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Main Cast Reviews  Ashley Tisdale, Avril Lavigne, g.e.m. Categories  Drama | Musical Release Date  5th Nov 2018 N/A


Note: The "Charming" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a "Disney Princess Cinderella and Prince Charming DVD" as the movie poster instead.

Three fairy tale princesses; Cinderella (voiced by Ashley Tisdale), Snow White (voiced by Avril Lavigne), Sleeping Beauty (voiced by g.e.m.), find themselves engaged to the same person, Prince Philippe Charming (voiced by the funny Wilmer Valderrama). Prince Charming has got a curse that makes all the women of the land desire him. The men in the land are jealous and have had enough. The King (voiced by Jim Cummings) tells Prince Charming that he has to find a bride. He must also go through The Gauntlet, an obstacle course that is a rights of passage preparing him for life. There is an evil witch called Nemeny Neverwish (voiced by Nia Vardalos) that wants the Prince to fail and the curse to continue. To guide him through the Gauntlet the Prince enlists the help of a guide (who is really a woman, Lenore voiced well by Demi Lovato). Will the Prince find true love?

We are told that this is the famous untold story of a prince. The voice over says "He saved Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty". The three princesses don't know that their dating the same Prince. Together they sing "Trophy Boy" hehehe, the first of the musical numbers. The visuals are funny, a bunch of girls chasing the Prince hehehe. The modern pop music soundtrack suits this movie.

The King says that the prince needs to marry. The King says he must run The Gauntlet, a kind of rights of passage obstacle course. There is a villainess called Nemeny that hates the King that cursed the Prince when he was a baby. She made him "too charming" and so he never knew what true love was. The prince decides to run The Gauntlet and find love. The Kings men transport some gold. A thief (a girl called Lenore) steals the gold from underneath the carriage from a hole below. This is a cool innovative scene. The Kings men chase the thief, great chasing action sequence here.

The Prince meets the thief girl Lenore. When he meets her he feels funny. He's never felt like that before. It could be love. The princesses visit the cake shop where Lenore is hiding. She pretends to be the cake attendant. She steals all the gold bracelets and rings from the princesses. They show Lenore a photo of their princes and its the same guy! They shout out loud angrily! Lenore is then jailed. But since she is brave and skilled at action, they ask her to protect the Prince during The Gauntlet. Lenore pretends to be a male guide called "Lenny" and the Prince agrees.

Nemeny the witch says in two days her curse will stick forever unless the Prince falls in love. Meanwhile the Prince and Lenore begin the Gauntlet. Aggressive Magic Plants try and surround them. They ride through the plants. They then create a balloon and glide away. The fall down to the woods. Nemeny knows that Lenore could fall in love with the Prince because Lenore is immune to his charms. Nemeny gets angry and plots their demise whilst there in the Gauntlet.

The Prince explains how he met the princesses during a funny sequence. They step on a booby trap. There are giant savages that abduct them and they are taken into caves. They are man eaters! The Prince gives his famous smile and gets the attention of the giant girls! This buys them time. The Giant girls annoint the Prince with oil many times hehehe. The Prince and Lenore escape with the help of a little bird that knows the exit.

They encounter a huge rock creature. The Prince and the thief find a gem stone on the ground. The prince and the Rock creature fight. The Rock creature throws the Prince around and he gets injured. Finally the Prince conquers the rock creature by placing the gem on his chest. Lenore dreams of falling for the Prince, a musical number commences.

Lenore still dressed as "Lenny" tells the Prince to meet her at a restaurant. The Prince goes to a restaurant and he knows he has to fall in love as soon as possible. Lenore wears a dress to meet the prince but she backs out when she see's the Prince at the restarant surrounded by beautiful women. Lenore thinks she hasn't got a chance.

The Prince has to make his decision. Lenore reveals her true self to him but he needs time to think. The Prince does not choose Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella or Snow white. He writes letters to all his lovers, that they never really loved him, that it was just a curse.

Prince charming is going to get hung. This is the only way that women will stop falling for him. Just as he is going to get hung Lenore saves him with her bow and arrow. Nemeny wants to stop the Prince and Lenore from kissing and creates a storm cloud to stop them from seeing each other. The Prince is dealt a blow from the storm cloud and faints. But Lenore finally kisses him and the curse is broken! The ladies in the crowd are freed from adoring the Prince and their husbands/boyfriends rejoice. Lenore proposes to the prince and they marry in a big ceremony.

"Charming is dare I say a 'charming' movie hehehe. Great action sequences, funny musical numbers and silly humour thrown in through out. The lead characters of Lenore and Prince Charming are interesting enough to carry the film. The three princesses (Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping beauty) are silly and funny too"
Most animated features have there own unique type of animation and this movie was no exception. Most characters looked goofy in this movie. The story line is easy to follow. Great soundtrack too. A fantastic and funny 1hr 30min.


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