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Main Cast Reviews  Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish, Taran Killam Categories  Comedy Release Date  28th Sep 2018 7.2


Kevin Hart is back in a brand new comedy! A group of trouble makers, including Kevin Hart as Teddy Walker, that never finished high school are forced to attend night school. They need to do this to pass the GED exam to finally finish high school. Their teacher Carrie is played Tiffany Haddish. The supporting cast includes: Taran Killam as Stewart, Romany Malco as Jaylen, Brooke Butler as ADHD Spokesperson, Ben Schwartz as Marvin, Anne Winters as Mila, Mary Lynn rajskub as Theresa, Megalyn Echikunwoke as Lisa, Keith David as Gerald, Rob Riggle as Mackenzie, Jacob Batalon as Jacob Batalon, Yvonne Orji as Maya, Tilda Del toro as Maria (Luis' Wife) and Bresha Webb as Denise.

We hear a Hip Hop song "So fresh as can be" hehe. We then see a young Teddy (both current and young Teddy are played by Kevin Hart).

"Teddy's father Gerald is played by Keith David. Keith David has been hilarious in his previous roles. He made me chuckle in his few scenes in this movie. He tells his son that he has to pass the final year to get his GED"

He goes to take the exam and looks at the questions. He decides to quit and leaves the exam room.

"Next, we see a cool porsche scene with Teddy driving. 'Whatever you like' hip hop song plays in the background. I must say, there is a great soundtrack to this movie"
He drives with his girlfriend Lisa (Megalyn Echikunwoke). It appears that Lisa is very rich (it's her car)! Teddy works for BBQ City. He speaks to his boss at work about his future at the company. He says that when the boss retires he's gonna give the store to Kevin.

There at a restaurant. The chef wants to give them the meal free. Kevin and the others are happy to pay for it, it's no problem. But his wife wants to pay for the whole meal. They argue. Teddy decides to cause mischief and tries to get the meal for free his own way. Pointing to his meal, The waiter says "This has one to many pubes, you planted them!" hehehe. Teddy and Lisa get romantic and Teddy says "I just know that with you by my side anything is possible".

"Teddy and Lisa are in the BBQ City store. The gas is accidentally turned on in one of the BBQ's. Teddy gets injured in a hilarious scene. Kevin Hart excels in physical comedy"
Then Teddy gets fired. Teddy's friend says that he can get him a job as a financial analyst but he needs to get his GED. Teddy gets in an argument in the middle of the road (two cars side by side). "A Lepracorn is sitting next to me" says Carrie (played by Tiffany Haddish) who is in the second car. They drive off.

We go back to the past in Teddy's old school. Teddy is told by another student that 'he is the dumbest student in the school'.

"We go back to the present time. That student that disliked him has now become the principal, Stewart. Stewart is played by the funny Taran Killam. Taran Killam has used sarcastic comedy well in his other roles too! hehehe"
The principal chats to Carrie (she works in that school). The following scene is one of the funniest in the movie. The principle does black slang/voice hehehe. It's clear that the principal doesn't get along with Teddy. Teddy is surprised to see Carrie here (they swore at each other in their cars earlier). She calls Teddy a lepracon hehehe. "When have I not kept it One Hunded! (One hundred) says the principal HAHAHA!

They reposses Teddy's car. Teddy tries to get his car back and a funny scene occurs.

"Back in the night school class Teddy also meets the waiter who served him earlier. 'Remember me pendejo' hehehe says the latino waiter. He had lost his job because of Teddy. The other students are very peculiar and funny. There is even a jail mate on Skype hehehe. One of the students says that he doesn't like tech. There's a girl that needs to get her GED because she wans to avoid Juvenile Detention. 'I have great teeth, I want to be a dental hygenist' says the latino guy. There are some great side characters in this movie"

Carrie explains to the students about Night School "You will be getting homework every day just like High School".

"Teddy tries to get a job. He goes to a chicken store for a marketing job and they give him a chicken suit job with a sign hehehe. It fits him snug 'it's for a pint size man' hehehe. Once again, Kevin Hart at his physical best"
Back in class there is a fist fight in the jail (as seen on Skype) hehehe! One of the students say "Are we gonna gloss over the fact that we just saw a prison fight". It appears that Teddy has dislexia again and he can't learn what's on the board.

Teddy can't make love because he has to study. The latino is also an Uber Driver hehehe. The boys and girls in the class want to steal the exam papers, they prepare for a robbery. "Why dont u wear black... so u wore yellow!" hehehe. "You said no witnesses... " after he chokes the janitor HAHAHA. "Principals have principles" says the principal hehe. They make it inside the principles office, they hide. "U got that eco-friendly vibe going ... very little waste" hehehe.

"Then comes my favourite scene. They send up the Tom Cruise movie Fallout (in particularly the Tom cruise jump from one building to another), this is too much HAAAHAHAHA! The first girl makes it. Second guy wearing yellow falls down (similar to the Tom Cruise jump hehehe). What a well coreographed scene"
Teddy is told by his wife that he is getting cold feet. He says he's not. The principle goes to the Chicken Shop and finds Kevin. He says that he suspects the students. He thinks they stole the test.
"Carrie is angry 'You don't want to be here Teddy'. Tiffany Haddish is a great actress. She has comedic timing but it is also at home in the small amount of sentimental scenes in this movie"

Teddy spots Carrie instructing a young student. Carrie knows that Teddy is dislexic. "I got learning herpes!?" says Teddy. She thinks he needs exercise to clear his mind so she takes him to a UFC gym hehe. Kevin gets beat up badly for every wrong answer she asks hehe.

"They all go to the Prom. They dance. Kevin dances good. The latino student sings at the prom like Marc Anthony HAHAHA! As I said, some of these side characters are hilarious"
Teddy dances with Carrie. Carey says she's Gay. Teddy's wife shows up at the Prom! She's been asked to redesign the school. Teddy tries to explain. She dumps Teddy. Teddy also quits Night School. Back in his old house, his dad says "you have to act like a grown ass man" hehehe. Keith David who plays the dad is hilarious. It's clear that Teddy wants stop being a trophy husband and earn real money.

Teddy decides to take the exam, the teacher tells him to focus. The students get their results. Most of the students passed. Even the latino dental hygenist passed! Teddy fails. So he takes the test again. He fails two times then passes!!! At the end of the school season the students graduate. In the graduation ceremony, the prisoner is also there with hand cuffs HAHAHA!!! His girlfriend shows up.

Teddy and his girlfriend make up "Im teddy walker, im a highschool dropout... and I would love to take you on a date". There is a photo taken of the class. A song plays at the after party. The principal dances Hip Hop hahaha!

Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish, what a combination.

"Kevin Hart excels in physical comedy and silly awkward scenes. He was complimented by the talented Tiffany Haddish who definitely holds her own in both the comedic and sentimental scenes. Taran Killam also excelled in his role as the principal. The funniest moment of the movie for me was the Mission Impossible Fallout reference, it made me cry of laughter! HAHAHAAA!"
Kevin Hart is at his silliest in this movie! Simple plot with some laugh out loud moments. Enjoy the full 1hr 51min.




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