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I loved the beginning, the graphical intro makes the cinema screen look like a big computer. This movie is about two people (Emma Roberts, Dave Franco) that get caught up in a "Dare" App that gives them tasks to achieve.

Great lighting through out the movie. Loved the motorbike sequence. The city landscapes (which ever city it was shot in) were magnificent. The tasks they were sent to do were exciting. I've seen this type of film before, a duo/team trying to make it out of some organised game/maze. I like this genre, it's usually exciting from start to finish.

Emma Roberts was perfectly cast as the innocent girl that becomes daring.

This movie had a lot of dialogue and it worked well with the great backing soundtrack. When the police get involved it gets interesting. James Franco shows his action skills.

"I felt like watching more because the movie ended early. It's actually the first time this has happened to me in years"
It's sometimes used to happen when the makers wanted to create a sequel. I enjoyed the full 96 minutes.

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