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Beca (played by the beautiful Anna Kendrick ) and the Bellas ( Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy, Brittany Snow as Chloe, Anna Camp as Aubrey, the stunning Hailee Steinfeld as Emily, Ester Dean as Cynthia, Hana Mae Lee as Lilly Kelley Jakle as Jessica, Shelley Regner as Ashley, Chrissie Fit as Flo ) are back for another installment of Pitch Perfect. The media team that follows the singing competitions is also back; Gail (played by Elizabeth Banks ) and John (played by John Michael Higgins ). Joining the cast are: John Lithgow playing Fat Amy's dad who ends up being the villain, Calamity the leader of Evermoist Band (played by the beautiful Ruby Rose) and Dj Khaled playing himself a music producer. The girls re-unite for an international music competition starting in Spain. Things get interesting when Fat Amy's dad shows up.

"Some of the more memorable scenes involve Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy. In the beginning of the movie we find Fat Amy performing solo in a theatrical show called 'Fat Amy Winehouse' (she looked ridiculous)"
There is a competing band called "Evermoist" (led by Calamity played by Ruby Rose) HAHAHA! Fat Amy says "What kind of name is Evermoist! My bum crack is dry hand me some evermoist towels" hehehe. Fat Amy says to Aubry "We're like sisters Audry, it is Audry isn't it?" hehehe. In the final scenes Fat Amy ends up taking on the villain's henchman. Fat Amy is flexible and her fighting techniques are fast and funny. e.g. her kicks are funny and she uses sausages as nunchukus!

The musical numbers are expertly sung, I assume it's the actual actresses singing here. The outfits worn were also creative. Sometimes the girls do Acapella and these numbers sound even better. Dj Khaled wants only Beca to be a part of a new record. So the final scene involves Beca singing by herself and then pulling up the Bella's from the crowd one by one to join her. This scene was choreagraphed well.

The finale is memorable. The bellas get into a Limo and then they get abducted by Fat Amy's dad. The music is great for these scenes, very James Bondesque. Fat Amy's fighting and Beca's smarts save the day. The girls end up buying time and sining a final number (hehehe) then they escape while the boat catches on fire. These action packed scenes set this installment of Pitch Perfect apart from the previous movies. The simplistic plot and various humourous scenes makes this movie easy to watch. Enjoy the full 1hr 33min.

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Pitch Perfect 3

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