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James Franco continues to pursue interesting projects. In the last 5 years he has shown great range in that every new character he creates is very unique and memorable. In this movie he teams up with his real life brother Dave Franco in a movie about friendship and the pursuit of artistic creativity. This movie is essentially based on the true story of how Tommy Wiseau created a small movie called "The Room".

The movie starts off in an Actors Workshop. Greg (Dave Franco) is reading a part but with no flare. The teacher asks for someone in the class to show some real passion and Tommy (James Franco) puts his hand up. Tommy is serious but his rendition of Brando in "A Street Car Named Desire" is hilarious which sets the tone for the whole movie. This movie has quite a big known cast including: Dave Franco as Greg, James Franco as Tommy, the funny Seth Rogen as Sandy, Ari Graynor as Juliette, Alison Brie as Amber, the talented Jacki Weaver as Carolyn, Paul Scheer as Raphael, Zac Efron as Dan, Josh Hutcherson as Philip, June Diane raphael as Robyn, Megan Mullally as Mrs Sestero, the hilarious Jason Mantzoukas as Peter and Andrew Santino as Scott.

Tommy takes Greg to his apartment and they talk about their dreams. They make a pinky swear that they will succeed together. The two travel to Los Angeles. Tommy's accent is awkwardly funny, I think he may be from eastern europe but it's not for certain. Greg always asks where the money is coming from. Tommy has two apartments and spends cash quite readily etc. In another tacky but hilarious scene Tommy goes and gets a professional photoshoot, there is a shot of his long hair blowing in the wind hehehe.

Greg gets hired by Agent. They both go to auditions. Tommy struggles because of his accent. Acting teachers want Tommy to play villains which is cruel. You start to see that some people just plain don't like Tommy. He is misunderstood.

In one scene Tommy goes to a restaurant and meets a big hollywood producer played well by Judd Apatow. The producer tells him that he'll never make it. Greg then suggests they make their own movie. Tommy likes the idea and starts script writing! The Typing scenes are funny, Tommy scrunches up and throws away many sheets of paper etc. You can tell James Franco worked on the physicality of the character Tommy. Scenes like this one show erratic movements that are somewhat comical. The rest of the movie is about the production of Tommy's movie called "The Room".

The funniest scenes of this movie come in the production scenes. They start interviewing an actress, giving her instructions: "Don't break character", "Now your licking an ice cream, it's melting" hehehe. Tommy even organises to shoot a behind the scenes documentary at the same time hahahaha. "This set of the alley way looks exactly like the real alley way out there!" says Seth Rogen as Sandy (the cinematographer). Seth Rogen did a great role as a straight laced person trying to understand the crazy actions of Tommy. In one scene the room is too hot, someone faints and Tommy wants even more lights! Sandy gets angry and calls the shot off.

Even Zac Efron (as Dan) show's up playing a thug in one scene. This scene is intense! The shed scene (spoiler alert) is the funniest in the whole movie. All Tommy has to do is walk out and say "I did not hit her... It's bullshit, I did not hit her I did not" and he took heaps of takes to do it! The whole crew has to repeat the lines for him hehehe. Tommy is a terrible actor. Dave gives him a bottle to throw hahaha he does it! These stupid but hilarious scenes make the movie special.

Tommy doesn't like it when Greg moves in with his girlfriend. This suggests that Tommy is essentially lonely and craves friendship perhaps. There is a sadness here and you feel for Tommy. We experience this feeling through out the movie. It appears that although Tommy has all the money in the world. His money can't buy him loyalty.

"The funniest scene in the whole movie is when Tommy is walking around the set naked except for a sock on his groin hahaha barking orders at the production crew, priceless"

The premiere of Tommy's film "The Room" is memorable. It's supposed to be a serious film but lets just say the crowd doesn't take it seriously and thinks it's a farce. Still, the two friends realise that their film was at least funny and memorable.

The character of Tommy has many layers and is quite mysterious. We don't know where he gets his money from and he seems to have some personal issues. In this movie James Franco is daring and creates a unique character. Dave Franco more than proves he can handle a drama movie and shows plenty of heart as Greg. At the end of this movie we see a shot by shot comparison against the Real "The Room" movie, this is very cool. This movie feels like an artistic project in itself! Enjoy the full 1hr 44min.


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