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Main Cast Reviews  Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill, Ving Rhames Categories  Action | Adventure Release Date  26th Jul 2018 8.4

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Tom Cruise is back with even more impressive stunt work and action scenes! After an IMF mission ends badly, there are consequences. Ethan Hunt (played by Tom Cruise) takes it upon himself to fulfill his original mission. But the CIA begins to question his loyalty and motives. Fallout has an impressive cast: Henry Cavill as August Walker, Ving Rhames as Luther Stickell Simon Pegg as Benji Dunn, the beautiful Rebecca Ferguson as Ilsa Faust, Sean Harris as Solomon Lane, Angela Bassett as Erica Sloan, the stunning Vanessa Kirby as White Widow, Michelle Monaghan as Julia Meade-Hunt Wes Bentley as Patrick, Frederick Schmidt as Zola, Alec Baldwin as Alan Hunley, Liang Yang as Lark Decoy Kristoffer Joner as Nils Debruuk and Wolf Blitzer as Wolf Blitzer. In most installments of the mission impossible franchise some of the IMF team from the previous movies is retained. This is great because it helps the continuity from film to film. You also grow to love some of these side characters. My favourite of these is the stunning operative Ilsa Faust played by Rebecca Ferguson.

Starts off with a great musical number, with a fast beating drum beat, it creates suspense. Ethan is in Belfast. A man knocks on his door and gives him a package after Ethan responds to a password riddle. Ethan views his mission on a projection on the wall (from a folder like the original series). He has to stop a group called "The Apostles" from destroying the World Order, they are also anti-religion. They are lead by John Lark and know one knows what he looks like.

Ethan and the IMF team try and buy plutonium from some men. The transaction fails and bullets are fired. Then there are attacks in Rome and other cities. They interogate an operative who thinks he's in hospital but in fact its all fake. The walls are hollograms and nurses are fake. You find out their all in an old building with the IMF team observing. It's a very cool innovative scene. Benji had one of those special mission impossible masks on which he takes off. The tied up operative is scared and confused hehehe. Then the Mission Impossible title sequence commences!

The operative ends up telling him the truth and they get what they need. Allan Hunley (the chief of the IMF played by the brilliant Alec Baldwin) gives Ethan his orders. Then the CIA arrives; Chief Erica Sloane (played by the experienced Angela Basset) and the operative August Walker (played by the talented Henry Cavill).

Ethan gets in a plane with Cavill and they both jump out in Paris with parachutes as part of their mission. Tom Cruise of course does his own stunt work here and it is exhilerating to watch. Walker has trouble with his parachute and Ethan helps him out mid air, wow. They land on a building that is having a dance party hehe.

They go to the toilet because they need to have a conversation with a man (spy) they've tailed. They beat up the spy real good because they want to scan his face. The laptop is broken though and the scanning process doesn't work. The spy (of asian background in a suit) regains consciousness, he's a great fighter. Awesome hand to hand combat; mixed martial arts with some heavy body shots.

Of the three fighters, Henry Cavill excels. His boxing technique and strength are second to none. His power shots to the body are brutal. Ethan throws the spy through a mirror! He lands on the other side of the toilet. Ethan and the spy engage in some great martial arts. Great choreography.

Ethan pretends to be John Lark and chats to a beautiful girl (The White Widow played by the beautiful Vanessa Kirby) who makes a speech. She is a stunning blonde. Ethan beats some people up that are after the girl in that dinner hall. The brother of the girl has a plan. Walker thinks Hunt is John Lark. He wants to investigate more so he joins Ethan on his next mission. Ethan and Walker have to track the prisoner Solomon Lane (played by Sean Harris).

In a brilliant scene, the truck that Ethan and Walker are in rams into the vehicle containing John Lark and it falls into the water. They take out Lark and abduct him. Walker and Ethan get chased by the police. They get in the car with Luther who has Lark captive.

A cop sees them and White Widow's men are also near by. The men aim at Ethan, they want a meeting with him. The men shoot the cop but Ethan shoots them all. Then Ilsa Faust chases after them on her bike. She looks so cool riding. They interrogate Lark in a building.

The White Widow talks to Ethan, she thinks Ilsa killed them. She kisses Hunt. She is beautiful, stunning. These Mission Impossible girls are getting hotter and hotter! Ethan has a meeting with MI5 girl. He wants her to stop being a part of this. She refuses. The team have a meeting with IMF chief, Alan.

The chief says that Walker has been hired to take him down should he go rogue. Walker says no hard feelings. But Ethan doesn't like his Chief's plan and gives him a sedative. Ethan leaves and walker stays behind interoggating prisoner. But the prisoner is Benji in a mask! The Chief points a gun at Walker. Walker knifes the chief, he passes on.

Then there is a foot chase between the men and Ethan. He gets guided by Benji to find someone. One of the best stunt sequences I've ever seen is when Ethan jumps from one building to another. It was done with wires in real life but Tom really injured himself here. I can see some real footage of how he did it on Youtube. Walker leaves with prisoner in a helicopter.

The rest of the team figure out how to dismantle the plutonium devices. They removed a tracker device from Lane. But they put their own tracker on him hehe. There is a lot of double crossing in this movie. You have to pay attention to keep track. The team goes overseas to find the devices. Luther tries to disarm it, but walker turns the detonator on.

Ethan chases Walker who is in a helicopter. Ethan hangs on a rope. Great scenes. Suspenseful. He punches the helicopter pilots and now he controls it. He tries to drop the load of cargo on to Walkers helicopter. He misses. Walker shoots machine gun fire at Ethan. It looks cool, red fire blasts going everywhere. Two helicopters going to battle.

They are in mountains with snow, it looks good. Isla fights Lane and saves Benji. We find out that Benji can fight hehe. The two helicopters land in a crevice. Two leave the helicopters before they crash down. A big hand to hand combat scene commences. They hang on a rope on the ledge. Ethan pulls the rope and the helicopter lands on Walker. Not a nice way to go. The rest of the film is about Ethan trying to find the detonator and turn the bombs off.

"Tom Cruise's bike work, his leaping from building to building, the fact that he actually knows how to fly a helicopter, it's unreal and impressive"
I think Henry Cavill also deserves praise, his hand to hand combat is awesome. His character is very different from his Superman presence. The IMF team did great. Simon Pegg did some hand to hand combat hehehe. Ving Rhames was as charming and funny as usual. Alec Baldwin brings an authenticity to his role as the chief.

The female leads in ths film (Rebecca Ferguson, Angel Basset, Vanessa Kirby and Michelle Monaghan) were stunning and they provided some great dialogue in some tense scenes. Rebecca Ferguson has that action girl look about her. She has a cool strong presence. She could carry an action movie on her own now.

There is a lot of double crossing in this film, sometimes it gets intense and funny hehehe. You don't know what's going happen and that draws you in. What a great action masterpiece. Enjoy the thrilling 2hrs 20min.


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