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Categories  Animation | Adventure | Comedy Reviews with  Nick Jonas, Emma Roberts, Janelle Monáe Release Date  31st May 2019  Filmography

This movie is based on the UglyDolls range of toys. In this movie the free-spirited UglyDolls confront what it means to be different. Will they discover who they truly are and what matters most? The cast include: Nick Jonas as Lou (voice), Emma Roberts as Wedgehead (voice), Janelle Monáe as Mandy (voice), Blake Shelton as Ox (voice), Kelly Clarkson as Moxy (voice), Gabriel Iglesias as Babo (voice), Wanda Sykes as Wage (voice), Bebe Rexha as Untitled (voice), Charli XCX as Kitty (voice), Pitbull as Ugly Dog (voice), Leehom Wang as Lucky Bat (voice) and Lizzo as Lydia (voice).

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