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You know an action movie is going to be great when there is a great villain that needs to be taken down.

"This movie belongs to Benjamin Bratt who plays Pope. What a villain"
Of course who better to take him down than Ice Cube (James) and Kevin Hart (Ben).

The setting is the beautiful Miami and who can resist the shots of bikini clad women. Ben is nearing his wedding day but he is assigned to a Miami case with his future brother-in-law. Together they must bring down a big time drug dealer (Pope) who's supplying Atlanta. Look out for Benjamin's salsa dance scene, it's not to be missed. The Kevin Hart foot chase sequence is also very memorable.

Joining the cast is the stunning Olivia Munn (playing a detective) and the hilarious Ken Jeong (ex-assistant to Pope). Olivia can definitely hold her own in an action movie and Ken Jeong is as wacky as ever. Kevin's wife (the gorgeous Tika Sumpter) has perfected the angry partner role! Rounding off the ensemble cast is Sherri Shephard (from the Jamie Foxx show and The View) playing a funny wedding planner.

The Ride Along series has always had a some what realistic feel (Ice Cube helps create this tone). With new age villains like Pope, the series promises to have more of a harder edge. When a villain takes his job seriously it makes it difficult for the good guys to prevail which draws us in. Ice Cube and Hart are the perfect combination of cool and fool! What an entertaining 102 minutes!

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