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I haven't seen a movie plot this unique in a while. In Downsizing a scientist (Dr Jorgen Asbornsen played well by Rolf Laasguard) learns how to shrink people for environmental reasons and it becomes an industry. The shrunken people even have their own mini village called "Leisure Land". Matt Damon plays Paul Safranek who gets shrunken (to 12.5cm) and then goes a whirlwind adventure, finding himself along the way. Matt Damon usually does action films but he is equally at home with light drama. Paul's wife Audrey (played wonderfully by Kristen Wiig) decides last minute that she won't go through the treatment and leaves Paul depressed, all alone in Leisure land.

There are some hilarious scenes through out the whole movie. When the shrunken people chat to the normal size people (e.g. going to dinner) it's laugh out loud funny. When Paul awakens after the procedure they give him a biscuit except the biscuit is massive (full real size), the nurse was joking around hahaha. Through out the movie people keep on mispronouncing Paul's last name as "Safronic" and this ticks him off hahaha.

Paul becomes friend's with Dusan his neighbour (hilariously played by Christophe Waltz). Paul meets Dusan's asian cleaner (Ngok Lan Tran played by Hong Chau). Most of Paul's interaction with Dusan and Ngok Lan Tran is funny. Paul, who was a work safety supervisor in the big world, accidentally break's Ngok's prosthetic foot whilst trying to fix it. He then is forced to join her cleaning team because she can't work! Paul later falls for Ngok.

Duran wants to go to Norway on his boat. On their voyage they meet the original scientist that invented shrinking. He has some bad news; it's going to be the end of the world due to environmental reasons. The scientist and his community of shrunken people have created a volt underground place that would survive such a catastrophe. Paul must decide to stay back or join them in the Vault. In one of the funniest scenes in the whole movie when Paul has to decide whether to stay or go, Ngok asks Paul "What kind of a F* you give me?... pitty F*, love F*, sex F*" hehehe. Paul doesn't end up going into the Vault and then replies to her "It was a love F*!" hahaha.

This movie has a lot of twists and turns and I love the way that new characters join in along the way. It is an odyssey type movie where the character learns about themselves. Damon is now excelling in light comedy/drama movies. Well worth the 2hrs 15min

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