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Charlie Day plays a down to earth nice teacher called Andy Cambell. It is the last day of school. It is utter chaos. Students playing tricks on teachers and vandalising the school. Andy is a push over and his students make fun of him. Mr Strickland (Ice Cube) takes his teaching job very seriously and he uses intimidation and aggression. The principal says during this last day of school "everything in my office is glued to something else and I have a mariachi band following me all day" hahaha.

The supporting cast of teachers is magnificent, each of them with their own peculiar personality; Coach Crawford (Tracy Morgan), Ms Holly (Jillian Bell), Ms Monet (Christina Hendricks) and Principal Tyler (Dean Norris). Security Guard Mehar (Kumail Nanjiani). JoAnna Garcia Swisher plays Andy's wife.

Because Strickland destroyed a class room after a student misbehaves Andy tells on him and Strickland loses his job. Strickland then challenges Andy to a fist fight after school. One of the funniest scenes is when the female teacher Holly (Jillian Bell) and Coach Crawford (Tracy Morgan) describe Strickland's scary past. Strickland was in a gang, the army, a cop and all the scenes are hilarious. The janitor says "And I walk in on him playing piano"... "that doesn't seem so scary"... "you didn't see his eyes". hahaha. Ice Cube excels in these scenes.

Charlie strikes a deal with a student to get back Strickland's job. The student testifies to the Principal that it wasn't Strickland's fault. Jillian Bell nails the role of Holly and is by far the funniest of the teachers. She constantly flirts with the male students, she has great comic timing. Holly tries to mediate between Andy and Strickland. It doesn't work. Even the fact that Andy got Strickland's job back doesn't help because Strickland is done with this school.

Andy gets more crazy and angry as the movie progresses. Andy has a plan to frame Strickland with drugs before the fight starts. The constant Mariachi Band following the principle is also funny. Andy and Strickland end up in jail but they get off. Strickland says the fight between him and Andy is still on. Andy runs to his daughters talent show but misses it, the father and daughter do a rap song with harsh swearing "I don't give a f* bi* about you" hahahahaha. This has to be the funniest scene in the whole movie.

Andy then returns to the school for the fist fight. The mariachi band playing the Rocky Anthem ahahaha. The actual fight is very well coreagraphed. Andy is the underdog but he lands a few. The fight goes on for a long while and it looks like Andy wins. The students shout "Cambell, Cambell". Then Strickland gets up and knocks him out. After the fight Strickland drives Andy to the hospital, his wife is having a baby. The media attention was good for the school, all the teachers keep there job.

"This is a chaotic movie but it's funny. Jillian Bell steals this movie"
I hope we'll be seeing more of her. Most funny scenes are pure fantasy so don't come expecting a serious movie. Though I've been in school on the last day of the seniors year and it can get crazy. Teachers and Students will perhaps relate to this movie. Enjoy 85 minutes of hilarity.

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Fist Fight

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