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Main Cast Reviews  Dwayne Johnson, Pablo Schreiber, Neve Campbell Categories  Action | Crime Release Date  12th Jul 2018 7.5


Dwayne Johnson continues to impress in action movies! Ex FBI Rescue Team leader Will Sawyer played by (Dwayne Johnson) now assesses security for buildings. He goes for a job interview in Hong Kong. The job is for a security consultant for the tallest/safest building in the world called The Pearl. Criminals set the building on fire and want to steal data from the owner. Will must find those responsible and rescue his family who is trapped inside.

The supporting cast includes: Pablo Schreiber as Ben, Neve Campbell as Sarah Sawyer, Noah Taylor as Mr. Pierce, Chin Han as Zhao Long Ji, Roland Moller as Kores Botha, Byron Mann as Inspector Wu, Hannah Quinlivan as Xia, Adrian Holmes as Ajani Okeke, Elfina Luk as Sergeant Han, Kevin Rankin as Ray and Gretal Montgomery as Ray's Wife.

A police man is down outside the house where a domestic violence situation is going on. The FBI is called and they enter the house forcefully. The man in question holds a gun and grabs his son. The FBI put there guns down. But the man detonates a bomb and the whole area goes up in flames. FBI agent Will (played brilliantly by Dwayne Johnson) gets heavily injured and loses a leg. He will have to wear a prosthetic leg for the rest of his life.

Some time in the future Will lands a security contract interview with the tallest building in the world called The Pearl in Hong Kong. It's evident that Dwayne Johnson may be playing similar roles in his latest movies but one thing I've noticed is that he is constantly improving as an actor. In this role he excels at displaying his emotions and of course in the physical action scenes.

It's more than just his physicality that makes him suitable for action roles. When he's in pain and he's experiencing thrills and spills, you can feel it. That takes time. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone also became good at this.

He plays a father in this movie and does it well. Neve Cambell plays his wife Sarah Sawyer. Neve Cambell has been sorely missed in feature films of late. She is a great actress and really excels in this movie. She is at home with both the dramatic and action scenes. Let's hope we see more of her in future movies soon.

Will visits The Pearl building which is immaculate and unique. It has gardens and greenery inside! He starts his assessment of the security systems of the building. He says it all checks out. They give him an access device to keep with all the buildings data on it.

In The Pearl there are optical illusions on certain levels like transparent floors and walls!!! When they turn that effect on it looks like Will was floating in the middle of the sky! Wow, what a spectacular/memorable special effects scene.

Ben (played by Pablo Schreiber) is Will's friend. In the street a thief tries to steal the access device the manager gave Will. Will manages to hold on to the advice. Back in The Pearl building, some criminals break in through a wall. Will's family is in a level of the pearl. Criminals go to that level.

Ben wants the device for some reason. Will and Ben fight This is some of the best hand to hand combat I've seen this year. Both men have lightning reflexes and are equally matched. The fight is a mixture of Fist and knife. Ultimately Ben gets accidentally shot. He tells Will only a few things and that his family is unsafe.

Will escapes some goons that are after him. He phones his wife Sarah and tells his wife to escape via a passage way. But the criminals start more fires. Will has to save his family so he escapes the cops in the street and walks up a building (next door to the pearl). Will climbs up some the scaffolding in an exhilerating scene. He climbs up and up without looking down. Very suspenseful. He tries to throw a hook into the building. It fails.

Then he runs the length of a horizontal plank of a big crane and jumps into the building! Wow! This is an epic scene. The criminals try and steal the drive from the manager who locked himself up in the penthouse. The criminals need will to break in, they know hes in the building. Sarah the mother continues her escape with the kids. She finds Will. They save their son by creating a bridge with a plank.

He puts them in an elevator and cuts the chord, they descend at a rapid pace but survive by pulling the stop handle. What a great innovative/suspensfull scene. The criminals find Will's daughter then Will. They need Will to open the penthouse and force him to do it or else they'll harm his daughter.

Will manages to do so by scaling the side of the building and cutting an electricity chord. He nearly loses his life. These scenes are awesome, his fake leg gets caught up and he nearly slips but makes it. The rest of the movie sees Will battling with the criminals and making sure his family is safe.

Even Neve Cambell (as Sarah) gets in on the action as she fights a female criminal on ground level. These hand to hand combat scenese are suburb. Probably the best this year. What a performance by Neve Cambell! As I said, we need to see more of her in the future.

Skyscraper has shades of the old Die Hard movies. Having the lead character have a prosthetic leg mean't the odds were stacked against him. The plot was simple and quite interesting. The shots of the building itself (The Pearl) were also innovative and mesmorising. Maybe future buildings are going to have this architecture and facilities, who knows.

"Seeing Dwayne Johnson run on a plank of a Crane and do a massive jump into a burning building... wow! What a memorable scene."
Dwayne Johnson has a knack for picking great action movies and this is no exception. Enjoy the full 1hr 42min.


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