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Main Cast Reviews  Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Pena Categories  Action | Adventure Release Date  5th Jul 2018 8.0


Paul Rudd was the perfect choice for Ant Man in the first movie. Scott Lang/Ant Man (played by Paul Rudd) is trying to balance being a Super Hero and a father. Now there is an urgent new mission and Ant-Man finds himself fighting alongside Hope Van Dyne / The Wasp (played by Evangeline Lilly). Their adventure also may uncover secrets from the quantum universe. The great supporting cast includes: Michael Pena as Luis, Michael Douglas as Dr Hank Pym, Michelle Pfeiffer as Janet Van Dyne / Original Wasp, Laurence Fishburne as Dr. Bill Foster, Walton Goggins as Sonny Burch, Hannah John-kamen as Ava / Ghost, Bobby Cannavale as Paxton, Judy Greer as Maggie, t.i. as Dave, David Dastmalchian as Kurt, Abby Ryder fortson as Cassie, Randall Park as Jimmy Woo and Divian Ladwa as Uzman.

We see scenes of the original Ant Man (Michael Douglas as Dr Hank Pym) and the original Wasp (Michelle Pfeiffer as Janet Van Dyne) on a mission were Janet went into the Sub Atomic realm and gave up her life or so it seems to save thousands by defusing a big bomb. Dr Hank explains this story once again (he explained it in the first Ant Man movie) to his daughter Hope Van Dyne/The Wasp (played excellently by Evangeline Lilly). Evangeline Lilly feels like a seasoned action star through out this film, well done.

Scott now has a daughter. He plays with her in his house. He is under house arrest after he misbehaved in Germany with Captain America, that sounds cool hehehe. He plays funny card tricks with his daughter. He has to stay busy at home so he learns magic tricks, odd skills and does Karaoke. It's funny. Paul Rudd's comedic talent is evident.

Scott has a dream about Janet in the quantum realm and calls Dr Hank. Hope shows up and abducts him. We see a tiny matchbox size van on the road. She shrinks both Scott and herself and gets into the tiny van which gets pecked by pigeons! HAHAHA. This is the first taste of the awesome special affects of this movie.

She takes him to her dad's headquarters. Its an old building but it has advanced tech and it's all kitted out! They are building a tunnel into the Quantum realm to find his wife, Janet.

They minify and maximise vans and even minify the big building that they were in! Wow! The building fits into a briefcase! What an awesome scene. They need a special tech part for a tunnel device they're going to use to find Janet. Lilly goes to a parts dealer (Burch) at a restaurant. The parts dealer wants to buy her lab. He keeps her money because he's upset. He keeps the part too. The Wasp battles them. Great scenes when she is in mini form fighting Burch's guards. She can also make things big and small! e.g. an ordinary salt shaker turns into a giant salt shaker and blocks the door, a guard hits it and falls down! hehehe. Great scene.

In this same restaurant scene another Super Being that is a transparent-type/ghost appears. The being steals the mini lab. They ask for Luis's (from the first movie) help. He's got his own security company and is very funny chatting about nonsense (he chats about snacks hahaha). Hope says the being was Phasing (quantum entanglement). The character of Luis (Michael Pena) is a comedic highlight of this film.

They visit a Uni Lecturer, Bill (played by Lawrence Fishburne), who knows about Quantum Physics. He gives them a tip to modify their regulators. Scott had kept his old Ant Man suit! He had a data file in a Trophy so they go to the school of her daughter because she used it for show and tell. Once again, funny/innovative scenes in the school as Scott is in small form hehehe.

They use the data to track that being called Ava. But they get defeated by her. Pimm/Douglas fired the father of the being. The father was told he had to destroy his quantum lab. The parents died and Ava survived but she became unstable, metaphysical. Bill looked after her. But then Shield built her a special suit and ran experiments on her. What a great back story to the villain. The rest of this film has to do with Ant Man and the Wasp trying to get the mini lab back and save Janet.

There are some hilarious scenes in this movie. Like when Burch goes to Luis's company and gives him truth serum to tell him where Ant Man is. Except that Burch's henchmen doesn't call it truth serum "Theres no such thing as truth serum!" hahaha. Luis's fast talking is hilarious! Just like the first movie. There a scenes as he recalls the past e.g. he was in jail with Scott hahaha. There is also a funny Federal Agent (Jimmy Woo played by Randall park) that keeps monitoring Scott and always checks if Scott is at home hehehe. Great performance by Randall.

The special effects in this movie are unbelievable. In one scene Ant Man gets massive and uses a real size truck as a skateboard! Wow! Ant Man also goes into the sea in massive form creating waves and it looks real!

In another scene Luis needs a car and he chooses one from a Hot Wheels Rally case!!! Once again, wow. He maximises his favourite hot wheel car! This scene is fantastic and unique. You don't see scenes like this in the other Marvel movies!

The villain Ava is well designed (her suit looks awesome) and is quite unique. Her super powers to dissappear/phase and her hand to hand combat techniques are fun to watch.

"This movie might become a benchmark for super hero movies because it has some very innovative special effects and hilarious comedy!"
Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly carry the film well. They have chemistry together. Michael Pena as Luis once again excelled in a comedic role. He is at home in comedies now. Michael Douglas and Michelle Pfeiffer added a touch of class and dramatic acting to the movie. Lawrence Fishburne also did a great dramatic performance. The villain "Ava" also had a very interesting back story and was well crafted.

It's one of the first times I've seen that a Super Hero Movie Sequel surpasses the first original movie. What an action packed and special effect driven movie! Enjoy the full 1hr 58min.




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