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This Steve Jobs movie is very different to the earlier "Jobs" movie. It has a more serious tone and it takes us behind the scenes of three public presentations that Steve Jobs and his teams took part in. It's quite an innovative way to get to know a character.

I learned a lot about the way Apple was running by watching this movie. The team members were as charismatic as the Steve Jobs himself (played by Michael Fassbender). His relationship with his daughter is also explored in more depth. Of course one of the most intense relationships Steve had was with Wozniak (played by Seth Rogen) and there interaction is not to be missed.

I really enjoyed Jeff Daniels portrayal of John Scully. It appears that Scully new Jobs inside out and they loved to hate each other. I had also heard of the Andy Hertzfeld character from reading Steve Jobs boigraphy's. Michael Stuhlbarg created a memorable rendition of Andy. Kate Winslet plays the feisty Joanna Hoffman, Apple's Marketing Executive and her conversations with Jobs are captivating.

"I'm glad this Steve Jobs movie was totally different to the earlier Jobs movie. Both of these movies are in my favourites list. Is it any wonder? Steve Jobs was a fascinating and inspirational person"

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