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Main Cast Reviews  Channing Tatum, James Corden, zendaya Categories  Animation | Comedy Release Date  28th Sep 2018 6.5


In the reverse of the Big Foot Legend, a Yeti is 100% sure that the creatures known as "smallfoot" (humans) really exists. The voice over artists include: Channing Tatum as Migo, James Corden as Percy, zendaya as Meechee, common as Stonekeeper, Lebron James as Stonekeeper, Danny Devito as Dorgle Gina Rodriguez as Kolka, Yara Shahidi as Brenda, Ely Henry as Fleem, Jimmy Tatro as Thorp, Patricia Heaton as Mama Bear, Justin Roiland as Garry, Jack Quaid as Pilot, Sarah Baker as Soozie's Mom and Kelly Holden bashar as Additional Voices.

We see a picturesque view of snowy mountains. We see Yeti's (big foots). It is explained that there are special stones that teach them how to live. One Yeti (Dorgle) rings a gong by catapulting himself into it. The gong signifies that it's the morning, time to get up. This movie is an aniamated musical. From the get go, the landscapes are interesting and well designed.

The ice from the mountains gets worked by them and gets stored. The son of Dorgle (Migo) wants to learn how to catapult himself and strike the bong. Suddenly, Migo sees a plane coming. They call humans "small foot". A human comes out of the plane. the son meets the human and the human is scared and shouts. There are many small jokes in this movie, you have to pay attention. The human runs away and Migo tries to prove he saw a small foot to the other villagers.

The stone keeper and villagers don't like the fact that he says that he saw a small foot. The stone keeper wants to banish him from the kingdom of Yeti's. The Yet's/big foots are well designed. The human who crashed his plane walks into the human village down below and tells people he saw a Yeti. Migo is now banished and he then meets some other banished big foots on the outskirts of the village. These outcasts are part of a society that questions the stones.

They show Migo some items they found from the crash landing; a human jacket, ski, toilet paper (they call it a scroll hehehe). The outcasts want to go down below "Are u crazy?" says Migo. The other outcast replies "don't call me crazy" and another replies "never call a crazy man crazy" hehehe it's a funny scene. Once again the snowy landscapes are beautiful. The sing a song; "A life thats full of wonder is a wonderfull life".

They tie a rope around Migo and allow him to go down. But a guard sees them and they accidentally drop the rope and Migo falls. He falls all the way down. Meanwhile in the human village a reporter (Percy) wants to fake that he saw a Yeti to create a big news story. He bought a Yeti suit from town. Next song is David Bowie's "Under pressure" sung by Percy hehe. There is a goat nearby that is hilarious (great funny character design). The goat screams like a girl hahaha.

Percy goes outside of a bar and encounters the real Yeti. He thinks that this real Yeti is Brenda (his assistant) in a suit hehehe. He tries to make a video of the encounter. Now he realises that it's a real Yeti! "It's a Yeeeeeti, it's a Yeeeeeeti". Percy accidentally tranquilizes himself. Migo takes the reporter back home so as to prove that small foots exist.

Migo passes a cave and they get in trouble with a bear. Migo accidentally puts his foot in a trap. Percy helps him free. They arrive at the Yeti village. He shows the outcasts the small foot (human). The villagers then doubt the stones. Migo and the Outcasts introduce the small foot to the village.

The stone keeper wants to see Migo. He takes Migo to his lare. The stone keeper raps hip hop, it's hilarious! HAHAHA. He tells Migo the real story about Yeti's. How they were chased up the moutain by humans with spears. The mountain clouds are made by a machine using steam. The stone keeper says the stones are good lies told to keep the villagers stable and content.

Migo and the Stonekeeper want to lie to the other Yeti's about the existence of small foot. The villagers get confused. They want to bring the small foot back to it's village. Percy's secretly makes a video and it gets broadcast all over the news. The cops chase the Yeti's.

The Yeti's are on the run. A helicopter tails them. The cops have snow mobiles, they look cool. Percy gets into the fake yeti suit and fools the cops and other reporters. The Yeti's go home anf tell the villagers the truth. All the Yeti's then jump to the level below. They want to reach out to the small foots (humans). Finally the Big Foots and Small Foots can live in peace. What a great ending.

"This movie has a great setting and a captivating and interesting story line. We all know what a "big foot" is and I guess this movie is an interesting take on the legend of their existence"
Channing Tatum was great as the lead (Migo), the character had plenty of heart. Danny Devito (voice of Dorgle) is very funny, he should get involved in more animated films! The comedy was great but I also enjoyed some of the more sentimental moments. Enjoy the full 1hr 36min.


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