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Main Cast Reviews  Mila Kunis, Kate Mckinnon, Justin Theroux Categories  Comedy | Action | Crime Release Date  6th Jul 2018 7.8


Audrey (played by the beautiful Mila Kunis) gets dumped by her boyfriend. Morgan (played by Kate Mckinnon) is her best friend. They both participate in an international conspiracy after they find out that Audrey's boyfriend is a known spy. The supporting cast includes: Justin Theroux as Drew, Sam Heughan as Sebastian, Gillian Anderson as Wendy, Ivanna Sakhno as Nadedja, Olafur Darri olafsson as The Backpacker and Justine Wachsberger as Ines.

The classic 90's song "Winds of Change" song plays with that famous whistle intro, hehe it's funny. A Spy ("Drew" played well by Justin Theroux) is in a street market in Lithuania. The market looks authentic, great set design. He fights a man and there are gun shots. He flees. Back in los angeles two female friends (Audrey played by Mila Kunis and Morgan played by Kate McKinnon) talk in a bar.

Back in Lithuania the spy runs through buildings and does a big jump through a window onto a van, great action. He gets on a bike and gets chased. You know this movie is going to contain some serious action. The girls chat in the bar and they hate Audrey's boyfriend because he always leaves without notice. She doesn't know that he's a spy. They set his clothes and belongings on fire! hehehe. Back in Lithuania he fights a man. Then the title sequence is shown, the text "The Spy who dumped me" is displayed. What a great beginning.

Two men abduct Audrey. She finds out from those men that her boyfriend is in the CIA. They let her go. From the get go McKinnon is genuinely funny! She uses dry sarcastic comedy and she has a comedian's presence. She is also very fit and beautiful so you don't expect her to be that silly, that's part of her charm. Morgan sleeps with a funny/stupid european man she met at the bar. In the morning she talks to her mother "Did you get those dick pics I sent you" HAHAHA. She's very close to her mother hehe. They are in their apartment chatting. Some thugs outside fire bullets into the apartment.

Drew, the Spy boyfriend shows up and tells Audrey that she needs to deliver a special trophy with data to Vienna or else there will be dire consequences. The silly euro man guns down Drew. The girls flee. Morgan is funny through out their running sequence. Mila Kunis has the intense look of an action star. She has a more serious demeanor than McKinnon and they play off each other well. They go to the airport to go to Austria.

There are flashbacks to the first time Audrey met her boyfriend. Back to the present, there in a restaurant looking for a man named Vern. An MI6 agent sits next to her and asks for the package. Morgan finds out he's not Vern. the MI6 agent tells her the room is full of spys who after the package. She gives him a false trophy. A massive gun battle begins. The girls escape.

They go to an Uber car. Bike riders chase after them. The uber man is funny and he's a good driver. Great driving chase sequence! The baddies shoot the Uber man. The girls survive. They go to the train station. The girls need different ID's and they steal them from two girls that look similar to them. Cool scene as the two of them rob those girls and flee. They get on the train. They open the trophy and find a flash drive inside.

They go to prague Chec republic. They call their parents and tell them their on the run, its funny. The father says he has a friend in Prague. The bad guys send a female assassin after them (a crazy gymnast). McKinnon is funny once more, she reads a map (but its the map of the zoo!). They visit her dad's friend. The friend is hilarious! (he likes McKinnon). He says do they want "pot... roast". Would you like some "Ball zack" a "Stiff" (pours wine) hahaha. That has got to be one of the funniest scenes in the movie!

Audrey goes to the toilet and finds a dead body (the real family friend Roger). Fake roger is a spy. The female gymnast hit woman also arrives, they want the girls alive. They get locked up in the toilet. McKinnon tries to swollow the drive but she can't, it's hilarious. They get moved to another run down building. A gymnast strong female spy tries to interrogate them. The fake parents of the Drew also turn up. They interogate the girls.

Gymnast kicks them and head butts them. They get nervous and start chatting to the gymnast. They try and connect with her. The MI6 man arrives. He jumps into the factory space where the girls are held. Great sequence. The MI6 guy and the girls survive. They then get interrogated by the CIA. The guy asks them why they treated the drive like a piece of shit and flushed it down the toilet hehe. It's a very funny scene because the CIA guy says something awkward and the girls pick on him and laugh hehe. Then Audrey says to the MI6 man that she has the flash drive in her vagina HAHAHA.

The MI6 guy wants to work with the girls. The girls get ready to go to france "I look like a french spy you look like a french curtain" Audrey says to Morgan. They need an expert in security to access the drive. Morgan calls her IT security friend. This film has elements and dialogue of a serious action film which is cool. When it becomes funny this breaks the tension quite well.

The girls are on the News hehe. The MI6 man falls for Audrey. They are in a hostel. A Harvard graduate CIA man arrives and sticks them up. He works for Highland, the big baddie, now. The big room mate throws him to the ground and saves the day. They steal the phone from the Harvard CIA man and chops off his thumb to access his phone!

They find out that there is a gala where they will make the drop of the drive. They get ready and say that they are enjoying this adventure. McKinnon as Morgan is awkward funny! They go to the gala. Morgan wants to join the circus! She climbs the trapeze. Drew is still alive. He doesnt trust the MI6 man and tells Mila.

Morgan tries trapeze and the crazy gymnast is on the other end. They fight mid air, its an awesome fantastic action scene. They kick and punch at each other. There is a big crowd, great action! McKinnon kicks the gymnast into an area with spikes. Drew kills his fake parents. Drew says MI6 man is working for Highland. MI6 man says Drew is working for Highland. Audrey doesn't trust any of them.

I won't spoil the ending but I must say for a comedy this film is action packed!

"McKinnon and Kunis make a great team and their personalities compliment each other. They appear to be real life friends! This makes the movie watchable"
McKinnon's brand of crazy awkward comedy is addictive. I would definitely like to see more of her. Mila Kinus can also hold her own in an action movie. She has an intensity about her and she is also funny at times. There is a hint that there will be a sequel to this movie. The duo of Kunis and McKinnon, brunnette and blonde, was perfect! Well done girls. Enjoy the hilarious and action packed 1hr 57min.


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