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Great beginning, Batman (played by the reliable Ben Affleck) fights a thug. Then another super villain (a menacing vampire bug man) fights back to save the thug and tries to take Batman down. In this scene the city landscapes look cool at at night. Superman (played by Henry Cavill) is out of action and has been buried in the previous movie. Batman searches for Aquaman (played well by Jason Mamoa) in a sea town. Back in the Wonder Woman world there was a new villain that arrived: "Steppenwolf" (voiced by Ciaran Hinds), a brutal warrior.

Batman is putting together a team. Batman meets Cyborg (played by Ray Fisher) and he has a good back story. Batman then meets the The Flash (played by Ezra Miller) who is very funny with his fast talking; "What is brunch... you wait inline until it's essentially lunch". "What's your super power" he asks Batman, he replies "I'm rich" hahaha. Great humour here.

Meanwhile in Gotham a flying vampire bug man is attacking people. Batman and the crew battles Steppenwolf. They get beaten up. Batman says the team needs Superman (played by Henry Cavill ). They dig up Superman and revive him. But he doesn't remember who he is and he fights everybody. The team tames him and these scenes are great. Superman goes to see Louis Lane (played by Amy Adams ) who says to him "You smell good". "Didn't I always" says superman hehehe. Superman is back! These one liners are seen through out this film and they work well.

The team assembles. They go to a forest. There is a scene where the Flash (who's flying) carry's aquaman with his pitch fork and throws him towards the enemy soldiers, it's one of the best action scenes in the movie. This fight against the flying vampire bug creatures is good. Steppenwolf goes up against Superman. This is a memorable duel. Wonder woman (played by Gal Gadot ) cuts Steppenwolf's sword and the bug creatures attack him, Steppenwolf perishes.

The best part of this film is the coming together of the team. The villain was well crafted. Ben Affleck (Batman) and Ezra Miller (The Flash) bounced off each other well. They added to the comedic element to the film. This type of action movie contains many super heroes and it's always a hard task to include all of them in balanced action scenes. The final action scene is a good example of this. Enjoy the action packed 120 minutes.

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Justice League

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