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Categories  Comedy | Sci-Fi Reviews with  Regina Hall, Justin Hartley, Marsai Martin Release Date  12th Apr 2019  Filmography

A woman (Regina Hall as Jordan Sanders) undergoes a physical transformation into her younger self. She is at a point in her life when she feels the tremendous pressure of adulthood. The great cast includes: Justin Hartley as Untitled, Marsai Martin as Young Jordan, Tone Bell as Preston, Issa Rae as April, JD McCrary as Isaac, Caleb Emery as Valet Vince, Mikey Day as Connor, Noree Victoria as Young Jordan's Mom, Abbie Gayle as Hostess, Luke James as Untitled, Kayte Giralt as Female Driver, Kausar Mohammed as Mrs. Parker, Hannah Westerfield as Popular Girl and Blair Jasin as Martin.

Starts off with a powerfull business woman driving a lamborghini to work. Then we cut to an office. A 2ndW is flirting with an office man heheh she spilt her sugar on him hehe. The bizW is powerful and abnoxious. The workers having a birthday flee as she arrives! A client is waiting on a desk. He says he lived a hard knock life. His dad only gave him 5 million dollars instead of 10 hahahaha. He gives her 48hrs to come with a new solution, a new App. She has a meeting with her staff. She acts powerful and abnoxious. she licks an apple and makes a man eat it! Ms April wants to pitch but Biz shuts her down. Ms April daughter is downstairs and she says Biz is too mean. She puts a spell on Biz and says "I wish you were little". She wakes up and shes little!! She gets a cappuccino and she thinks shes still big. She tries to drive the lamborfhini and the attendant thinks she's a thief! She them runs home and opens a box from her highschool years. Her friend ms April visits her. she doesn't believe its her. She proves it by recounting some stories they shared. Little drinks Rose wine hehe. Then child protective services knocks on the door, she's asking questions. April says shes her aunt. Its funny, theyre very nervous. The services woman says that April needs to register her for school. Little doesn't want her to do it. April buys new clothing for little. April gets into the Lamborghini with little. They drive off. They get off at the school. April is sick of little. April slaps little on the butt. Security Guard says "remind me of my mama". The principle (an old man), April and Little watch Gary the teacher arrive. The principle, April, little all blush!! hahahhaaa. little says "I am the student". "Are you feeling what Im feeling" she says to the teacher. heheh "He says I'm an adult man". The kids put straws in her hair. They stop her from sitting down. She meets some nerds and they tell them there is a competition coming up soon. April meets Little for dinner. Little gets drunk and starts singing an R and B song. April joins in. They go home. One of Jordans boyfriends arrive and strips hahsha He thinks little is Jordans daughter. They tell him to leave. April likes the boyfriend. Next Little dresses in fine clothing to school. we then see the talent show. The nerd that stutters then sings. He stutters. The other two nerds join him on stage. they are then accepted into the talent contest as a cruel joke. Little invites the nerds to her house. She gives them a make over hehe The boyfriend visits Jordan's house and gives gifts to little. Back in the office the client arrives. He says he cant tell the time because other people tell it for him. They now have 24hrs to deliver. Back at Jordans house Boyfriend meets little. They hug. But she hugs him too much. Boyfriend says she needs to chill. In the office the client wants to hear one of their options. April and little have a fight about work and friendship. Little gets into a Lambourghini and drives to the highschool talent show. The band is playing. Little joins in and starts dancing. The crowd goes wild. Little falls down because evil cheerleeder blows fan on her. The nerd that can sing sings well!!! Then little joins three nerds and dances. After the show little explains to the nerds that she has to apologise to April. Aprils daughter is there too. Little apologises to daughter. Little says she looked at April's App. She aplogises to April. April is surprised. April says she's got her back. They make up and hug. She goes home to sleep. In the morning she wakes up as Jordan big!!! She screams "I'm back, I'm back". She drives to work. "Jordon your big.. your back". Jordan says April will be pitching, its totally her idea. Its called "Discoverise". The client passes, they leave. Next day Jordans does a presentation outside. She says that Discoverise was officially sold!! She says we're rich!!! She brings dohnut truck and little's friends. Great movie!

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