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Main Cast Reviews  Ed Helms, Michael Greyeyes, Jana Schmieding Categories  Comedy Duration  2021 - N/A

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This series is set in a Northeast town. Nathan Rutherford (Ed Helms) opposes the moving of a historical statue.

Ed Helms as Nathan Rutherford 10 episodes 2021,
Michael Greyeyes as Terry Thomas 10 episodes 2021,
Jana Schmieding as Reagan Wells 10 episodes 2021,
Jesse Leigh as Bobbie Yang 10 episodes 2021,
Dustin Milligan as Josh Carter 10 episodes 2021,
Dana L. Wilson as Deidre Chisenhall 7 episodes 2021,
Julia Jones as Sally 4 episodes 2021,
Beth Stelling as Ms. Fish 4 episodes 2021,
Mimi Gianopulos as Kaitlyn 4 episodes 2021,
Geraldine Keams as Rayanne 3 episodes 2021,
Bobby Wilson as Wayne 3 episodes 2021,
Devery Jacobs as Jess Wells 3 episodes 2021,
Adam Farabee as Charlie Cromwell 3 episodes 2021,
Benjamin Koldyke as Duz Rutherford / ... 2 episodes 2021,
Monica Padman as Melanie 2 episodes 2021,
Camille Schurer as Madison 2 episodes 2021,
Rachel Rodier as Molly 2 episodes 2021,
Paul F. Tompkins as Professor Tobias James Kaufman 2 episodes 2021,
Kiawentiio as Maya Thomas 2 episodes 2021,
Jason Grasl as Foster Grant 2 episodes 2021,
Rio Magdaleno as Alex 2 episodes 2021,
Chevonne Hughes as Bonnie 2 episodes 2021,
Gary Farmer as Earl 2 episodes 2021,
Bill Glass as Frank 2 episodes 2021,
Darius Eteeyan as Young Terry 1 episode 2021,
Larry Joe Campbell as Kurt 1 episode 2021,
Kimberly Guerrero as Renee Thomas 1 episode 2021,
Martin Sensmeier as Ray 1 episode 2021,
Will McLaughlin as Randy 1 episode 2021,
Helen Slayton-Hughes as Aunt Ida 1 episode 2021,
Jennifer Bobiwash as Felicia Houle 1 episode 2021,
Cha-tah Ellem as Jimmy Thomas 1 episode 2021,
Eric Ledgin as Pit Boss 1 episode 2021,
Ally Young Price as Shannon 1 episode 2021,
Corey Landis as Cousin Steve 1 episode 2021,
Jackie Old Coyote as Barbara Thomas 1 episode 2021,
Joseph Bighorse as Benny 1 episode 2021,
Elva Guerra as Young Charlotte Thomas 1 episode 2021,
Amy Heidt as Fawn 1 episode 2021,
Judy Kain as Randi 1 episode 2021,
Jinny Chung as Gemma 1 episode 2021,
Allison Hudson Hicks as Crystal 1 episode 2021,
River Novin as Frankie 1 episode 2021,
Dave King as Jeff the Barista 1 episode 2021,
Donnie Masihi as Gene 1 episode 2021,
Morgan Peter Brown as Cousin Jim 1 episode 2021,
Biff Yeager as Cal 1 episode 2021,
Mary K. DeVault as Donna 1 episode 2021,
Allison Eberly as Cousin Lauren 1 episode 2021,
Paul Jurewicz as Corbin Hayes 1 episode 2021,
Scott Michael Morgan as Peter 1 episode 2021,
Stewart Skelton as Uncle Joe 1 episode 2021,
Kate Huffman as Cousin Karen 1 episode 2021,
Peggy Dunne as Debbie 1 episode 2021,
Kami Koren as Beth 1 episode 2021,
David Banks as George 1 episode 2021,
Roxy Shabestari as Eli 1 episode 2021,
Liz Eldridge as Carla 1 episode 2021,
Atul Singh as Jack 1 episode 2021,
Sydney Steinberg as Sam 1 episode 2021,
Cinda Adams as Councilwoman Zeperelli 1 episode 2021,
Jarod Bainbridge as Strangely Cheerful Kid 1 episode 2021,
Betsy Baker as Dot 1 episode 2021,
Ryan Begay as Sheldon Begay 1 episode 2021,
Nancy Berggren as Aunt Joan 1 episode 2021,
David Bickford as Councilman Vanderslice 1 episode 2021,
McKale Jude Bingham as Taylor Hawkins 1 episode 2021,
Casey Camp-Horinek as Mona 1 episode 2021,
Michael Canetty as Calbert 1 episode 2021,
Carla-Rae as Lorna Cook 1 episode 2021,
Adrianne Chalepah as Shannon Diabo 1 episode 2021,
Dan Considine as Scott 1 episode 2021,
Jay Costelo as Sam 1 episode 2021,
Robert Curtis Brown as Beau Karing 1 episode 2021,
Kelly Lynne D'Angelo as Kim 1 episode 2021,
Azie Mira Dungey as Violet 1 episode 2021,
Sheri Foster as Geraldine 1 episode 2021,
Mary Garripoli as Security Guard 1 episode 2021,
Charlie Hall as Toni 1 episode 2021,
Kassie Hight as Jackie 1 episode 2021,
Sean Alexander James as Dave 1 episode 2021,
Tai Leclaire as Dave Wilbur 1 episode 2021,
Johnny Jay Lee as Spencer Vanderslice 1 episode 2021,
Bianca Lopez as Tiffany 1 episode 2021,
Brian Maierhofer as Blake Jensen 1 episode 2021,
Nia Miranda as Amy 1 episode 2021,
Cara Jade Myers as Lori Russell 1 episode 2021,
Migizi Pensoneau as Roy Crooks 1 episode 2021,
Wiley M. Pickett as Councilman Medgreich 1 episode 2021,
Blake Pocquette as Brent 1 episode 2021,
Wendy Rosoff as Tap Dancer 1 episode 2021,
Jon Ryckman as Bob the Libertarian 1 episode 2021,
Vic Stagliano as Cop-Officer Connor 1 episode 2021,
Kamaria Williams as Leila 1 episode 2021,
Franklin McCay as Pedestrian / ... (uncredited) unknown episodes,
Lisa Greene as History Fair Parent (uncredited) unknown episodes,
Katie Meyer as Rhonda (uncredited) unknown episodes


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