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Main Cast Reviews  Greg Cipes, Scott Menville, Khary Payton Categories  Animation | Comedy Release Date  15th Aug 2018 7.5


Five teenage super heroes dream of Hollywood stardom. To get famous they need an arch nemisis. They find their arch nemisis and work with a hollywood studio but not everything is how it seems. What a great voice cast: Greg Cipes as Beast Boy, Scott Menville as Robin, Khary Payton as Cyborg, Tara Strong as Raven, Hynden Walch as Starfire, Will Arnett as Slade, Kristen Bell as Jade Wilson, Eric Bauza as Aquaman / Stan Lee's Assistant, Michael Bolton as Tiger, Kal-el Cage as Young Bruce Wayne (voice), Nicolas Cage as Superman, Joey Cappabianca as Plastic Man, Greg Davies as Balloon Man, John Dimaggio as Guard / Synth Skate Voice, halsey as Wonder Woman.

The animation of this movie is plain 2D. The characters are drawn with silliness in mind. The movie starts off with people having fun in the city streets. The people are funny to look at. Then a huge pink inflated robot villain attacks the streets. The cops fire at him but it doesn't make a difference. Then the super heroes arrive. They fire at the villain and he starts deflating from a hole his back side hahaha. The Teen Titans explain who they are to the villain via an annoying rap song hehe.

Then the real super heroes show up, Superman/Green Lantern/Wonder Woman and they tell the Teen Titans they are a joke. But the teen titans want Hollywood stardom. They go to a movie premier of Batman. The next scene was the funniest thing I've seen in years. "Coming to a movie near you... 'Alfred'" hahaha. As in Alfred, Batman's Butler. Then you see Alfred fighting with a duster hahahah. That cracked me up. Robin from the Teen Titans is sad that no movies have been made about him.

The team realise that they need an arch nemisis to make it to the big time. Then there is a sudden crime report. They track the criminal. It's "Slade". The Teen Titans like his name. They say that It sounds dramatic when you say it! "Slaaaaaaade". Which is what they want in an arch nemisis. Slade thinks they are a joke, their not ready for him. To prove how powerful he is Slade does the stupid wobbly pencil trick and the detached thumb trick and it's hiarious HAHAHA.

The Teen Titans sing a song to cheer up Robin called "Upbeat". Then they get into a car to drive to the studios. As the song is playing they run over the singer of "Upbeat" with their car HAHAHA! Hilarious. Teen Titans open a portal to the studio and sneak in. Robin sings a song about himself. The hollywood producer says that the only way they're going to do a movie about Robin is if there were no other super heroes.

So they go back in time to the origins of each of the main super heroes. The "Take on Me" song is played. They fiddle with Superman's Dad's crystals to stop the destruction of Krypton there by not sending Superman to earth. They do this to Batman, Superman and a few other super heroes. Then they go back to the future but it's overrun by villains! They go back to the past and undo what they did. These time traveling scenes are cool.

Their last chance is to make Slade their Arch Nemesis. They track Slade. They fight him. It's very impressive fighting sequence. They combine there super powers. Robin nearly defeats Slade. Slade agrees that he would be a good arch nemesis but tells Robin that he needs to let him go most of the time. Then the hollywood producer invites them to the studio. She is giving Robin his own movie!

They go to the movie set. The Teen Titans all poop in the prop toilet hahha. The Producer says that she wants to make a movie just about "Robin" by himself. He agrees but the Teen Titans get sad and leave. Suddenly the producer locks up Robin's arms. The producer takes her mask off, it's really Slade!!! Robin has small hands hehhe and escapes! The titans come back. They need to defeat Slade.

Slade programs the other Super Heroes to go up against Robin. The teen titans battle them. Cool scenes. Slade controls a huge robot. The teen titans battle it and sing a song so annoying that the robot self destructs hehehe. Great fighting animation sequences and the humour is great here too.

The style of cartooning is 2D traditional animation but it still has an impact. The movie uses very vibrant colours and most characters are very different from each other having there own unique personalities.

"The main villain/arch nemisis "Slade" is very funny. For me, he provides one of the funniest scenes in the movie when he describes how powerful he is by displaying simple stupid magic tricks hahaha"
It always helps this type of movie when the villain is memorable. The Teen Titans action scenes were also innovative. A great 2D animation movie. It's probably one the funniest animated movies this year. Enjoy the funny 1hr 24min.




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