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Main Cast Reviews  Rowan Atkinson, Olga Kurylenko, Emma Thompson Categories  Comedy | Action Release Date  14th Sep 2018 7.8


Johnny English (played by the hilarious Rowan Atkinson) is now teaching at a school. He teaches his students his old school spy techniques hehe. A cyber-attack reveals the identity of all undercover agents in Britain. The Prime Minister suggests that they need some agents to come out of retirement. Johnny English and his assistant come out of retirement to find the hacker responsible. The cast includes: Olga Kurylenko as Ophelia, Emma Thompson as Prime Minister, Jake Lacy as Jason, Charles Dance as Agent Seven, Ben Miller as Bough, Miranda Hennessy as Tara, Adam James as Pegasus, Pippa Bennett-warner as Lesley, Irena Tyshyna as Viola Lynch, Adam Greaves-neal as Tomlinson, James Eeles as Cafe Woker, David Mumeni as Fabian, Pino Maiello as French President and Peter Singh as Officer Kohli.

I'll start off by saying that this movie is almost a laugh per minute! This is incredible and very rare these days. We hear intriguing mysterious music. Great suspensful track. There is a cyber attack in the offices of the British Intelligence. A hacker has gotten the names of all the operatives. The Prime Minister (played well by Emma Thompson) suggests to bring back old operatives to solve the situation. Johnny English is now teaching at a school. He receives a letter from the intelligence agency. He gets invited to a meeting.

In the first hilarious scene some senior intelligence officers give him a special pen that disperses gas as a gift hehehe. He accidentally opens the top of the pen and it falls in a coffee cup. He has to find which coffee cup it was in so he can dispose of the pen gas device. He throws it out the window but it bounces back into the room. Johnny English closes the door and walks out to meet another intelligence officer. The gas is let out and the senior intelligence officers faint HAHAHA. This is typical of the many hilarious scenes in this movie.

They prepare Johnny English for his mission. His jacket gets caught in the jumper of his assistant agent. This is very silly, simple comedy, but it causes raucous laughter. Great opening, best of this year's comedy movies. His mission is to find the person who stole the operative names.

Johnny English pretends to be a waiter at a fancy restaurant. His antics at the restaurant were hilarious HAHAHA! He pours wine accidentally in a candle holder, lobsters accidentally fall on the floor etc. He also starts a big fire. The prime minister wants to be friends with an Internet tycoon because she feels he can assist in the mission. English and the 2nd operative climb aboard a yacht hahaha.

Johnny English and his assistant try and sneak on to a boat from the sea. Olga Korilenka plays Ophelia, she plays a beautiful spy. She is on the boat and can plainly see those two trying to get on hehehe. Johnny English says good bye to her seductively and then tries to jump off the boat. He lands on a second level, not the sea HAHAHA!

They tail her car later. This scene is truly reminiscent of a James Bond movie. The two cars stop and they chat to each other through the window. "My name is Colin" says the assistant. "My name is Basil Golightly" Johnny English says... then later he forgets his name. I laughed hard!

The Prime Minister hires the Internet Tycoon (Jason) to fix a traffic light problem. Johnny English meets the beautiful spy Ophelia, she is delightfull. English orders his drink. English opens his door and knocks Ophelia down hehe. She was trying to kill him.

There is a scene in a night club. Johnny English dancing is too much! He dances all night and is the only one left at the end of the night! Johnny English believes that Jason the geek is responsible.

They tell english that he should use 3D glasses virtual technology to examine Jason's lare. But he leaves the building with his 3D glasses and you know what is going to happen next! Johnny English bashes people over the head in the real world thinking he's still in the virtual word HA! He beats a man with his shoe on a bus HAHA! After Johnny English leaves the scene of the crime the police arrive and interrogate the horrified passengers HAHAHA!

Then he really goes into Jason's house. He meets Ophelia. She points a gun to him and says she's a spy. Jason cuffs Johnny English and his dogs chase his assistant out. He runs away and he enters a car (an L driver! hahaha). She drives well, English has control of the pedals and she takes the wheel! What a cool scene.

Johnny English talks to the Prime Minister, she is very upset and she raises her voice (Great acting by Emma Thompson). Johnny English thinks it's Jason, he doesn't buy it. Jason is in a castle, he wants to dispose of Ophelia. Johnny English arrives but his back pack wires get stuck and he falls! He saves her. The ending is quite funny too but I won't give you the details.

"Quite simply, a laugh per minute. Outstanding comedy. Rowan Atkinson gets better and better. Each Johnny English movie funnier than the previous one which is hard to achieve"
The writers of this movie really went to town with the hilarious comedy. One of the funniest movies of the year. What a raucous 1hr 28min!


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