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Main Cast Reviews  Amy Schumer, Michelle Williams, Tom Hopper Categories  Comedy | Romance | Business 8.2


A woman (Renee Bennett played by Amy Schumer) who is insecure about the way she looks and has a lack of confidence gets into a gym accident. After she wakes up she has a new frame of mind and believes she is extremely beautiful and things start working out for her. Will her luck change once she realises that her looks never changed?

This movie truly has a stellar cast of familiar faces: the beautiful Michelle Williams as Avery LeClaire, Tom Hopper as Grant LeClaire, Rory Scovel as Ethan, the hilarious Adrian Martinez as Mason, Emily Ratajkowski as Mallory, Aidy Bryant as Vivian, the reliable and gorgeous Busy Philipps as Jane, the beautiful and timeless Lauren Hutton as Lily LeClaire, the stunning Naomi Campbell as Helen, Sasheer Zamata as Tasha, Caroline Day as Jenn, Gia Crovatin as Sasha, Olivia Culpo as Hope and Kyle Grooms as Lyle.

In the beginning Renee goes to a gym to a cycle class and asks for "extra wide" cycle shoes. The attendant responds "We had a fireman come in once, maybe you match his feet". She then has an accident and the seat comes off. She goes to a clothes store "You could probably find your size online". A baby cries at her. She definitely doesn't feel pretty and the audience feels for her. Amy Schumer acts really well during these scenes, she conveys emotions well.

Renee works in a mini secluded IT office of a Cosmetics Firm. Adrian Martinez plays Mason, the server guy and it's just the two of them in the tiny office hahaha. She wants conversation out of him and he says "I had sex last night... by myself" hehehe. "I spilt salad dressing on mysef" Mason says whilst just wearing boxer shorts.

Mason says the server is down and that she needs to send paperwork to the main office. She doesn't want to go but Mason asks her to repeat "I am brave, I am blonde and I got this!". In another scene Renee visits the small IT office and Mason is in the toilet.. "Go please go..." he says hehehe. Adrian Martinez is fast becoming a favourite actor of mine. He was also memorable in Focus with Will Smith. He does awkward rude humour but he has a sentimental side.

Then she goes to the Gym and gets into another accident. This time she hits her head. She wakes up and thinks her body is hot. Then she looks in the mirror and thinks she's beautiful, perhaps it's a spell. She thinks men are paying her attention. She thinks her friends won't recognise her!

She meets a man, Ethan, at the Dry Cleaners "What's your number" (he meant ticket number). She asks him for his phone and she enters her number, he's pleasantly surprised. She finds out the Receptionist role at the Lily LeClaire main office is open and she ends up getting it. Things start working out for her.

At Lily LeClaire she meets the owner Avery Le Claire. Michelle Williams is great as Avery and is almost unrecognisable! She is thin with a softly spoken voice and appears to be not that bright. Michelle creates something unique here, sometimes her character is hilarious!

In one of the funniest scenes in the movie Ethan and her go to a Bar with a Bikini Contest full of fit beautiful women. Renee gets on Stage, she gets on the Mic and works the crowd. She starts dancing to music too. hahaha! She puts a jug of water all over herself! She also goes out and tries to help her friends pick up men.

She has another accident and then she's back to her old self. She has no confidence in life anymore. This part of the film is quite sad but we knew it was coming. She goes to the Gym trying to recreate the fall. She sees a friend there crying that she got dumped. It makes her feel better. Her friend goes for a modelling contract at LeClaire.

There is a launch night. Avery LeClaire is presenting, she's awkwardly funny. Renee takes over the launch. She tries to crash through the glass wall but she fails! Three times! hahaha this is comedy! But she does a good speech talking about confidence "This line of products won't change your life but this line is there for women who want to make that change".

This movie is all about confidence. It has several good messages not only for women but for anybody that suffers from self esteem issues. The Supporting cast did a fantastic job. It was a delight to see them popup again during the movie. Some of the supporting cast was very experienced like Lauren Hutton, Busy Philipps and Michelle Williams (even Naomi Campbell shows up). Adrian Martinez is now a great character actor. It never feels like these side characteres are chewing time either, you yearn to see more scenes with them. Busy and Michelle should be in more features. They both have screen presence.

Amy Schumer once again proves that she can lead a movie. She is perfect for comedies but she is equally at home doing scenes were she is sad and depressed. She proves her versatility in this film"

"The plot of I Feel Pretty was awesome because the protagonist doesn't actually undergo any physical changes. This drives the message home that confidence is within you, that it's a state of mind"
What a great message and what a great movie. Enjoy the full 1hr 50min.


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