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This genre of "Girls gone wild" is getting more and more popular these days. What makes or breaks these types of movies is the chemistry with the cast of girls. They got it just right with Girls Trip. Each of the friends had a very different personality but they gelled well Regina Hall plays Ryan, Queen Latifah plays Sasha, Jada Pinkett Smith plays Lisa and Tiffany Hadish plays Dina). When they were young they called themselves "The Flossy Posse".

To set the tone for the movie Dina gets fired for "physically assaulting a man for stealing their lunch" hahaha. Tiffany Hadish who plays Dina is the comedic stand out, she brings big laughs. Regina is the leader of the group and as she is a talk show host she gets invited to a African American Women's festival.

The visuals of the festival are fun to watch (it is probably based on a real festival perhaps). The girls find out that Regina's husband Stewart (played by Mike Colter) is cheating. Dina says (with some funny words) she is going to assault the husband. They get thrown out of their hotel because Dina does nearly assault Stewart. Mike Colter who plays Stewart, the cheating husband, plays that role well in that he always plays the innocent man which is very funny. Lisa picks a man in a nightclub which is a surprise as she plays the single mother of the bunch. In the festival there is a rope device that takes you from one apartment to the opposite apartment. Lisa crosses but stops half way peeing everywhere, hehehe. Ryan meets her long time male friend (Larenz Tate playing Julian) and she starts to fall for him.

I must say there are some laugh out loud scenes in this movie. In one scene the girls get on absynth at a nightclub and start hallucinating, the funniest of all is Sasha who makes love to a nightclube lamp! In another scene, famously now called "The Grapefruit" scene, Dina shows Lisa how to pleasure a man with such a fruit hahaha.

I won't spoil it more, and I could because there are plenty of more funny scenes, but I won't.

"These Girls Gone Wild movies are getting funnier and funnier. In Girls Trip the stand out for me was Tiffany Hadish playing Dina"
The other actresses, Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith and Regina Hall also had funny moments. There were some serious elements/arguments and the cast worked well during those moments too. Finally, these girls gelled well and remind us that child hood friends are priceless. Enjoy the hilarious 122 minutes.

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Girls Trip

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