckerberg's... the-social-network 8.0 Two words.. "Christopher Nolan". I could have left the review at that but... interstellar 7.0 I hope that Woody Allen continues to make films forever. It appears that his... magic-in-the-moonlight 8.5 Blue Jasmine (Cate Blanchett). "Blue Jasmine. What a character! Her strength... blue-jasmine 7.5 J.J. Abrams did something special here. This movie is totally different in... star-trek-2009 8.0 Two doofas brothers ( Will Ferrell as Steve Butabi and Chris Kattan as... a-night-at-the-roxbury 8.0 Gene Wilder was in his prime here. This guy has got to have one of the most... the-woman-in-red

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Story Space Food is about the adventures of a food supplying spaceship that... This game is currently in the Concept Phase which means it is getting designed... This game is currently in the Development Phase which means it is getting... This game is currently in the Development Phase which means it is getting... This game is currently in the Development Phase which means it is getting... This game is currently in the Development Phase which means it is getting...