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Main Cast Reviews  Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, Bobbi Kristina brown Categories  Drama | Documentary Release Date  6th Jul 2018 7.8

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The life and times of the super star singer Whitney Houston. There are some amazing people that were interviewed and that are seen in archive footage. They include: Bobby Brown, Bobbi Kristina brown, Merv Griffin, Dionne Warwick, Nelson Mandela, Cissy Houston, Marvin Gaye, Kenneth 'babyface' edmonds, Robyn Crawford, Gary Houston, Clive Davis, Dee Dee warwick and Rickey Minor.

A funky song from Whitney, "How will I know", plays in the background. There is a collage of scenes from Whitney's music tours and life. What a great song. I start to recall Whitney's fun video clips. Michael Houston, whitney's brother, says that there was always gospel music in the house. In that household you had to go to church. She loved to sing. Her mother says "she was beautiful, she was a good baby". The brother called her Nippy. The name came from a sitcom hehe. The family was relatively wealthy for a period of time.

Dionne Warwick was Whitney's auntie. The mother taught Whitney how to sing from the abdomen, chest and throat, like the professionals. Her mother has a great presence. She had a idealic childhood. Her parents got divorced. It affected her. She liked to party. She said when she was a teen and there was a teen star on TV, she was jealous and she thought she could do better.

How Whitney got her first break was movie-like. A girl cancelled her show and told Whitney to replace her. Every night producers would go to her show. Clive Davis ended up getting the contract. He said she had incredible vocal range. She also looked like a model. She performed on live TV for the first time with confidence and she had a fantastic vocal range.

The video clip "I wanna dance with somebody" is awesome. There is a montage/footage of all her success and the 80s era. She went out with Eddie Murphy. Robert Deniro also tried to court her! The press loved her. There was also a lady called Robyn that she was friends with.

John Houston, her father, was her manager. He was making big decisions. The brothers toured with her. But they were doing drugs. We see scenes of drug taking at home and in clubs. In that era and particularly in the music scene drugs were rife. Whitney was interviewed during that period and she said it was hard to stay popular. We realise that Whitney was a hard worker. She needed a release. Drugs probably gave her that release.

When she was huge, Whitney thought that all the other singers were selling out. But in-turn people were saying she was losing her gospel routes. At an award and the crowd started booing her.

Then she met Bobby Brown who was masculine and funny. Quite a contrast to her softly spoken nature. He was unrefined and she was classy. But she got along with him.

She had a baby and took her on tour when she was older. The brother said that on tour was no place to raise a child. Whitney was overworked. You could see it in her photos during that era. She also sung the star spangled banner in the SuperBowl. The crowd went wild. She became very popular after that point. Then she played a part in the Bodyguard movie. I remember that movie! Her acting was quite good.

Kevin Costner was interviewed and he said the film broke boundaries. "I will always love you" (the theme song for that movie) was a major hit. The song brought back memories for me. It was such a huge hit. That vocal range that she had and particularly in this song was unbeatable. The Bodyguard movie made her an even bigger success. Bobby Brown was jealous. They say that he was sometimes known as Mr Houston hehehe.

In the Bodyguard Tour, she started struggling with her voice. Whitney's brothers were on drugs during that tour. They influenced her. She kept on singing. She had a remarkable resilience in the face of bad things happening around her. Bobby didn't want Robyn around. On top of it all, a lot of people hung around just to borrow money from her.

Her dad wanted to sue her for 100 million. John Houston passed away but it ate her up. She was recording new songs in Miami and other cities. But there was so much money being spent on the new album. Whitney did a peformance for Michael Jackson and she looked gaunt. She looked like she was on drugs and unhealthy. She was interviewed after that performance.

Then it was revealed that she was abused as a child. Still, you see that Whitney was a great person through out her career. Even though people were taking advantage of her. Chrissy, her daughter, was also exposed to that lifestyle. They didn't take care of her. On tour was no place for a little girl.

Whitney did a final tour but it didn't go well. Her voice was failing. She cleaned herself up and started acting in movies again. She got her act together. She even started singing again. She passed away aged 48 in a hotel room. A lot of people were in mourning. A true superstar.

"I will always love you" is still has the highest record sales for a female artist. The movie ends with Whitney singing one of my favourite songs "I have nothing if I don't have you". I like the style of the documentary. It has interviews and footage mixed together with her favourite tracks.

"I watched this documentary because I was a Whitney Houston fan. What a great musician. After watching it you realise that there is a price for fame."
Her singing inspired a whole generation. She was a beautiful person. Inside and out. What an intriguing 2hrs.


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