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Broken Lizard Productions and the Super Troopers Crew are back! A border dispute between the U.S. and Canada occurs. The Super Troopers (previously fired) are given Highway Patrol station in this area. They discover that there are drugs getting imported in the area and investigate. The original local cops, "Mounties", have a distate for the Super Troopers and this leads to hilarious moments. The cast includes all of the original Super Troopers from the first movie plus some great additions including: Kevin Heffernan as Farva, Jay Chandrasekhar as Thorny, the stunning Marisa Coughlan as Ursula, Steve Lemme as Mac, Erik Stolhanske as Rabbit, Jay Chandrasekhar as Thorny, Paul Soter as Foster and Brian Cox as Captain O'hagen. This movie also features Seann William Scott as Trooper Callaghan, Damon Wayans Jr. as Trooper Wagner, Rob Lowe as Guy LeFranc, the one and only Wonder Woman herself as Lynda Carter as Governor Jessman.

The beginning scene has the bizarre humour that Broken Lizard is known for. There is a band playing at the back of a tour bus. The band is called "crackling bacon" and includes all the ex Super Troopers. Some highway cops board them (Seann William Scott and Damon Wayans Jr), they are fans of the band. The Troopers trick them and escape to the sound of rock. One of them (Mac) gets shot crudely but in the end this sequence was all a dream!

We then see the Super Troopers in construction because they were fired due to a ride along incident when the actor Fred Savage got into a terrible accident. The old chief Captain O'hagen gives them a jon in the Canadian border. They get haircuts and get into Uniform. Farva played by Kevin Heffernan is hilarious from the get go. Guy LeFranc played by Rob Lowe is the mayor of the town. They go to a town meeting and the crowd doesn't like the Troopers and boo them off stage. Farva gets pranked and electrocuted grabbing the receiver phone by the other troopers. The physical comedy is fantastic in this movie, it's what made the first movie memorable.

Some of the more memorable scenes include the Super Troopers interaction with the locals and the Mounties (original town cops). The Super Troopers go to a brothel and hilariously get beat up (use your rude imagination!). Two troopers find drugs and counterfit phones. They test the drugs themselves with hilarious results hahaha! They try, speed, roids, viagra for women. Thorny gets addicted to the female hormones drug! They also find a bear in the police station (placed there by the mounties).

In another great scene the Super Troopers dress up as mounties and give them a bad name on purpose. The funniest is when two Super Troopers arrive on horseback holding a siren speaking french. They then say to the driver "The key to life is ha-pines in your harse-hold" hahaha. They actually explain that those two words were happiness and household.

Rob Lowe as the Mayor gives an awesome performance. His french accent is terrible! But his over the top performance, particularly when they are in the brothel is laugh out loud funny! The Mayor's assistant played by Marisa Coughlan is extremely sexy and funny too!

The end of the movies sees the Super Troopers in a shoot out with the real importers of the drugs/arms. It's a great ending with even some hand to hand combat, great action.

I have fond memories of the original Super Troopers movie.

"The Broken Lizard crew (Kevin Heffernan, Jay Chandraskhar, Paul Soter, Erik Stolhanske, Steve Lemme) and Brian Cox provide a special brand of comedy. It's physical! It's rude and sometimes absurd! hehehe"
Let's hope the Broken Lizard crew star in (or produce) more movies. They have been sorely missed! A entertaining and hilarious 1hr 29min.

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