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All Upcoming/New Movies of 2022. The most popular new cinema releases and blockbusters for 2022 featuring your favourite stars.

N/A Creed 3: This is the third installment of the boxing life of Appollo Creed's son... creed-3 N/A Hocus Pocus 2: In this sequel young women accidentally bring back the Sanderson Sisters to... hocus-pocus-2 N/A Turning Red: This film is about a 13-year-old girl that turns into a giant red panda when... turning-red N/A The Marvels: The sequel to Captain Marvel. A new adventure begins. The super cast includes:... the-marvels N/A Disenchanted: This film is set 10 years after Enchanted. Giselle questions her happiness.... disenchanted N/A Borderlands: This feature film is based on the popular video game. It is set on the... borderlands N/A Puss In Boots The Last Wish: Puss in Boots has used eight of his nine lives. He goes on a journey to find... puss-in-boots-the-last-wish N/A The Northman: This film is set in Iceland 10th century. We see a Nordic prince set out on a... the-northman N/A Kung Fury 2: This film is set in the same universe as the original film "Kung Fury". The... kung-fury-2 N/A Ray Donovan: Ray is determined to find and stop Mickey before he can cause more problems.... ray-donovan N/A Whirlwind: This film is a Western... whirlwind N/A The Sea Beast: This film is about a legendary sea monster hunter. Then a young girl stows... the-sea-beast N/A Last Night A Dj Saved My Life: This film describes the life of Tony Sinclaire, a down on his luck late night... last-night-a-dj-saved-my-life N/A Cameron Cool: Cameron Cool is an aspiring actor. He gets help from an acting coach after he... cameron-cool N/A The Walk Ons: A local Factory closes-down in a small Town. A group of ex-highschool friends... the-walk-ons N/A The Great American Action Hero: This film revolves around two friends that decide to make the greatest action... the-great-american-action-hero N/A Seal Team: Quinn's best friend is killed in a shark attack. He then assembles a SEAL TEAM... seal-team N/A Banking On Mr Toad: This film is a family drama about writer Kenneth Grahame. He penned "The Wind... banking-on-mr-toad N/A Spider Man Lotus: Spider Man's former girlfriend dies. He then questions whether Spider Man's... spider-man-lotus N/A Young Again: Eric Young is an American-born Asian graduate student. He then lies about his... young-again N/A A Winters Journey: A new film by John Malkovich. The cast includes: John Malkovich as... a-winters-journey N/A Under Another Sky: This film is a Sci-Fi futuristic world adventure. The great cast includes:... under-another-sky N/A Fishermans Friends 2: The sequel to the popular UK Film "Fishermans Friends". The great cast... fishermans-friends-2 N/A Heartbreak Falls: There is a high profile business deal that involves the Mob. The cast... heartbreak-falls N/A Gold Rush: This is an action movie about the quest for... gold-rush N/A The School For Good And Evil: Some boys and girls are taken to an centre where and are trained to become... the-school-for-good-and-evil N/A The Magic Flute: Tim Walker travels to the Mozart boarding school. There, he discovers a... the-magic-flute N/A Payne And Redemption: The great cast includes: Nigel Billing as Det. Ray Candella, Kylie Cushman... payne-and-redemption N/A Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers: Andy Samberg as Dale (voice), John Mulaney as Chip (voice) and Corey Burton... chip-n-dale-rescue-rangers N/A The Ice Age Adventures Of Buck Wild: This movie is a Prequel of Ice Age film. The great cast includes: Simon Pegg... the-ice-age-adventures-of-buck-wild N/A Cheaper By The Dozen: This movie is about a busy father and his twelve children. The excellent cast... cheaper-by-the-dozen N/A The Naughty Boys: A student who needs cash ends up spanking rich mens bottoms to earn a living.... the-naughty-boys N/A Peter Pan And Wendy: This is a Live Action adaptation of the classic tale of a boy who wouldn't... peter-pan-and-wendy N/A Knives Out 2: This movie Sequel to the 2019 film "Knives Out". Daniel Craig as Benoit... knives-out-2 N/A Mars 2080: This movie is about how Earth experiences climate change and people are... mars-2080 N/A Marbles And Bullets: This movie is an adventure story set in the civil war. The full cast... marbles-and-bullets N/A The King Of Fighters Awaken: This action packed movie is an animated feature based on the popular video... the-king-of-fighters-awaken N/A Meteor: A meteor collides into Earth. A rancher and a young girl also have to run away... meteor N/A Vengeance Turns: This movie is about how Rebecca turns into a ruthless warrior that seeks... vengeance-turns N/A My Fathers Dragon: Elmer wants to find a Dragon on Wild Island. He goes on an adventure.... my-fathers-dragon N/A Slumberland: This movie is about how a young girl searches for her missing father in a... slumberland N/A The Fortress: This movie is about a group of criminals that want revenge. They join forces... the-fortress N/A Mack And Rita: This movie is about a woman in her 30s who struck by lightning. She wakes up... mack-and-rita N/A Milli Vanilli:... milli-vanilli N/A Gold 57: This movie is set in the music business during the late 1950's. The great... gold-57 N/A The Out Law: Pierce Brosnan is back! A bank manager is about to marry the love of his life.... the-out-law N/A Windfall: Jason Segel is back! In this movie a couple find that their vacation has been... windfall N/A Triangle Of Sadness: Woody Harrelson is back! Two models experience a crossroad in their careers.... triangle-of-sadness N/A Die Like Lovers: Bruce Willis is back! Firstly a man dies as part of an experimental military... die-like-lovers N/A The Mothership: Halle Berry is back! A woman's husband mysteriously vanishes from their rural... the-mothership N/A Moonshot: Zach Braff is back! In this movie a woman searches for her boyfriend in Mars.... moonshot N/A Lady Chatterleys Lover: This movie is an adaptation of a D.H. Lawrence's novel. A woman falls out of... lady-chatterleys-lover N/A Good Mourning With A U: Megan Fox is back! In this brand new comedy movie. The great cast includes:... good-mourning-with-a-u N/A Secret Headquarters: Owen Wilson is back! Charlie Kincaid discovers hidden headquarters under his... secret-headquarters N/A Sniff: This story revolves around a retired detective. He is lured back to the force... sniff N/A Chang Can Dunk: In this movie two friends (an asian american and a basketball fanatic) want... chang-can-dunk N/A North Of Normal: Sarah Gadon is back! A teenage girl is raised in the wilderness. She then... north-of-normal N/A Corrective Measures: Bruce Willis is back! The film is set in a ruthless maximum-security... corrective-measures N/A Black Site: A group of officers fight against an infamous detainee of a labyrinth. He... black-site N/A A Manual For Cleaning Women: Cate Blanchett is back! This film is an adaptation of Lucia Berlin' fantastic... a-manual-for-cleaning-women N/A Frank And Penelope: A man is down and depressed. He finds what he's after in a run down strip... frank-and-penelope N/A Hong Kong Kong: This movie is about a King Kong type beast in Hong Kong. Review Coming... hong-kong-kong N/A Bromates: Taryn Manning is back! This comedy is about how two best friends break up with... bromates N/A Easter Sunday: Tiffany Haddish is back! This film is set in a family gathering to celebrate... easter-sunday N/A Maximum Truth: A political candidate teams up with his odd friend to compete against a rival... maximum-truth N/A Camp Hideout: A pesky teen steals an important item from two big city goons. He hides out in... camp-hideout N/A Hollywood Stargirl: Uma Thurman is back! Stargirl Caraway journeys out of Mica. She then... hollywood-stargirl N/A Ride On: Jackie Chan is back! Lao Luo loves his horse. The horse may be taken away... ride-on N/A Fireheart: Olivia Cooke is back! This films is about sixteen-year-old Georgia Nolan and... fireheart N/A Senior Year: Rebel Wilson is back! This film is about a thirty seven year-old woman who... senior-year N/A Big Gold Brick: Megan Fox is back! This is the story of failed writer Samuel Liston and his... big-gold-brick N/A One Way: Kevin Bacon is back! This film describes how Freddy (a petty criminal)... one-way N/A The Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special: Chris Pratt is back! Star-Lord, Drax, Rocket, Mantis and Groot go on a new... the-guardians-of-the-galaxy-holiday-special N/A My Favorite Girlfriend: A great romantic movie. The great cast includes: Bonnie Piesse as Untitled,... my-favorite-girlfriend N/A A Day To Die: Bruce Willis is back! Connor Connolly kills a drug syndicate member while... a-day-to-die N/A Hustle: Adam Sandler is back! Adam plays a washed-up basketball scout that finds a... hustle N/A Batgirl: This film is based upon the popular DC character "Batgirl". Barbara Gordon is... batgirl N/A Asteroid City: Tom Hanks is back! This film is a love story set in Europe. The super cast... asteroid-city N/A The Gray Man: Ryan Gosling is back! This film is set in Europe. A CIA... the-gray-man N/A Samaritan: Sylvester Stallone is back! A young boy discovers that a superhero who went... samaritan N/A Next Goal Wins: Michael Fassbender is back! This film is an adaptation of the 2014 British... next-goal-wins N/A Bandit: Mel Gibson is back! A career criminal escapes a Michigan prison. He then robs... bandit N/A The Bubble: Karen Gillan is back! Actors and actresses are stuck inside a hotel during the... the-bubble N/A Your Place Or Mine: Reese Witherspoon is back! This film is about Two long-distance best friends.... your-place-or-mine N/A Breakwater: Mena Suvari is back! This movie is about a young ex-con. He is now free but... breakwater N/A Poker Face: A tech billionaire sets up a high stakes game of poker with his childhood... poker-face N/A She Said: Carey Mulligan is back! New York Times reporters Megan Twohey and Jodi Kantor... she-said N/A Section Eight: Mickey Rourke is back! A former soldier is released from prison. He had... section-eight N/A One True Loves: A woman has to choose between her husband (suspected dead) and the fiance who... one-true-loves N/A Dragons Lair: Ryan Reynolds is back! A knight called Dirk the Daring needs to rescue... dragons-lair N/A Home Team: Rob Schneider is back! This film is about New Orleans Saints head coach Sean... home-team N/A Treasure Valley: This film follows the life of cowboy Jack Braun. He finds out that his... treasure-valley N/A Avatar 2: This movie is the sequel to Avatar. The plot is unknown. The great cast... avatar-2 N/A Soul Assasin: In this film a man dies as part of an experimental military program. Then, a... soul-assasin N/A The Portable Door: This movie is about Paul Carpenter, an intern at an interesting London firm... the-portable-door N/A Mrs Harris Goes To Paris: This movie is based on Paul Gallico's novel of the same name. It's about a... mrs-harris-goes-to-paris N/A Blowback: Nick and his crew plan to perform a heist. But on the day his girl and the... blowback N/A Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness: The movie for this plot is unknown. It is the sequel to the 2016 Marvel film... doctor-strange-in-the-multiverse-of-madness N/A Infinite Storm: A woman goes on a journey of self discovery. This journey turns into to a... infinite-storm N/A Shotgun Wedding: A couple have an expensive destination wedding. The wedding is then hijacked... shotgun-wedding N/A Tyler Perrys A Madea Homecoming: Tyler Perry brings presents his most famous character "Madea". The great cast... tyler-perrys-a-madea-homecoming N/A I Wanna Dance With Somebody: This is a biography of legendary singer Whitney Houston. Review Coming... i-wanna-dance-with-somebody N/A Indiana Jones 5: The plot of this movie is unknown but it will be based on one of the other... indiana-jones-5 N/A Horse: This film is about a gunfighter who seeks revenge on the men who murdered his... horse N/A The Wild Bunch: This movie is about a gang of American bandits. They try and escape bounty... the-wild-bunch N/A Super Mario Bros The Movie: In this animated version of the popular video game, a plumber named Mario... super-mario-bros-the-movie N/A Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2: This is the Sequel to the populer animated/real-life movie "Who Framed Roger... who-framed-roger-rabbit-2 N/A Django Zorro: This movie is set a few years after the events of Django Unchained (2012).... django-zorro N/A Ant Man 3: Paul Rudd is back! This movie is the next exciting adventure of Ant Man. The... ant-man-3 N/A Nimona: This movie is about a young shape-shifter called Nimona. Nimona teams up... nimona N/A Hells Posse: This movie is a western. Review Coming... hells-posse N/A Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs: This is a live-action adaptation of the classic animated movie "Snow White... snow-white-and-the-seven-dwarfs N/A Castle Falls: This movie is about gangs that seek out millions of dollars hidden inside a... castle-falls N/A Untitled Katie Holmes Project: This is the story of two strangers in bad relationships that wind up in the... untitled-katie-holmes-project N/A John Wick Chapter 4: The 4th chapter of the John Wick saga. The super cast includes: Keanu Reeves... john-wick-chapter-4 N/A Aurora: This film is about a female astronaut that monitors solar storms that may harm... aurora N/A Lost City Of D: A romance novelist goes on a book tour with the model on the cover of one of... lost-city-of-d N/A Fast And Furious 10: The plot for this movie is unknown. Plot unknown. It is the tenth and final... fast-and-furious-10 N/A Hate To See You Go: This film describes the life of aging Chicago Blues musician Sonny Bell... hate-to-see-you-go N/A The Lost City: Sandra Bullock is back! This movie is about how an introverted romance... the-lost-city N/A They Cloned Tyrone: Jamie Foxx is back! An unlikely trio go on a mystery caper. The awesome cast... they-cloned-tyrone N/A Me Time: Mark Wahlberg is back! For the first time a dad has time to himself. His wife... me-time N/A Luckiest Girl Alive: This film is about a woman in New York that faces trauma and needs to overcome... luckiest-girl-alive N/A Beneath: This film is about a marine diver looking for the wreckage of a missing... beneath N/A Ambulance: After they make mistakes in there heist, two robbers steal an ambulance. The... ambulance N/A Gotham City Sirens: This movie is about three of Gotham City's best female criminals. They all go... gotham-city-sirens N/A Trail Blazers: This film is about a band of siblings. They were robbers, thieves and killers... trail-blazers N/A The 355: A top-secret weapon goes missing and a CIA Agent plus three others go on a... the-355 N/A The Outfit: This movie follows an English tailor who used to craft suits in London. He... the-outfit N/A Moonfall: A mysterious force knocks the Moon from its orbit around Earth. It sends on a... moonfall N/A The Commando: Mickey Rourke is back! An agent must protect his family from a home invasion.... the-commando N/A Three Men And A Baby: This movie is a remake of the 1987 film of the same name. Three men have to... three-men-and-a-baby N/A Lola 2: This movie is the sequel to "Lola". It's about the survival of the fittest.... lola-2 N/A Jungle Book 2: This movie is a sequel to the 2016 movie "The Jungle Book". Review Coming... jungle-book-2 N/A G O D Tech: This movie follows the lives of a family of the future. This family chose... g-o-d-tech N/A Sanctified: This film is about an outlaw that is rescued from death by a nun. The nun is... sanctified N/A Ice Moon Rising: The protagonist is Elliot Drexler. He spends twenty years in a cryogenic... ice-moon-rising N/A Hobbs And Shaw 2: Dwayne Johnson and Jason Stratham make a great team! This movie is a sequel... hobbs-and-shaw-2 N/A Bump Set Spike: This movie is about the sport of volleyball. x Review Coming... bump-set-spike N/A 0: This inspiring film is about a young college student who runs track. He... 0 N/A Recall: A car accident occurs and a man wakes up with no memory. He asks his wife... recall N/A New Jack Empire: This movie is about the 70's drugs, sex and crime. It takes you on a journey... new-jack-empire N/A A City Knight: This movie revolves around city crime. The cast includes: Max Riffel as... a-city-knight N/A Of Myth And Legend: This movies tells the story of a young American outlaw. He achieved fame... of-myth-and-legend N/A Animal Party: This is an animated feature film featuring different animals. Review Coming... animal-party N/A Last Friday: Ice Cube is back! The next and final chapter of the "Friday" series... last-friday N/A Scream 5: This is the next chapter in the "Scream" horror franchise. A woman returns... scream-5 N/A Sesame Street: This is a live action movie based on the "Sesame Street" TV series. The cast... sesame-street N/A Gangster Wives: This movie tells five stories. The main protagonist is Carol. She is to be... gangster-wives N/A The Chess Game: This movie is about Robert and Dale who are both in a band. Both also love... the-chess-game N/A The Lego Batman Movie 2: This movie is the sequel to the popular and hilarious "The Lego Batman... the-lego-batman-movie-2 N/A Love And Something Like It: This movie is about Dan, who loses his wife in his 50s. He then starts dating... love-and-something-like-it N/A Onassis: The story of the once richest man in the world, Onassis. The full cast... onassis N/A Thor Love And Thunder: Chris Hemsworth is back! This movie is the sequel to "Thor: Ragnarok". It is... thor-love-and-thunder N/A Conundrum Secrets Among Friends: This movie is about longtime friends that have known each other since college.... conundrum-secrets-among-friends N/A I Want You Back: Scott Eastwood is back! Peter and Emma have both been dumped. They team up to... i-want-you-back N/A Under The Boardwalk: This animated feature film is about sea crab tourists that clash with the... under-the-boardwalk N/A Luck: This animated comedy is about the age old battle between the forces of good... luck N/A Time And Money: This movie is about two stressed film producers. They stay up all night to fix... time-and-money N/A Eyes Of A Roman: This movie describes how a roman soldier's life changes. There is also a... eyes-of-a-roman N/A Deadly Draw: A career criminal, his ex wife and his former lover join a high stakes poker... deadly-draw N/A Shazam Fury Of Gods: This movie is the sequel to 2019's Shazam! movie. The great cast includes:... shazam-fury-of-gods N/A Hometown Hollywood The Movie: Lights. Camera.... hometown-hollywood-the-movie N/A Burgers: In this comedy drama, Denise's food truck is impounded. It had to do with a... burgers N/A Bullet Train: Brad Pitt is back! This film is set in a fast moving bullet train. Five... bullet-train N/A Sonic The Hedgehog 2: This is a sequel to the 2020 live-action feature film "Sonic the Hedgehog".... sonic-the-hedgehog-2 N/A Blade Runner 2089: The next chapter of the intriguing and exciting Blade Runner movie series.... blade-runner-2089 N/A Josh Taylors Prom Date: Josh Taylor and his nerd friends go up against the school's basketball star.... josh-taylors-prom-date N/A When The Moon Was Twice As Big: This is the story of the producer and two lip-syncing male models. The made... when-the-moon-was-twice-as-big N/A The Chelsea Cowboy: Hard-man turned actor Bindon is unable to leave his criminal past behind. The... the-chelsea-cowboy N/A Black Panther 2: This movie is the sequel to the 2018 Marvel film "Black Panther". The great... black-panther-2 N/A Legally Blonde 3: This is the next hilarious chapter in the Legally Blonde franchise. The... legally-blonde-3 N/A Dungeons And Dragons: This movie is based on the original table top role-playing game. Review... dungeons-and-dragons N/A Dc Super Pets: This comedic animation is about how Superman's dog teams up with a flying... dc-super-pets N/A Artificial Selection: In this movie Artificial Intelligence exists. Will it aid human evolution or... artificial-selection N/A The Flash: This movie is about Flash travelling into a timeline where Earth is in... the-flash N/A Lightyear: This movie describes the origin story of action figure "Buzz Lighyear". The... lightyear N/A Alien Planet: In this movie two alien scecies are at odds. But they must reconcile their... alien-planet N/A Transformers 2022: This is the next exciting installment of the Transformers franchise. Review... transformers-2022 N/A Food Fight: Jonathan Rhys Meyers is back! A comedy about a food fight. The super cast... food-fight N/A Naya The Legend Of The Golden Dolphin: This movie describes the adventures of Naya The Golden Dolphin Princess. She... naya-the-legend-of-the-golden-dolphin N/A Batman A Beautiful Lie: This is an animated Batman adventure. The cast includes: Jack Kritzer as... batman-a-beautiful-lie N/A Captain Marvel 2: This is the next exciting installment in the Captain Marvel series. The... captain-marvel-2 N/A Butched: This movie is a western. Review Coming... butched N/A Skate God: This movie is about a skateboarder. It is set in a Dystopian future. The... skate-god N/A Mr Men And Little Miss: This movie is based on the Mr. Men and Little Miss books. The author is... mr-men-and-little-miss N/A Guns 3 Alias Billy The Kid: This is the third movie in the "Young Guns" film franchise. The great cast... guns-3-alias-billy-the-kid N/A Slow Motion: This movie is about how Love Lewis reenters the dating world after a bad break... slow-motion N/A Shrek 5: A reboot of the popular "Shrek" animated feature. Review Coming... shrek-5 N/A Crimes Of The Future: This movie describes a not too distant world where there are synthetic... crimes-of-the-future N/A Wolf Creek 3: This movie is the third installment of the Wolf Creek series. Mick Taylor is... wolf-creek-3 N/A Distant: Zachary Quinto is back! This interesting film is about an Asteroid miner who... distant N/A The Finish Line: This is one of the stories about the Roosevelt Raceway. This story will look... the-finish-line N/A Rebels Run: This movie is a live-action take on the superhero characters from Arkhaven... rebels-run N/A Age Of Stone And Sky The Warlocks Curse: This movie is the next chapter in the "Age of Stone and Sky" series. The... age-of-stone-and-sky-the-warlocks-curse N/A Escape From Hat: This series is about a rabbit that runs out of luck. He gets lost inside a... escape-from-hat N/A Ticket To Paradise: A divorced couple teams up and travels to Bali to stop their daughter from... ticket-to-paradise N/A Easter Egg: This movie is about how seven genetically engineered girls wake up to find... easter-egg N/A The Karate Breaker: A Karate Champion is known for his fighting skills. Then he fights drug gangs... the-karate-breaker N/A Spellbound: This animated movie is about a teenager with magical powers. Then the forces... spellbound N/A Kayara: The main protagonist is Kayara, a young Incan woman. She wants to break into... kayara N/A Star Wars 2022: The next exciting installment of the Star Wars saga! There will be a new... star-wars-2022 N/A Aquaman 2: Sequel to the popular Aquaman movie. The full cast includes: Amber Heard as... aquaman-2 N/A The King The Swordsman And The Sorceress: This will be a sword era film. The great cast includes: Deborah Dutch as... the-king-the-swordsman-and-the-sorceress

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