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Main Cast Reviews  Laura Donnelly, Ann Skelly, Olivia Williams Categories  Action | Drama | Duration  2021 - N/A

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This series is about Victorian women that have strange abilities and enemies. They go on a mission that might affect the world.

Laura Donnelly as Amalia True 6 episodes 2021,
Ann Skelly as Penance Adair 6 episodes 2021,
Olivia Williams as Lavinia Bidlow 6 episodes 2021,
James Norton as Hugo Swan 6 episodes 2021,
Tom Riley as Augustus 'Augie' Bidlow 6 episodes 2021,
Pip Torrens as Lord Massen 6 episodes 2021,
Rochelle Neil as Annie Carbey 6 episodes 2021,
Amy Manson as Maladie 6 episodes 2021,
Zackary Momoh as Horatio Cousens / ... 6 episodes 2021,
Viola Prettejohn as Myrtle Haplisch 6 episodes 2021,
Anna Devlin as Primrose Chattoway 6 episodes 2021,
Kiran Sonia Sawar as Harriet Kaur 6 episodes 2021,
Ben Chaplin as Frank Mundi 6 episodes 2021,
Elizabeth Berrington as Lucy Best 5 episodes 2021,
Ella Smith as Desirée Blodgett 5 episodes 2021,
Matt Emery as Detective Birch / ... 5 episodes 2021,
Denis O'Hare as Dr. Edmund Hague 4 episodes 2021,
Eleanor Tomlinson as Mary Brighton 4 episodes 2021,
Nick Frost as Declan Orrun 4 episodes 2021,
Martyn Ford as Nicholas Perbal 'Odium' / ... 4 episodes 2021,
Mark Benton as The Colonel 3 episodes 2021,
Sylvie Briggs as Clara 3 episodes 2021,
Pui Fan Lee as Su Ping Lim 3 episodes 2021,
Andrew Havill as Douglas Broome 3 episodes 2021,
Rupert Vansittart as Lord Broughton 3 episodes 2021,
George Dawson as Hague's Assistant 3 episodes 2021,
Vinnie Heaven as Nimble 3 episodes 2021,
Domenique Fragale as Beth Cassini 3 episodes 2021,
Brett Curtis as George / ... 3 episodes 2021,
Lola Dubus as Dominique 2 episodes 2021,
Alison Pargeter as Kindly Old Woman 2 episodes 2021,
Nicholas Farrell as Prince Albrecht 2 episodes 2021,
Tim Steed as Lord Allaven Tyne / ... 2 episodes 2021,
Jack Wheatley as Nigel Blodgett 2 episodes 2021,
Tim Bentinck as General Pecking 2 episodes 2021,
Madeleine Wilson as Lady Whisper 2 episodes 2021,
Jack Gouldbourne as Hanging Watcher / ... 2 episodes 2021,
Dan Mersh as Mr. Haplisch 1 episode 2021,
Margaret Tuttle as Effie Boyle 1 episode 2021,
Phillipa Dunne as Mrs. Haplisch 1 episode 2021,
Mofetoluwa Akande as Katherine Cousens 1 episode 2021,
Sam Melvin as Purist 1 episode 2021,
Alex Forman as Huge Purist 1 episode 2021,
Christopher Dunne as Club Butler 1 episode 2021,
Hector Moss as Fiddle Player 1 episode 2021,
Ruth Sheen as Mrs. Beechum 1 episode 2021,
Marcus Garvey as Gordy (Reporter) 1 episode 2021,
Rachel Summers as Katherine Cousens 1 episode 2021,
Dan Tetsell as Phone Line Engineer 1 episode 2021,
Katy Baker as Barmaid 1 episode 2021,
Helen Bang as Elegant Lady 1 episode 2021,
Marc Bannerman as Bowler Hat 1 episode 2021,
Abra Thompson as Hugo's Housemaid 1 episode 2021,
Ed Eales White as Foreman 1 episode 2021,
Skye Lourie as Katie (Chorus Girl) 1 episode 2021,
Alex Macqueen as Mr. Oldenham 1 episode 2021,
Lee Barnett as Jacobs (Massen Worker) 1 episode 2021,
Louis Ellis as Nervous New Guy 1 episode 2021,
Angela Sant'Albano as Rosa 1 episode 2021,
Jay Simpson as Tunnel Foreman 1 episode 2021,
Martin Bishop as Dr. Beldon 1 episode 2021,
Jack Rolf as Warehouse Worker 1 episode 2021,
Nesba Crenshaw as Mrs Beldon 1 episode 2021,
Chris Kyriacou as Guard 1 1 episode 2021,
Jordan Long as Guard 1 episode 2021,
Deborah Moore as Fancy Lady 1 episode 2021,
Paul Bentley as Judge 1 episode 2021,
Matt Butcher as Baritone / ... 1 episode 2021,
James Coombes as Older Gentleman 1 episode 2021,
Nick Pearse as Guard 2 1 episode 2021,
Phil Zimmerman as Signalman 1 episode 2021,
Rosalind Adler as Society Lady 1 episode 2021,
Ian Alexander as Superintendant 1 episode 2021,
Heather Coombs as Anxious Mother 1 episode 2021,
Nick Bartlett as Drunk Man 1 episode 2021,
Will Brown as Police Officer 1 episode 2021,
Michael James as Teen Boy 1 episode 2021,
Sam Lathem as Mean Cop 1 episode 2021,
Benny Ainsworth as Police Clerk 1 episode 2021,
Finn Bennett as Pink Shirt 1 episode 2021,
Henri Charles as Newspaper Boy 1 episode 2021,
Mauro Montuschi as Italian Cook 1 episode 2021,
Brett Allen as Tent Cop 1 episode 2021,
Angus Brown as Man (Beggar King's Henchman) 1 episode 2021,
Andy Burse as Pocket Square 1 episode 2021,
Elisha Mistretta as Cook's Daughter 1 episode 2021,
Matt Brewer as Man 1 episode 2021,
Grahame Fox as Crabby Cop 1 episode 2021,
Sam Graham as Vicar 1 episode 2021,
Riley Holmes as Haplisch Child 1 episode 2021,
Joe Reisig as Scarred Begger King Guard 1 episode 2021,
Benito Rodriguez as Faust 1 episode 2021,
Bill Hurst as Male Diner 1 episode 2021,
Laura Sheerin as Marguerite 1 episode 2021,
Amanda Holt as Female Diner 1 episode 2021,
Frances Wilding as Hanging Watcher 1 1 episode 2021,
Simon Balcon as Hanging Watcher 2 1 episode 2021,
Victoria Howell as Hanging Watcher 4 1 episode 2021,
Paul Hamilton as Hanging Watcher 5 1 episode 2021,
Lee Armstrong as Varnum 1 episode 2021,
Maggie Bakir as Ruby "List Lady" 1 episode 2021,
Rita Bernard-Shaw as Younger Boot 1 episode 2021,
Zain Hussain as Aneel 1 episode 2021,
Mark O'Sullivan as Orderly 1 episode 2021,
Alfredo Tavares as Worker 1 episode 2021,
Lasco Atkins as Market Customer (uncredited) unknown episodes,
Natalie Coombs as Shop Assistant (uncredited) unknown episodes,
Ross Donnelly as Police Officer (uncredited) unknown episodes,
Mickey Lewis as Pallbearer (uncredited) unknown episodes,
Rita McDonald Damper as Bidlow Lady (uncredited) unknown episodes,
Milan Ogier as Danny Kent (uncredited) unknown episodes,
Anastasia Zabarchuk as Galanthi Digger (uncredited) unknown episodes


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The Nevers - Filmography

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