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Main Cast Reviews  Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen Categories  Romance | Comedy | Drama Release Date  29th Jun 2018 7.8


A group of life long friends that belong to a book club read the popular book "50 Shades of Grey". This starts having an impact on their lives hehehe. The stellar cast includes: Diane Keaton as Diane, Jane Fonda as Vivian, Candice Bergen as Sharon, Mary Steenburgen as Carol, Andy Garcia as Mitchell, Craig T. nelson as Bruce, Don Johnson as Arthur, Ed Begley jr. as Tom, Richard Dreyfuss as George, Wallace Shawn as Dr. Derek, Alicia Silverstone as Jill, Katie Aselton as Adrianne, Mircea Monroe as Cheryl, Tommy Dewey as Chris and John Shartzer as Andrew.

Starts off with cool latin jazz music. The voice over (a woman) says that she is a member of a Book Club. This includes a judge, a hotel owner, a writer and a cook. Every month they get together to read books in their book club.

Sharon Myers (played by Candice Bergen) hates her x-husband. The women meet at a house and talk about a new book. Vivian (played by Jane Fonda) gives them copies of Christian Grey. She says "From what I hear this book is quite stimulating!" hehehe (we all know what Christian Grey was about). Dianne (played by Dianne Keaton) goes on a plane trip. She meets Mitchell (played by Andy Garcia). She trips over him. The plane moves and she grabs Mitchell's crotch!! The women read Christian Grey. Arthur (played by Don Johnson) is Vivian's love interest.

They eat ice cream and go for a walk. Judge Sharon Myers (Bergmen) still hates her ex husband. There is a funny scene where she looks at pictures of her Ex and his new woman. Carol (played by Mary Steenburgen) says to one of the girls "Have you ever been spanked?" hehehe. Carol goes to a dance lesson with her husband. The husband is clearly not having a good time hehe. The movie has consistent small laughs, it's charming.

In one of the funniest scenes in the movie a Veteranarian says "it looks like we have a lethargic pussy on our hands" HAHAHA! Mitchell turns out to be a Pilot. Dianne bumps into him. In the next bookclub Vivian talks about her love interest. Dianne talks about the Pilot. "Sex is just like riding a bicycle" one of the girls say. Another one responds "Except you ride a man" hehehe. Vivian shows off her breasts to the girls, then Carol says "That was not gods work" hehe. The girls read Christian Grey and its pretty raunchy.

This was a great idea for a movie, good plot, great characters. What a cast. The girls prepare Dianne for her date. Mitchell shows up with flowers. The girls watch him through a window. Dianne chats about her old boyfriends and they share a joke. "Are you thinking of tying me up" hehehe Carol says to her husband in her garage. Sharon joins an online dating site. She has a face mask on and the computer takes photos of her hehehe. Vivianne gives Carol Viagra to give to her husband! hehehe.

Carol talks to her husband in the front garden about having sex. Richard Dreyfuss shows up!!! (playing George) He is Judge Sharon's date. "I have the power to put you in hand cuffs!" says Sharon. Vivianne dates Arthur. "Some things stand the test of time" Arthur says, quite romantic. In another hilarious scene Richard Dreyfuss has sex with Sharon on the back of the car hahaha. He comes out of the car with lipstick all over his face with his clothes torn hahaha.

Mitchell makes love to Dianne after he flies with her in a small plane. Beautiful landscapes of desert rock formations. Sharon goes to a bar for her second date (with a nerdy short dude). She bumps into her ex and he introduces her to his ex. Carol puts viagra in his husbands drink. Her husband swerves on the road and a cop stops the car. He steps out with a boner! hehehe. The cop says "Can you drive like that?" HAHAHA! They have a fight at home because she is always forcing him to do social things. He bumps his boner against a wall and storms off into is room hehe. She apologises.

They go to another book club meeting. The conversations they have in the book club meeting are interesting. About Love, sex and life. Dianne says she has to leave the club because shes travelling. Arthur professes his love to Vivianne. But she refuses his offer.

Tom (played by Ed Begley Jr.), Sharon's Ex, invites Sharon's to his sons engagement. "Are you out of your mind" the girls say to Fonda because she dumped Arthur. She is insecure and says "He hasn't seen me naked for 20 years" hehehe. The girls give her confidence to get together with Arthur. They go to see a performance by Carol. She performs solo. The husband shows up! and peforms with her hehehe. They kiss and make up.

Vivianne meets Arthur at her house and finally kisses him. This is a very pleasant feel good movie. Most of the women in this movie are afraid to love again. Dianne finally kisses Mitchell. The "More than this" song plays in the background. The whole soundtrack to this movie is awesome.

"The 'Book Club' is a very pleasant movie but it never gets boring. It has a very easy going pace. The stand out actress was Jane Fonda. She has so much life in her"
But all the main girls are experienced actresses with big movies under their belt. You can see this in their performances. Their love interests (Andy Garcia, Don Johnson, Richard Dreyfuss and Craig T. Nelson) also put in solid performances. Hence, what a stellar cast. This movie also has some hilarious comedic scenes. This genre of movies with an older generation is getting more and more popular. What an entertaining 1hr 44min.


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