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All Ip Man movies are action packed. But what makes them unique is that the match ups that you see through out the film include different styles of martial arts. Having Mike Tyson as a villain makes this even more evident. What are styles that Mike and Ip Man will use to fight against each other? Tyson was a boxer in real life of course so that is a clue.

In this installment gangsters try and take over a martial arts school. They are led by a corrupt property developer (Tyson) and it is up to Ip Man to take them on. Donnie Yen has a habit of taking on around 10 men at a time and that is another reason why this series is worth watching.

"Aside from the action, Donnie Yen has great acting ability making the in-between quieter scenes engaging"
Tyson's acting isn't bad either, I say give him more serious roles in action movies. Enjoy the 105 minutes.

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