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Categories  Crime | Drama Reviews with  Matthew McConaughey, Richie Merritt, Jennifer Jason Leigh Release Date  14th Sep 2018  Filmography

Based on the true story of teenager called Richard Wershe Jr. He became a yound Drug king pin and was also an informant for the FBI during the 1980s. He ended up being arrested for drug-trafficking and he was sentenced to life in prison. Matthew McConaughey plays Richard Wershe Sr (Ricky's father). Richie Merritt plays Ricky Wershe Jr. (White Boy Rick). The supporting cast includes: Jennifer Jason Leigh as Untitled, Eddie Marsan as Art Derrick, Rory Cochrane as Agent Byrd, Brian Tyree Henry as Detective Jackson, Bruce Dern as Grandpa Roman Wershe, Bel Powley as Dawn Wershe, Piper Laurie as Grandma Verna Wershe, RJ Cyler as Ruddell Boo Curry, Taylour Paige as Cathy Volsan, Brad Carter as Bob the Gun Show Dealer, Jonathan Majors as Johnny 'Lil man' Curry, Angela Cole as Rick's Escort and Kyanna Simone Simpson as Brenda Moore.

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