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The movie is set in 1959 in a small town in England. The protagonist Florence says "The covers of the books are like the walls of a house". After mourning the loss of her husband, Florence ends up setting up a bookshop in a village. She goes to a Banker nicknamed Mr Potato Head to get a loan hehe. The town hears that she wants to open a bookshop. The story is about Florence who fights to keep her Bookshop running. A powerfull elderly woman called Violet objects to her idea and makes things hard for her. What a great cast: Emily Mortimer as Florence Green, Bill Nighy as Edmund Brundish, Patricia Clarkson as Violet Gamart, Hunter Tremayne as Mr Keble, James Lance as Milo North, Honor Kneafsey as Kristine, Frances Barber as Jessie, Reg Wilson as General Gamart, Nigel O'Neill as Mr Deben and Jorge Suquet as Mr Thornton.

Florence buys a new red dress and goes to a soiree. From the beginning I like the pace of this film. Mr North is quirky and funny (played excellently by James Lance). James Lance has a silly demeanor through out the film. Violet who has connections in London wants the old house to be an Art centre. But Florence wants to make it a Bookshop.

There are very elegant conversations in this movie. Beautiful language. Beautiful landscapes in the village. Florence visits him making enquiries about setting her shop up. She thinks Florence wants to hire him for the Art Centre but it's false. The sea scouts turn up and help her put up the shelves.

She sets up her shop, she smiles. She gets her first Customer order from Edmund Brundish (played wonderfully by Bill Nigh). Mr Potato Head banker shows up to her shop and other villagers visit, including young people. A young girl asks for a job at the bookshop. The various side characters that pop up in this village are memorable and interesting.

Florence befriends the young girl. Perhaps she has a motherly instinct. The pace of the film makes you feel relaxed. She gets invited for tea at a Mans house (Edmund). It's kind of spooky. Very well organised tea and cake :) He's a widower, but not quite. He separated from her and hasn't seen her in 45 years. This is one of my favourite scenes. Edmund likes Florence.

"I like the way that Bill Nigh (as Edmund) talks. The pace of the film is such that there's even time to shoot an angle of Florence slowly cutting the cake for tea"

Her lawyer disputes with her about people gathering outside her stand. Violet pulls some strings to get her Arts Centre Setup. The inspector comes to check if students have jobs outside jobs. The young girl can't work in the book shop anymore. It's sad.

Edmund meets with Florence and says he'll talk to Violet, the woman making her life a misery. It is a beautiful scene. They embrace but they don't kiss.

Mr North wants to work for her. Edmund visits Violet. Bill Nigh does an excellent job in this movie as a very reserved man. He gets really angry at Violet, great tense scenes. Edmund ends up passing away walking back to his house. Probably due to the stress of having to deal with Violet. Florence becomes extremely sad and emotional.

The end of the film sees Florence getting betrayed by some of the Village people and it's quite depressing. But there is hope in that the little young girl ends up becoming a future book shop owner.

The pace of dialogue in this movie allows you to fully immerse yourself in a conversation and with the great acting you get a sense of what the actors are feeling. These scenes make the movie captivating. Bill Nigh does a superb job in his role as Edmund Brundish. The lead actress Emily Mortimer portrays a very strong woman with a love for books. She is a loveable character. What a captivating 1hr 53min.

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The Bookshop

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