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Blockers is a simple film that some Parents will relate with. Starts off with three parents (Mitchell, Leslie, Ike) dropping their young daughters off to school. Their daughters become friends and so do the parents. The girls end up growing up together and become teenagers together too. One of them, Julie is going out with a boy. She says she's gonna have sex on Prom night so the girls make a sex pact. The whole movie revolves around the parents trying to stop (Cock Block hehe) their daughters from achieving their pact.

The cast is outstanding and includes: John Cena as Mitchell, Leslie Mann as Lisa, Ike Barinholtz as Hunter, Kathryn Newton as Julie (Lisa's daughter), Geraldine Viswanathan as Kayla (Mitchell's daughter), Gideon Adlon as Sam (Hunter's daughter), Miles Robbins as Connor (Kayla's love interest), Graham Phillips as Austin (Julie's boyfriend), Jimmy Bellinger as Chad (Sam's love interest).

Julie gets accepted to UCLA and her mother is afraid to leg go. Mitchell (John Cena), a huge man, often cries (of pride) about his daughter Kayla growing up which is hilarious! He warns Kayla about young men and gives her a little knife for her protection because if it gets rough "get her date in the balls!" hahaha.

Julie's mom Lisa snoops on her daughters messaging on her computer. They see emoji symbols about sex and other r-rated stuff, it's funny. The three parents fight to see who gets to drive the car. One of the parents Hunter wants to leave the kids alone, the other two decide to "Cock Block" their daughters intentions! hahaha. Hunter also says his daughter is gay.

The rest of the film sees the parent crazily chase their daughters on Prom night. In once scene the the parents arrive at a house they think the party is at and there is only two people in the house. Two parents having sex on their bed! hahaha. Later on in the film they re-visit this house and the parents are having blind fold sex! hehehe.

When they find the after party house the try and get in. Cena enters a Butt Chugging contest!!! hehe Butt chugging suggests that they chugg beer through their butts. This scene is laugh out loud. John Cena as Mitchell does well here, his facial expressions are hilarious.

There is chemistry between the parents and that's what makes this movie great. Lisa says that she has a special connection with her daughter and that "she grew from me" in her belly. Then Mitchel (John Cena) says "my daughter also grew from me, from my balls" HAHAHA. Now this statement is probably the funniest thing I've heard in any movie this year!

Lisa tries to excite Mitchell (John Cena) before entering another Parent's house to get Intel about where the hotel is and she asks him "Are you a team player!?" he says "Team Player? I just butt chugged beer with my asshole, I call that a Team Player" HAHAHA. John Cena is the standout of this film. The thing is he's quite a good actor and he does "uncomfortable embarrasing comedy" really well too! The parents arrive at the hotel and they each have to decide whether they will Cock Block their daughters. I won't spoil it further but the ending is sentimental but funny.

"This movie sees John Cena at his best. His portrayal of a sensitive giant of a man is laugh out loud funny. Although Cena has a short movie history, it is apparent that he excels in comedy"
Take a look at his work in the Daddy's Home Franchise. Cena and the other two parents played by Leslie Mann and Ike Barinholtz gelled well with each other. The teenage daughters and boyfriends also excelled. This may be a movie that both parents and daughters can relate too. I guess Cock Blocking your daughters was never going to be easy! Enjoy the full 1hr 42minutes.

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