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Main Cast Reviews  Jared Padalecki, Lindsey Morgan, Molly Hagan Categories  Action | Crime | Drama Duration  2021 - N/A


This series is about a widowed father returns to Austin. He reconnects with his children and fights with his family. He investigates his wife's death.

Jared Padalecki as Cordell Walker 13 episodes 2021,
Lindsey Morgan as Micki Ramirez 13 episodes 2021,
Molly Hagan as Abeline Walker 13 episodes 2021,
Keegan Allen as Liam Walker 13 episodes 2021,
Violet Brinson as Stella Walker 13 episodes 2021,
Kale Culley as August Walker 13 episodes 2021,
Coby Bell as Larry James 13 episodes 2021,
Jeff Pierre as Trey Barnett 13 episodes 2021,
Mitch Pileggi as Bonham Walker 13 episodes 2021,
Austin Nichols as Clint West 7 episodes 2021,
Genevieve Padalecki as Emily Walker 7 episodes 2021,
Odette Annable as Geri Broussard 7 episodes 2021,
Gavin Casalegno as Trevor Strand 6 episodes 2021,
Madelyn Kientz as Ruby 6 episodes 2021,
Gabriela Flores as Isabel Muñoz 5 episodes 2021,
Alex Landi as Bret 3 episodes 2021,
Jeffrey Nordling as Stan Morrison 3 episodes 2021,
Matt Barr as Hoyt Rawlins 3 episodes 2021,
Andre Martin as Coach Bobby 3 episodes 2021,
Karissa Lee Staples as Twyla Jean 2 episodes 2021,
Alex Meneses as Dr. Adriana Ramirez 2 episodes 2021,
Clayton Froning as Jaxon Davis 2 episodes 2021,
Karina Dominguez as Alma Muñoz 2 episodes 2021,
Joe Perez as Carlos Mendoza 2 episodes 2021,
Ricky Catter as Lorenzo Muñoz 2 episodes 2021,
Jeremy Lawson as Oswald 2 episodes 2021,
Mandy McMillian as Connie Richards 2 episodes 2021,
Rebekah Graf as Crystal West 2 episodes 2021,
Chris Labadie as Jordan 1 episode 2021,
Katrina Begin as Cali 1 episode 2021,
Crystal Monee Hall as Minnie Jayne 1 episode 2021,
Beth Broderick as Mrs. Harlan 1 episode 2021,
Blythe Howard as Tessa Graves 1 episode 2021,
Patrick Kirton as Monty Shaw 1 episode 2021,
Meade Patton as Grant McLawson 1 episode 2021,
Fernando Rivera as Byron Santos 1 episode 2021,
Deke Anderson as Ed Manchester 1 episode 2021,
Tyler Galpin as Rex 1 episode 2021,
Marisilda Garcia as Sharon Torreto 1 episode 2021,
Patsy Hunt as Teller 1 episode 2021,
Vannessa Vasquez as Gallery Owner 1 episode 2021,
Elvis Clark as Male Dancer 1 episode 2021,
Teri Medina Galvan as Emcee 1 episode 2021,
Justin Hall as Matt 1 episode 2021,
Leticia Jimenez as Mercedes Ruiz 1 episode 2021,
Jim Spencer as News Reporter 1 episode 2021,
J.J. Summers as Milo 1 episode 2021,
Sahara Ale as Liz 1 episode 2021,
Molly Berg as Cheryl 1 episode 2021,
Nicolas Garza as Karaoke Singer 1 episode 2021,
Anthony Hernandez as Dr. Jamison 1 episode 2021,
Yanis Kalnins as Gary 1 episode 2021,
Hector Machado as Rancher 1 episode 2021,
Tom Vera as Alex 1 episode 2021,
Jessica Irvine Drake as Ms. Bramlett 1 episode 2021,
Derrick D. Edmond as Jed 1 episode 2021,
Ella Grace Harper as Robin 1 episode 2021,
Marchello Stewart as Muj 1 episode 2021,
Cameron Vitosh as Todd 1 episode 2021,
Paola Andino as Delia Carillo 1 episode 2021,
Tony Bentley as Mr. Joe Cofield 1 episode 2021,
Joseph Curtis Callender as Mike Stevenson 1 episode 2021,
Gerardo Davila as Field Agent 1 episode 2021,
Phuong Kubacki as Police Officer 1 episode 2021,
Daniel Allen Mooney as Alex 1 episode 2021,
Katie Fountain as Margaret Harlan 1 episode 2021,
Bri Marie Korin as Injured Jeep Driver 1 episode 2021,
Michael Wagemann as Police Officer 1 episode 2021,
Bruce Davis as Recertification Manager 1 episode 2021,
John Enick as Bernard Harlan 1 episode 2021,
Keith Jardine as Cerrone 1 episode 2021,
Mindy Raymond as Unconscious Passenger 1 episode 2021,
Grant Redmond as Sgt. Owen Curtis 1 episode 2021,
Ryan Russell Brown as Thug 1 episode 2021,
Phil Mendoza as Mayor 1 episode 2021,
April Patterson as Female Instructor 1 episode 2021,
Andre Williams as Officer Randall 1 episode 2021,
Amelia Rico as Laredo Police Officer 1 episode 2021,
Draper Wynston as Cop 1 episode 2021,
Craig Cole as Vern 1 episode 2021,
Selase Botchway as Lawyer 1 episode 2021,
Morgan Calhoun as Ada 1 episode 2021,
Fabiola Andújar as Teenager 1 episode 2021,
Johnnie Joe Garcia Jr. as Texas Ranger (uncredited) unknown episodes,
Jason Johnson as Texas Ranger (uncredited) unknown episodes,
Kelby Kuempel as Texas Ranger (uncredited) unknown episodes,
Ryan Murphy as Texas Ranger (uncredited) unknown episodes,
Corey Duncan Stewart as Bartender (Louis) (uncredited) unknown episodes,
Chris Ahr as DPS Trooper (uncredited) unknown episodes,
Tracey Lee as Party Goer #8 / ... (uncredited) unknown episodes,
Nina Rossetti as Juvenile Delinquent / ... (uncredited) unknown episodes,
Bam Rubenstein as Bank Loan Customer / ... (uncredited) unknown episodes,
Ricky Trejo as Waiter / ... (uncredited) unknown episodes,
Christopher Winbush as Texas Ranger (uncredited) unknown episodes,
Christine M. Conner as Connie (uncredited) unknown episodes,
Trisha Finch as Bar Patron (uncredited) unknown episodes,
Cherif Gacis as Bank Guard (uncredited) unknown episodes,
Gerald J. Garza as Street Vendor (uncredited) unknown episodes,
Violet Gotsis as Cowgirl (uncredited) unknown episodes,
Kristy Harris as Lawyer (uncredited) unknown episodes,
Raven Heart as Laredo Police Officer (uncredited) unknown episodes,
Carolyn Hoffmann as Lawyer (uncredited) unknown episodes,
Helen Hostetter as Barista (uncredited) unknown episodes,
Judy Lee as School Admin (uncredited) unknown episodes,
Julia Railey Mendes as Hipster Patron (uncredited) unknown episodes,
Theresa Mills as Continental Club Patron (uncredited) unknown episodes,
Andrew Niimo as Driver / ... (uncredited) unknown episodes,
Siya Rostami as Press Reporter (uncredited) unknown episodes,
Will Scoville as Manchester Bodyguard (uncredited) unknown episodes,
Jared Spears as Injured Head Goon (uncredited) unknown episodes,
Gary Teague as Continental Club Patron (uncredited) unknown episodes,
Geoff Todd as FBI Agent (uncredited) unknown episodes,
Heath Young as Prisoner (uncredited) unknown episodes




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