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The movie starts off by showing the following text: "The California Highway Patrol does not endorse this film. At all". You know your in for some big laughs after seeing that. We see some nice vehicles from the get go. Michael Pena (Frank/Ponch) plays the lead and he drives a black chevi, with the cops on his tail. He's actually an undercover cop working for the FBI. He has infiltrated a crew of bank robbers. They think he is loyal as he is responsible for this get away vehicle. The cops try and arrest the bank robbers, Frank shoots a fellow bank robber but the bullet hits an FBI agent called Allen (a cameo by Adam Brody). Dax Shepard (Jon Baker) is the oldest rookie in the CHP (California Highway Patrol). He becomes Frank's partner. Frank has been sent to the CHP to discover crooked cops that may be linked to the bank robberies. Jon Baker also wants to save his marriage, he has a promiscuous wife, Kristen Bell

The female CHP cops are hilarious, played by Jessica McNamee (Lindsay). and Jane Kaczmarek (Jane).

Vincent D'Onofrio (Vik Brown) is behind some highway armed robberies. Jon Baker is supposed to be awesome with his bike and he excels here (great stunt work). Pena as Frank is somewhat funny. I like his deadpan lines. He's a sex addict. The locker room scenes in which Frank meets Jon are very funny. To make it interesting Vik Brown is also in the CHP, he's ofcourse a crooked cop. Jon doesn't like Frank diverting from CHP work. They visit John's wife who is swimming provacatively with an unknown male (a funny cameo by Josh Duhamel).

Vik Brown continues to do highway robberies. The audience is helped by clues. This makes the movie easier to follow the movie although sometimes we're given red herrings. There is a missing CHP Rider, Frank visits his widow for clues. Frank tells Jon he's FBI. The two confront Vik Brown but they can't pin anything on him yet. It feels like a long movie but you end up enjoying every scene. Jon goes to hospital after an action scene.

There are some really funny scenes involving Frank and sexting his fellow CHP cops!!! There is a final confrontation with the robbers, great action. There is a cameo of the latino character of the original Chips TV Series. It's very funny, he's turns out to be a sex addict too!

Ultimately this movie is about the friendships that you create at work, in this case, working for the CHP.

"I love that the comedy in Chips comes at very odd moments and it makes you laugh hard!"

100 minutes of solid action, comedy and some touching moments too, enjoy.

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