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Anastasia (played by the quirky and beautiful Dakota Johnson) and Christian (played well by Jamie Dornan) hire a security team after a stalker situation. She then says she wants to have kids. Christian says maybe one day. Christian buys a country house for them both and surprises Anastasia. The two drive to their home in a cool car. The care taker of the house is a blonde woman "Kate" (played by the stunning Eloise Mumford) who also likes Christian. Anastasia shows her tough side and says "Please stop speaking to my husband like as if I wasn't here". Anastasia has changed a lot since being the shy girl in the first movie of the series.

She drives Christian's car back to the city. Cool driving skills shown here, great handling and evasive driving. They then have sex in the car hehehe. Back at home and it's the morning "Goodmorning wife"... "Good morning husband". I must say the chemistry between these two actors is electric, it's the reason why this series lasted so long. Later on in the day Anastasia gets assaulted at home by an intruder, it's Jack Hide, a previous lover. He escapes. They then relax and they go into the infamous "red room".

Christian takes her on a trip with her friends. Christian plays piano and sings (off key) which is funny. They make love on the table and play with a jar of honey. He takes her to the red room again. These guys can't stop making love! They identify the stalker. They have an argument because he's not happy about the upcoming baby.

The rest of the movie deals with Jack the stalker. After it all gets resolved Christian and Anna recall their good times together. These scenes are fun. You then see them having a picnic with their child and she's pregnant with another.

"The best part about this series is the chemistry between Anastasia and Christian. This was evident with their first encounter in the first movie"
This series goes to show that a relationship can be sensual and lustful even after the first year. A fitting end to a great series. Enjoy the full 1hr 45min.

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