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I hope that Woody Allen continues to make films forever. It appears that his unique style never gets old.

Once again superior casting can be seen in his latest foray "Magic In The Moonlight" with leads Colin Firth and Emma Stone in fine form.

The film revolves around a famous sceptic, Stanley (Firth), who plans to bring about the demise of an up and coming clairvoyant, Sophie (Stone), introduced to him by Stanley's friend Howard (Simon McBurney).

Upon first meeting Sophie, Stanley finds that her quesswork about his personal life is quite accurate but he dismisses it as trickery. After spending more days with her and witnessing a candle levitating amongst other things he starts becoming a believer and even falls for her.

"Of the supporting cast, Hamish Linklater as Brice (Stone's love interest) is by far the funniest with his incessant ukelele playing"
Eileen Atkins (Aunt Vanessa) and Jackie Weaver (Grace) also add to the comedic element.

Finally, Magic In The Moonlight has an intriguing ending. Enjoy!

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