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Tom Cruise always gives his all in every performance he does but in the Mission Impossible franchise he always manages to step it up a notch.

This time the IMF is up against a rogue anti-IMF organisation (The Syndicate). The opening sequence when Ethan Hunt (Cruise) is imprisoned is impressive. Cruise is an expert at suspensefull sequences such as these because of his ability to convey the rush of adrelin needed to survive such ordeals.

The hilarious Simon Pegg (Benji) returns as the comic relief. Jeremy Renner and Ving Rhames, who play off each other well, make up the rest of the team.

"But it is Rebecca Ferguson who plays Ilsa, a double agent, that steals the show. Her athleticism and charm is apparent in every scene she's in."
Both friend and foe, she provides the spark that keeps you interested for the full 131 minutes.

A modern action masterpiece. Enjoy.

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