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The plot in every King Kong film is very different, I like that about these movies. This new version has a great cast. It is set towards the end of the Vietnam war. A team is assembled to investigate a mysterious island. What they don't know is that it has very primal huge creatures perhaps due to all the nuclear experiments conducted near by.

John Goodman plays a scientists and Brie Larson is excellently cast as a journalist. Tom Hiddleston plays a rogue tracker. Samuel L Jackson plays a strict army general. This is a return to form for Jackson, he's back and he's angry! John C Reilly even chimes in as a war veteran found on the island and he provides most of the laughs.

Kong Skull Island is captivating from the get go. The dialogue is easy to understand and the action is non stop.

"You don't see human's battling huge creature's that often, it's handled well here"
Tom Hiddleston does great as the tracker, his acting makes the whole plot seem more authentic. Brie Larson can definately handle herself in a heavy action role. Samuel Jackson plays a good general fed up with the circumstances.

This is an action film, in fact it's action adventure. I don't want to spoil this movie although I will say that Kong isn't the only large creature on Skull Island. The humans are dwarfed here and their chances of survival are very slim. This fact and the amazing landscapes and beasts will have you captivated for the full 118 minutes.

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