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This movie shows the sheer bravery and determination needed to conquer Everest, the highest mountain in the world.

There are two lead mountain climbers that have very different management styles played by Jason Clarke (Rob) and Jake Gyllenhaal (Scott). Clarke puts in a solid performance.

The role of a climber whose a teacher, Doug (John Hawkes) who had to fund his trip via a school charity is one of the most interesting characters of them all. All the climbers have there reasons for conquering the mountain but it is Doug's plight that hits home.

The landscapes were stunning. I thoroughly enjoyed the tent scenes were they plan there ascent. You realise that one false move and the whole team could perish. We also see the perspective of the families that are at home worrying over their loved ones.

Josh Brolin (Beck) delivers as an american mountain climber. A subtle performance that is a departure from his previous intense roles.

"Everest is teamwork at its finest. It will transport you to the icy cold himalayas for the for the full 121 minutes"

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