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Main Cast Reviews  Philip Glenister, Tamsin Greig, Harriet Walter Categories  Drama | Romance Duration  2020 - 7.8


This series follows the members of the nouveau riche society. This includes The Trenchard family. We see them interact with London's established upper classes. Then secrets from their past emerge and cause complexity.

Philip Glenister as James Trenchard 6 episodes 2020,
Tamsin Greig as Anne Trenchard 6 episodes 2020,
Harriet Walter as Lady Brockenhurst 6 episodes 2020,
Saskia Reeves as Ellis 6 episodes 2020,
Paul Ritter as Turton 6 episodes 2020,
Alice Eve as Susan Trenchard 6 episodes 2020,
Richard Goulding as Oliver Trenchard 6 episodes 2020,
Jack Shalloo as Morris 6 episodes 2020,
Ella Purnell as Lady Maria Grey 6 episodes 2020,
Tom Wilkinson as Earl of Brockenhurst 6 episodes 2020,
Martin Bishop as Jenkins 5 episodes 2020,
Adam James as John Bellasis 5 episodes 2020,
Tara Fitzgerald as Lady Templemore 5 episodes 2020,
James Fleet as Reverend Stephen Bellasis 5 episodes 2020,
Bronagh Gallagher as Speer 5 episodes 2020,
Jack Bardoe as Charles Pope 5 episodes 2020,
Richard Huw as Myles 5 episodes 2020,
Stevee Davies as Brodsworth 4 episodes 2020,
Graham Kent as Quirk 4 episodes 2020,
Diana Hardcastle as Grace Bellasis 4 episodes 2020,
Penny Layden as Mrs. Babbage 4 episodes 2020,
Nigel Allen as Robert 4 episodes 2020,
Ian Attard as Riley 3 episodes 2020,
Emily Reid as Sophia Trenchard 3 episodes 2020,
Stephen Chapman as William Brent 2 episodes 2020,
Paul Bown as Jacob Astley 2 episodes 2020,
Rebecca Callard as Jane Croft 2 episodes 2020,
Christine Lohr as Dawson 2 episodes 2020,
Gary Lilburn as Doctor Smiley 2 episodes 2020,
Cornelius Booth as Roger 2 episodes 2020,
Serena Evans as Mrs. Pope 2 episodes 2020,
Naomi Frederick as Duchess of Bedford 2 episodes 2020,
Jeremy Neumark Jones as Lord Edmund Bellasis 2 episodes 2020,
Craig Andrew Mooney as Trenchard Footman 2 episodes 2020,
Conor Lovett as Tomaszewski 1 episode 2020,
Matthew Canny as First Officer 1 episode 2020,
James Taylor Thomas as Captain Cooper 1 episode 2020,
Diana Kent as Duchess of Richmond 1 episode 2020,
Mark Rose as Swift 1 episode 2020,
Robert Portal as Duke of Richmond 1 episode 2020,
Jonathan Kemp as Chamberlain 1 episode 2020,
Gunnar DeYoung as Prince of Orange 1 episode 2020,
Nicholas Rowe as Duke of Wellington 1 episode 2020,
James Chalmers as Sir William Ponsonby 1 episode 2020,
Steven Blake as Captain Black 1 episode 2020,
Mark Healy as Officer / ... 1 episode 2020,
Andy Beckwith as Schmitt 1 episode 2020,
Tom Megaughin as Young Oliver Trenchard 1 episode 2020,
John Ashton as Mr. Barton 1 episode 2020,
Gary Shelford as Mr. Paxton 1 episode 2020,
Craig Hamilton as Footman to Duchess of Bedford 1 episode 2020,
Frank Kerr as Lord Templemore 1 episode 2020,
Tim Wallers as Duke of Devonshire 1 episode 2020,
Ben Galpin as Bookshop Assistant 1 episode 2020,
Nick Sampson as William Cubitt 1 episode 2020,
Daniel Fearn as Man from Black Raven 1 episode 2020,
Cally Lawrence as Mrs. Rust 1 episode 2020,
James Anthony-Rose as Stan 1 episode 2020,
Orlando Wells as Hugo Wentworth 1 episode 2020,
Harvey Reid as Tradesman 1 episode 2020,
Nick Blakeley as John Trenchard's Secretary 1 episode 2020,
Peter Collins as Albany Doorman 1 episode 2020,
Jonathan Rhodes as Athenæum Club Servant 1 episode 2020,
Olivier Leclair as French Waiter 1 episode 2020,
Marie Hamm as Barmaid 1 episode 2020,
Ty Hurley as Wedding Guest / ... (uncredited) 3 episodes 2020,
Kishore Bhatt as Indian Worker (uncredited) 2 episodes 2020,
Manoj Anand as Indian Worker (uncredited) 1 episode 2020,
Claire Ashton as Barmaid (uncredited) 1 episode 2020,
Tony Atherton as Lord Derby (uncredited) 1 episode 2020,
Antony Barlow as 1815 Ball Guest (uncredited) 1 episode 2020,
Pierre Bergman as Pub Landlord (uncredited) 1 episode 2020,
Stuart Bramwell as String Quartet Violinist (uncredited) 1 episode 2020,
Lucie Cooper-Jones as Wedding Guest (uncredited) 1 episode 2020,
Nick Davison as Market Passerby (uncredited) 1 episode 2020,
Arun Kapur as Indian Worker (uncredited) 1 episode 2020,
Steve Langley as Military Dancer (uncredited) 1 episode 2020,
Jason Lines as Chop House Trader (uncredited) 1 episode 2020,
Keith Lomas as Tea Party Guest (uncredited) 1 episode 2020,
Katarina Martin as Tea Lady (uncredited) 1 episode 2020,
Martyn Mayger as Pub Customer (uncredited) 1 episode 2020,
Stefan Milne as Upperclass Bystander (uncredited) 1 episode 2020,
Jag Patel as Indian Worker (uncredited) 1 episode 2020,
Oliver Pearn as Dinner Party Guest (uncredited) 1 episode 2020,
Martin Portlock as Mill Worker (uncredited) 1 episode 2020,
Richard Price as Naval Officer (uncredited) 1 episode 2020,
Sean Ramsden as Man in Bar (uncredited) 1 episode 2020,
Robert Ryan as Chop House Trader (uncredited) 1 episode 2020,
Mark Ryder as Gentleman (uncredited) 1 episode 2020,
Stephen Samson as Browser (uncredited) 1 episode 2020,
Benjamin Studd as Clerk (uncredited) 1 episode 2020,
Phil Tillott as Street Merchant (uncredited) 1 episode 2020,
Jessie Vinning as Soldier's Girlfriend (uncredited) 1 episode 2020,
Zoë Watson as Polka Dancer (uncredited) 1 episode 2020,
Stuart Whelan as Pub patron (uncredited) 1 episode 2020,
John Wolfe as Albany Gentleman (uncredited) 1 episode 2020




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