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As always for a Star Wars film, the opening shot was captivating. What a great landscape too. The movie revolves around the Rebel Alliance's mission to steal the plans for the death star. Diego Luna (Cassion), Felicity Jones (Jyn), Forest Whitaker (Saw), Donnie Yen (Chirrut) and Wen Jiang (Baze) make up the Rebel Alliance team.

The movie begins with an imperial forces leader (played brilliantly by Ben Mendelsohn) interrogating a farmer. Ben has played similar intellectual villain roles before and I love his calm but decisive character he plays here.

The cities that you see through out the film are unique and interesting. The rock formations are cool in the desert city scenes. The shots of the villages and markets seem authentic. The clothing of the Rebel Alliance looked worn and durable. These small touches are what I liked about this Star Wars film.

The Storm Troopers are there as usual. Their voice has the original tone from the previous movies (set to stun!). Donnie Yen is a great addition. He takes on a group of storm troopers with great skill and he's blind! His use of the bow and arrow on the incoming Tie/Enemy fighters is epic. The big walker bots are back too.

"When Darth Vader first appears it's very memorable. I'm glad his voice hasn't changed one bit"
Later on, Darth Vader (still voiced by James Earl Jones) has a fighting sequence that's not to be missed.

There is some unique big spaceship to spaceship action sequences. I guess this movie was very special because of the elaborate action sequences and great acting by the leads. Enjoy the full 133 minutes.

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