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Main Cast Reviews  Lily James, Matthew Good, Jessica Brown findlay Categories  Drama | Romance Release Date  19th Apr 2018 7.9


A writer visits a town post world war 2 and investigates a book club called "The Guernsey Book and Potato Peel Pie Society". She gets to know the members/villagers an unveils some secrets and finds herself in the process. The movie stars Lily James as Juliet Ashton, Matthew Good as Sidney Stark, Jessica Brown findlay as Elizabeth McKenna, Michiel Huisman as Dawsey Adams, Katherine Parkinson as Isola Pribby, Glen Powell as Mark Reynolds, Penelope Wilton as Amelia Maugery, Tom Courtenay as Eben Ramsey, Bronagh Gallagher as Charlotte Stimple and Marek Oravec as German Officer.

We see a village under German Military Occupation. A group of friends (Elizabeth, Dawsey, Isola, Amelia, Eben) are in the woods coming back from a meal. German soldiers ask them for their papers and askthem what they are doing there. They are somewhat drunk. They fake that they're in a Book Club and come up with a unique name "The Guernsey Book and Potato Peel Pie Society" hehehe.

Time passes and the war ends. We then see scenes in London. A lady writer (the beautiful Lily James) chats to her boss Sidney. She goes to a party and meets an american who she falls in love with. She receives an interesting letter from a man (Dawsey) who is part of "The Guernsey Book and Potato Peel Pie Society". He asks her to send him a particular book as they don't have a big selection over there.

Juliet goes to another party with a stunning yellow dress. Even though she's classically beautiful Lily James has a very elegant and humble nature to her in this movie.

Dawsey writes to Juliet about war time. The soldiers made him grow potatoes and they had confuscated all the pigs. He continues and says on one occassion her friend Elizabeth roasts a pig that they kept hidden. An old man (Eben) brought a potato peel pie that didn't taste too good. They steal books from a broken down book shop. They create a Friday Night book club that would become The Guernsey Book and Potato Peel Pie Society. That group of friends went through a lot during that occupation and there are some sad elements to Dawsey's letters but they pulled through, the book club was key to this.

The American she met earlier (Mark) proposes to Juliet on the day she goes by boat to visit the Guersney Village. She arrives in the village and gets a room. Lilly James is simply stunning and the villagers tell her so! She meets the Guernsey Book Club people. She meets Dawsey Adams. There are early signs of attraction. She tries the potato peel pie and nearly chokes, she has gin after to pass it down hehehe. The Guernsey club members are all very charming and welcoming. For people that went through so much they certainly are still jolly and kind. That's what struck me about them.

The Guernsey member "Amelia" asks Juliet not to write the article that she planned on writing about the club. The stories she has collected are too personal perhaps. Amelia explains how the British boats took the kids away from the island for safety reasons. The germans were going to pass through. Once again we see that sadness from Amelia and the rest of the club. They have gone through a lot but yet they are resilient.

Lily continues to get told stories of the war. Dawsey tells her that he met a german soldier in his farm who helped him birth a calf. The german knew Elizabeth, they had fallen in love and in the future would have a child. Some of the other club members had dissaproved of this. I like how this movie goes from present to past and vice versa. The editing is well done.

Her husband arrives and Juliet has to leave by plane. She says her goodbyes. Back at home her Boss Sidney says she has to write about the "Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie society". Mark her husband gets told by her that its over, she returns the ring. Mark accepts this and asks "Did you ever love me?", kisses her on the head and takes some champaign from their table to continue his night hehe.

She writes the long article and gives it to her boss telling him that he should never publish it. She then mails it to the Guernsey Book Club. She then travels to Guernsey. Dawsey is at the port on his way to visit her anyway! They find each other, she proposes instantly. He accepts hehe.

"What a beautiful movie. The backdrop of this movie is World War 2 but the Book Club members prove to be inspirational. They got through it together with their love of books and sharing group meals"
Lily James as Juliet puts in a subtle performance and her character is also inspiring too because she wanted to find out all about these people. The Guernsey Book Club cast Michiel Huisman as Dawsey, Matthew Goode as Sidney, Katherine Parkinson as Isola, Penelope Wilton as Amelia and Tom Courtenay as Eben were brilliant in their portrayal of a resilient group of people. An interesting and entertaining 2hrs 40min.


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