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Categories  Comedy | Action | Drama Reviews with  Matthew McConaughey, Snoop Dogg, Isla Fisher Release Date  22nd Mar 2019  Filmography

Moondog (played by the experienced Matthew McConaughey) is an eccentric stoner that lives an eventful life along with some other interesting characters. What a great supporting cast: Snoop Dogg as Lingerie, Isla Fisher as Minnie, Stefania LaVie Owen as Heather, Martin Lawrence as Captain Wack, Zac Efron as Flicker, Jonah Hill as Lewis, Clinton Archambault as Lawyer, Jerry Ascione as Homeless Man, Joshua Rosen as Reporter, Tonya Oliver as Drug Counselor, Chela Arias as Cuban Maid, Ricardo Matallana as Jose the Pool Boy, Joshua Ritter as Groom (Heather's Husband) and Karla Goodwin as Maria.

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