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Why Him isn't one of those movies that produces constant laughter.

"What Why Him does best is provide awkward memorable moments that either make you laugh out loud or surprise you"
Brian Cranston (the uptight father Ned) and James Franco (the crazy boyfriend Laird) are perfectly cast. Zoey Deutch plays the lovable daughter/girlfriend and Griffin Gluck plays her brother. Megan Mullally plays the mother of the family.

There is laughs from the very beginning. The parents are at a birthday and they are online chatting with their daughter. Then laird shows up wanting to make love to her, he strips in front of the camera etc. Laird is a unique human being who has all the money in the world. He's an internet tycoon who gets up to no good and is "without a filter" as the girlfriend suggests. She says to her father "don't google him" and the look on his face is priceless.

The parents and her brother visit Laird at his estate that is so big that it needs an estate manager, Gustav, played by the hilarious Keegan-Michael Key. Laird and Gustav constantly have UFC/Parkour style fighting at various odd moments during the film! The dinner scene when they are eating an expensive gastronomical paper substance is funny. This movie has a lot of awkward moments that make you cringe. This is due to James Franco's brilliant portrayal of an out there boyfriend. For example, Laird visits the parents room still wet from his shower and kisses them goodnight!

Ned doesn't want his daughter to quit her job and Laird wants her to create her own not for profit company. The movie gets more sentimental towards the end as the arguments get resolved.

The chemistry between James Franco and Brian Cranston is great. The mother (Megan Mullally) also has some memorable/unexpected scenes. The daughter was straight laced but she is the stable force in the film. Enjoy the 111 minutes.

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