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Categories  Adventure Reviews with  Alexander Skarsgard, Charlize Theron, Andy Serkis Release Date  7th Jun 2019  Filmography

Note: The "Flarsky" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used an "Alexander Skarsgard" poster instead.

Fred Flarsky (played by Alexander Skarsgard) is an unlucky unemployed journalist. He is still in love with his old childhood babysitter (played by Charlize Theron). She is now one of the most powerful woman in the world. The supporting cast includes: Andy Serkis as Untitled, Seth Rogen as Untitled, June Diane Raphael as Untitled, Randall Park as Untitled, O'Shea Jackson Jr. as Untitled, Gabrielle Graham as Franci, James Saito as Minister Kishido, Ravi Patel as Untitled, Aviva Mongillo as Young Charlotte, Hamza Haq as MSNBC Anchor, Holden Wong as Secretary of State Worker, Tristan D. Lalla as Agent M and Boyz II Men as Themselves.

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