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The basement of a Nut Shop is full of nuts after the store goes broke. The squirells/rodents and a stray dog love the place and they feast there regularly. Then there is an accident and the whole Nut Shop explodes and not a trace of food is left. The animals have to resort to their old park to gather food. But the mayor wants to destroy the park to build a theme park. The old characters from the first Nut Job movie are back plus some more; Surly played by Will Arnett, Precious played by Maya Rudolph, Mr Feng hilariously voiced by Jackie Chan, Frankie played by Bobby Canavale, Mayor Muldoon played by Bobby Moynihan, Heather played Isabela Moner, Gunther voiced by Peter Stormare, Jimmy voiced by Gabriel Iglesias, Mole voiced by Jeff Dunham and Andie voiced by Katherine Heigl.

The animals are first forced to look for food in the city. These scenes are funny, action packed. There is a little rodent that was in the first movie that always screams "We're all gonna die!" at exciting moments in the movie (the look on his face is hilarious!) hahaha! The best of the other characters are Precious (a funny female dog), Frankie (a male dog with an Broolyn accent) and Mayor Muldoon who has a paunch and has funny manerisms.

There is another character called Mr Feng who is voiced by Jackie Chan is a Kung Fu fighting mouse with a brutal 1/16th Punch hahaha! Surly and Mole meet Mr Feng in a dark alley and Mr Feng nearly beats them up! Later on Surly asks for his help. Mr Feng also has a habit of saying "Don't call me cute!" and then punching the character who said it! hahaha. These scenes are the most hilarious in the movie.

"The Mr Feng character was well designed. He also has an army of mice that look very similar to him. The army is usually near by or directly behind Mr Feng hahaha"
In one scene Mr Feng eats candy floss and gets hiper! HAHAHA.

The scenes of the animals fighting the Theme Park workers are innovative and well coreographed. The colours and animation techniques used in this movie are easy on the eye making the action scenes flow. The best action scene in the movie is Surly vs Mayor Muldoon. They fight on top of a big hot air balloon. Both Surly and the Mayor nearly fall off, this scene was perfeclty crafted.

The beauty of this movie is the simplistic plot and the dynamic characters. Of all the characters Mr Feng was the stand out. All his scenes were laugh out loud funny. The finale is also memorable. A true family movie. Enjoy the full 1hr 31min.

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The Nut Job 2 Nutty By Nature

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