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Main Cast Reviews  Anna Farris, Eugenio Derbez, Eva Longoria Categories  Comedy | Romance Release Date  4th May 2018 8.1

Anna Farris is back! Her brand of silly comedy has been sorely missed! Anna's facial expressions and comedic disposition have always make me laugh. Not to mention the fact that she is also quite beautiful. This movie is a remake of a 1987 comedy with the same name. A wealthy/selfish yacht owner accidentally goes overboard and forgets who he is. One of his ex employees (Anna Farris as Kate) who he never treated well pretends to be his wife. To complicate things even further, she has kids. The wealthy man, Leonardo, is played by the funny and talented Eugenio Derbez.

What a great supporting cast: Eva Longoria as Theresa, Emily Maddison as Amanda, Josh Segarra as Jason, John Hannah as Colin, Hannah Nordberg as Emily, Swoosie Kurtz as Grace, Mel Rodriguez as Bobby, Cecilia Suarez as Magdalena, Celeste Ziegler as Gorgeous Woman, Garry Chalk as Dr. Fletcher, Stephi Chin-Salvo as Stunning Woman, Mariana Trevino as Sofia, Nils Hognestad as First Mate, Toby Hargrave as Local Boat Mechanic, Cynthia Mendez as Lucia and Eric Keenleyside as Elk Cove Sheriff. I can say that some of this supporting cast did an outstanding job in this movie. Even though Eugenio and Anna were the stars, it felt like an ensemble cast movie sometimes. Eva Longoria (as Theresa) and Mel Rodriguez (as Bobby) were the standouts.

A play boy latino millionaire (Leonardo played excellently by Eugenio Derbez) is on jet ski's surrounded by beautiful women. Then we see a woman (Kate played by Anna Farris) working for a mexican restaurant. She studies nursing on a playback phone app. In another scene, there is an old man sick in his bed waiting for his son (that play boy millionaire) to visit.

The girl has two daughters and can't rely on her mother anymore. Her new job is to clean carpets for the latino millionaire (his family owns the biggest billing company in the world). She meets him and accidentally sees his speedy gonzales tattoo on his butt hehehe. He is rude and says to her "what animal do people say your face looks like?" HAHAHA. But he wants to fire her because she is being cheeky and rude. He throws her overboard without paying her. He also throws her equipment overboard.

The equipment is expensive. She needs to pay it back. Leonardo is with a lady and goes upstairs to get more condoms hehehe. The boat experiences turbulent waters and he gets thrown overboard. He washes up on a beach, he forgets everything. He doesn't even know his own name.

This movie has some hilarious scenes mixed in with light comedy. Leonardo is at a hospital and says "I want a pretty nurse". The doctor says "She is the pretty one" HAHAHA. His sister doesn't want him back and she pretends not to know him. Theresa, a friend of Kate, suggests that Kate should pretend to be Leonardo's wife to get him back for what he did. Kate then brings fake ID documents and proves that she is his wife. He doesn't believe her until finally, she reveals that he has a little mouse tattoo on his right butt cheek hahaha!

They go home and meet her girls. She says that he was sterile thats why his kids dont look like him hehe. Eugenio tries to escape but she finds him fleeing outside and calls him back. She says that he was an alcoholic and part of the rehabilitation plan is that he shouldn't sleep her hehe. This movie is easy to follow as it has an awesome simple story line.

The sister puts fake BBQ ashes into a flask to make it seems like there Leonaro's ashes. The sick father says "why does my son smell like Carne Asada (roast beef)?". HAHAHA! That's the funniest line in the movie I think. Kate fakes that Leonardo worked in construction. So he gets his "old job" back. He comes back really tired from work.

Aside from the comedy there are some great sentimental moments in this movie. He makes pasta sauce for his daughters and they say it's really tasty. He's a good husband. He says to his coworkers that he feels odd. That he looks at that rich man that they are building a pool for and feels he wants to live his life. The old man worker slaps him in the face and says to "act like a man" and to look after his little girls hehe.

He gets a gift for the girls and mango icecream for his wife. It's a touching moment. He wants to teach his daughter how to ride a bike. He watches football with them. Kate tells her daughter off for wanting to go out by herself. He says that she dealt a "low blow" (said in a funny low voice) to her daughter. He also packages the lunches for a week. He cuts himself, Kate cures it. Another great moment.

"There is chemistry between Anna (Kate) and Eugenio (Leonardo). This drives the movie, you want to see them together"
The two have dinner then a fun night out and dance. She kisses him. They go home, "Was it always this good" he says after making love to her hehehe.

A bystander takes a photo of Leonardo and tweets it. The family of Leonardo sees the photo. His father and family visit him explaining who he is. He realises that shes not his wife (that she's a carpet cleaner) that she tricked him. She says "I'm sorry". The girls go after him, it's a very sad moment. Back on the boat, the latino family has a fight because they want Leonardo to go back to mexico. I won't go into the rest of the film but this was a very charming and hilarious movie.

The original overboard with Kurt Rusell and Goldie Hawn had plenty of heart. So too this version. What this movie has above all else is some hilarious laugh out loud moments. It's one of my favourite movies of the year actually. It's one of my favourite movies of the year actually. Perhaps it's Eugenio Derbez's charm and Anna Farris's silliness that makes this a very memorable movie for me. Enjoy the full 1hr 52min.

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