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Categories  Animation | Comedy Reviews with  Brianna Denski, Jennifer Garner, Ken Hudson Campbell Release Date  15th Mar 2019  Filmography

This movie is the story of a big amusement park with interesting creatures. The full cast includes: Brianna Denski as June (voice), Jennifer Garner as Mom (voice), Ken Hudson Campbell as Boomer (voice), Kenan Thompson as Gus (voice), Mila Kunis as Greta (voice), John Oliver as Steve (voice), Ken Jeong as Cooper (voice), Norbert Leo Butz as Peanut (voice), Matthew Broderick as Dad (voice), Sofia Mali as Young June, Oev Michael Urbas as Banky (voice), Kate McGregor-Stewart as Aunt Albertine (voice), Kevin Chamberlin as Uncle Tony (voice), Kath Soucie as Bus Counselor Shannon (voice) and Noen Perez as Chatty Kid (voice).

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