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Main Cast Reviews  Will Ferrell, John C. reilly, Lauren Lapkus Categories  Comedy | Crime | Adventure Release Date  25th Dec 2018 N/A


Will Ferrell plays Sherlock Holmes and John C. reilly plays Dr Watson in this humorous take on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic mystery books. The supporting cast includes: Lauren Lapkus as Millie, Kelly Macdonald as Mrs. Hudson, Rebecca Hall as Dr. Grace Hart, Ralph Fiennes as Moriarty, Noah Jupe as Doxy, Steve Coogan as Gustav Klinger, Hugh Laurie as Mycroft, Pam Ferris as Queen Victoria, Rob Brydon as Inspector Lestrade, Bella Ramsey as Flotsam, Adam Scherr as Wrestler, Bronson Webb as Jonathan Nightingale and Michael Culkin as Judge Over.

The movie starts off with a quote by a famous writer. Watson (played by John C. Reilly) is going to jump off a building and Sherlock Holmes (played by Sherlock Holmes) tries to talk him out of it. Watson still jumps but he lands on a giant vegetable (grown by Holmes) hehe.

Moriarty (played by Ralph Fiennes) is on trial. Back at home Watson and Holmes are waving around bats trying to kill a mosquito that has escaped (it was infected with an african plague) hehe. This is a hilarious scene, Will Ferrel and Watson at his best. Holmes hits a bee hive in a glass case and the bees escape! They attack holmes and watson hehe.

Holmes and Watson just make in time as the court case is about to adjourn. This is a very funny scene. He says Moriarty is an imposter and the court lets him go. The lawyers are angry. Back at their home office Watson is writing his memoirs, Holmes nearly sets them on fire accidentally hehe.

Their secretary (Hudsen) is fooling around with a man in the bedroom of their office hehe. They get a letter from the Queen. There has been a murder, a naked dead man has been found inside a big cake! hehe. The queen gives Holmes and Watson the task of solving the case.

They go to the morgue and Holmes vomits (several times) hehe.They meet a doctor and an assistant (both girls). Watson makes love to the doctor and after they finish there are funny dialogue scenes. They both go home. Watson dreams of the doctor (played by the beautiful Rebecca Hall).

Holmes dreams of the assistant (played by the gorgeous Kelly Macdonald). Holmes drugs watson for a scientific experiment. "The fact that you survived the poison means that the victim was a weak man" HAHAHA! This could be the funniest dialogue in the movie.

You truly can't believe the silliness of Holmes! He goes undercover with a big moustache and Watson doesn't recognise him! Holmes rips his moustache off and he says "Why Holmes I never left!" HAHAHA. Watson goes undercover as a horse shit salesmen HAHAHA. They also go drinking and get drunk.

Then they go into a gym, following some tatoo artists. They meet a one armed tatoo artist (Gustav Klinger) and Moriarty. Moriarty says that they have fallen for his trap and he says that he should fight one of his fighters (a mammoth of a man).

I like the pre-fight analysis that Holmes does (a sendup of the modern Sherlock Holmes movies with Robert Downey Jr.). Watson defeats the big fighter. Watson was asked about who wants to make an attempt for the Queens life. Moriarty stabs the one armed man in the back before he speaks the truth to Watson. Holmes rips the moustache off Moriarty and says "It's not Moriarty but an imposter" hehe.

Back at home the queen visits him. They take a "selfie" with a big old camera hehe. But Holmes and Watson drops the camera and accidentally knocks the queen out cold! The guards wonder if she's ok and Holmes and Watson make her talk by moving her mouth haha.

Sherlock visits his mind reading brother. His brother says the criminal mastermind behind all this is someone close. Holmes suspects Watson and he implies him and the police arrest Watson! Holmes sings a musical number, he's sad that he put Watson in prison. Holmes now thinks it's Hudsen, their assistant. He found out that she is the daughter of Moriarty. Watson is tied to a gear by Hudsen.

Holmes unties him. They have to save the queen who is on the Titanic from a dynamite blast that might occur. Watson runs through the crowd, pushes everyone over in a comedic way and throws the dynamite overboard hehe.

The Queen congratulates them. I really like this version of the Queen (played by Pam Ferris) because she is both regal and silly. "Look, watson! it's Billy Zane" HAHAHA! (he was an actor in the original Titanic movie). Moriarty is in america, he receives a telegram of the success of Holmes and Watson, he doesn't look pleased.

"This movie is silly funny and it works. The combination of Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly is dynamic hehe. Their comedic chemistry is undeniable! Their scenes sometimes caused side splitting laughter"
The side characters (Doctor Grace, Mrs Hudson, Gustav Klinger, Inspector Lestrade) were memorable. The villain Moriarty looked like he belonged in a serious movie which made him kind of funny. What a great comedy! Enjoy the hilarious 1hr 30min.


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