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A Star is Born is about an experienced musician (played by Bradley Cooper) that helps a younger singer/actress (played by Lady Gaga) succeed. He is also an alcoholic and is struggling with his career.

There is sounds of shouting, a screaming audience in a rock concert. A famous country rock singer enters the stage (Jack played brilliantly by Bradley Cooper). The first thing you notice is that Bradley Cooper can sing! It may be him even playing guitar! The stadium is packed. He finishes his gig and gets in his limo. He's anxious and drinks from a bottle. It is clear that he has a drinking problem.

Ally (played by Lady Gaga) dumps her boyfriend over the phone. She shouts "f*king men" out loud hehe. She works for a restaurant. She sings "somewhere over the rainbow" in an alley way, it's a beautiful scene. It appears that her character can also sing. Jack, still in the Limo, is looking for a bar to hang out in. He finds an odd bar that does live singing. Ally sings there from time to time. She sings La Vi en Rose. Jack admires her singing. The other singers recognize Jack and he signs some autographs. Jack meets Ally. There is instant chemistry. Great casting.

You can tell Jack is fascinated by Ally. Cooper and Gaga seem like an odd pairing but they make it work, The other singers tell Jack to sing and he sings his hit song "maybe its time to make the old ways die". Cooper can sing real good. Surprisingly in real life he said that he is new at singing. Coopers talking voice is also deeper and different to his other roles. Ally says that record producers "say my nose is too big". Jack says she has a great nose hehe. "Its a good thing we met". Ally punches another patron who is being rude to Jack hehe.

They go to a grocery store and Jack gets a cold packet of vegetables and places it on her injured hand. They sit outside the grocery store and chat. Simple scenes like this make this movie. The dialogue between Ally and Jack never gets boring as there is a lot of chemistry between them. Jack explains that his mother died at child birth. Then his father died later on. He father had a big ranch.

Ally practices a song she wrote. Jack says to her "Can I tell u a secret... I think your a song writer". Just after he drops her home Jack says lovingly "Hey, I just want to take another look at you". Ally's father Lorenzo (played by the famous comedian Andrew Dice Clay) makes her feel kind of bad. He reminds her that her voice was great but she didn't have the look. Andrew Dice Clay puts in a great performance. He is believable as Ally's father.

In the stadium Jack is preparing. He has an ear problem that one his managers wants to fix by giving him ear plugs. His manager Bobby who is also his brother is played excellently by Sam Elliot. Ally accepts his offer to visit him in his concert. Jack sings the song that Ally wrote "Tell me something boy... " (the song is called Shallow). Jack invites Ally on stage. Ally's voice is powerful, wow. Great lyrics too. In the hotel Jack kisses Ally. "He never brought a girl on stage before" his manager Bobby says to Ally.

That night Jack gets wasted and Bobby puts him on his bed. Jack and Ally then make love and eat dinner. Ally's dad Lorenzo watches her on youtube. Jack visits Ally's house. "I don't feel like this about anyone" she says to him. Jack rides his bike. Ally writes a new song. I love the pace of this film. Sometimes it goes real slow, allowing you to connect with the characters.

Cooper punches Bobby for selling his fathers ranch, it's now a wind farm. "All that old man did was make you his drinking buddy" his manager Bobby says. Bobby gets emotional and quits.

We see a series of concerts that Jack does and he now regularly invites Ally onstage. Ally sings her new song "when the sun goes down and the band won't play". she also plays piano, Ally is a talented musician. Rez Gamble, music businessman, wants a producer to record her. hes kind of jealous and puts a cream dohnut all over her face hehehe. Rez wants to give Ally dance coreography.

Jack invites her on a trip but shes busy. Cooper does coke. Ally does her first performance. she doesnt use dancers and she doesn't want to colour her hair like Rez suggests. Rez is slightly angry. Coopers friend George (played by Dave chappelle) finds him in the grass drunk. Chappelle acted really well. George says "sometimes you go sailing and land in a port and stay there for a while and forget where you were going in the first place", wonderfully said.

Jack creates a makeshift ring out of a guitar string and proposes to Ally. Ally is nervous for doing a record. "You don't tell the truth out there your fucked" says cooper to gaga as advice. There is a big "Ally" poster on a billboard. She sings at the Saturday Night Live finale. Ally's songs are different in style to Jacks. Jack's Manager shows up. He asks him to go on the road with him again. Rez says that Ally has just been nominated for 3 grammies.

In their house, Jack has been drinking in the morning. Jack is embarrassed of some of Ally's lyrics like "... with an ass like that". He teases her whilst she's in the bath tub hehe. He's drunk and calls her ugly. He sobers up and watches her dance. It appears that Jack plays the guitar for real. Jack has serious problems with his ear. The "Pretty woman" cover he does in the recording studio is cool. He neary misses his cue but he just makes it and plays the rif.

Jack is drunk and gets on stage for her award acceptance at the grammys. Its embarrasing. He wee's himself on stage. His drinking has gone too far. How embarrasing. He goes to an alcoholics anonymous meeting and confesses that hes an alcoholic and drug addict. He visits a summer house to chill out. "I just want you to be happy" says Ally. Ally unveils some old lyrics he wrote. "I'm sorry I did that" Jack cries. Its an emotional scene because he realises that his alcoholism went to far.

Rez tells Ally that he's not going on tour with Jack. He's not allowing it. Jack meets with his manager. He loved his manager and says "i said I took your voice... I looked up to you". It was a great moment. Jack cried. Rez is angry at Jack. He nearly derailed her career he says. Cooper is jolted at his speech and thinks about what he said.

Jack goes out drinking again. Then drives back to the house. Jack ends up taking his life. Its a sad way to end the movie. Gaga sings a song on stage. She recalls her time with Cooper. It's a beautiful song.

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